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Casino Sites: Our Best Online Casino Reviews

Are you looking for the best casino sites in 2019? Over 100 online casino reviews have been published by the Professor to make sure you get what you expect. As there are many top casino sites available, you can use special filter tools to create a unique casino site list based on your preferences. But first...

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Use advanced casino filters to narrow down the displayed online casinos. You can filter casinos based on lisences, software and money transfer options.



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Online Casino Reviews – Find the Best Casinos at Our Site!

Everyone knows of casino comparison sites, but the Casino Professor does it differently to most. He wants you to find a platform that delivers in every possible way – from the welcome bonus you initially acquire all the way down to your preferred payment methods, slot providers and more.

Getting these just right is important, but it also won’t take you hours of research to find online casino sites that fit the bill…

Find Best Casino Sites: Filters and Search

Filter casino sites

With filters, you can easily choose between a variety of criteria for a bespoke casino site list. “Categories” selects the top casino sites from a predetermined set of results, with example options being:

  • PayPal Casinos – Locate sites where you can deposit via PayPal.
  • British Online Casino Sites – Find the best platforms if you currently reside in the United Kingdom.
    • NOTE – You can find other regional options too.
  • New Casinos – Be among the first to read the Professor’s latest online casino reviews to find any hidden gems.

Select Categories to see all the available options!

“Bonus” lets you choose between three different sections to browse through first deposit bonuses. They are:

  • Percentages – Find offers that range from 0-100%, 101-200% and 200%+.
  • Bonus Money – What extra funds do you want in your account? Up to €1-100, €101-200 or €200+.
  • Free Spins – Select if you fancy first deposit free spins.

NOTE: The Bonus filter is for first deposits only. See Casino Professor’s no deposit bonuses for a registration bonus.

Search casino sites

“Search” is your go-to if you already have specific sites in mind. The inputted keywords will be used to search through the entire content found within all online casino reviews, so you can hunt for features and not just names.

Find Best Casino Sites: Advanced Filtering

“More” takes you to a separate pop-up which houses Advanced Filters. From this view, you adapt your casino site list based on the following terms:

  • Software – NetEnt, Play’n Go, Novomatic and Microgaming Casinos are currently trending, but there are over 40 different slot studios up for selection.
  • License – All gambling websites need to have a valid gambling license in order to offer their services.
  • Payment methods – Use Advanced Filtering to find more localised payment methods.

Compare Online Casino Reviews

If you come across a few matches for your preferences, there are a couple of roads you can take. Either head to each one to try them out yourself, or delve further into the details by opening the Professor’s own reviews.

It’s here where you’ll find a comprehensive summary of all the ins and outs, plus the Prof’s honest and trustworthy rating. If a review has reduced him to tears then you’ll know to steer very clear. However, if one brings out his heart eyes then you’re onto a winner.

But what sort of experiments is the Professor conducting to reach a final conclusion? Good question!

The Prof’s Unique Ranking Formula

Online Casinos under Professors review

Unlike other comparison sites, the Professor doesn’t cut corners. He applies a strict checklist against every prospective site to separate the pretenders from the contenders. Here’s how his online casino review roadmap takes its course.

An Initial Screening

You’ve probably either noticed or guessed that the Professor isn’t exactly a millennial, so he’s not in the mood to waste time. Before he even looks into a site’s features and qualities, he makes sure they’re fit for purpose.

What’s he looking for?

Well, as mentioned above, all credible gambling websites need to have a valid gambling license – so that’s the first thing to tackle. Ideally, the issuer would be the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority, but there are a few other lesser-known but credible licensers too. If there’s even a whiff of doubt with licensing, Prof won’t be interested.

Next, he considers whether the platform is fit for you. Basic aspects such as the website being in English or whether the essential payment methods have been provided are looked at. It’s also at this point when prior reputation is taken into account, with the Professor previously finding horror shows with pirated games. Of course, they go straight in the bin.

Then it’s the Good…

If a site clears this initial checkpoint, the analysis then moves on to what elevates them above the rest. Anything that could be subjective – such as what constitutes a good welcome bonus – is obviously taken into account. But any glaring omissions are caught up in this particular net.

A good casino site makes the Professor happy

What’s he looking for?

First and foremost, slick and sleek mobile casino sites are a must. Dedicated apps are a useful add-on which would score plus points, but the bulk of the matter lies within a good, responsive mobile casino site. Without one, it’s not going to be particularly attractive to gamers…

Is there a Promotions page? How about a VIP loyalty program? Are slot tournaments included? These are the kind of questions that are asked to guarantee entertainment beyond the casino welcome bonus. A minimum of one of the above is expected, but the high flyers mix and match several. Also, a stocked games library is required for continued interest.

Finally, if a few handy extras are thrown in then that often wins the Professor over. Manual flushing – which is the process of locking in requested withdrawals – falls into this category, as does something like an advanced game filter system. These features show that a site has put a lot of time and thought into user experience, proving they’re dedicated.

…And the Bad

You can’t claim to publish critical online casino reviews without pointing out the negatives, so the Professor is careful to include these within his guides. Of course, these shouldn’t ever be dealbreakers or else a review would never get past the initial screening. Instead, you can think of these as little pet peeves that aren’t (yet) rectified.

What’s he looking for?

While we begrudgingly accept wagering requirements at casino sites, bonuses with too high wagering are an irritant. You want to be given at least a chance of winning real money, so anything from x60 or above is problematic.

Of course, you can choose not to trigger a welcome bonus in most cases – although this doesn’t exactly start a new iGaming relationship off on the best foot.

One common gripe that the Professor continues to spot, including at some of the most acclaimed domains, is no 24/7 support. A reliable and effective response is expected at all – but those that aren’t always on call will lose out slightly.

Finally, a lack of innovation would irk the Professor somewhat. Even the top casino sites at the moment realise they’re not perfect, so there should always be an element of surprise lurking around the corner.

Casino Professor’s Top Casino Sites in 2019

Casino Professor's best casino sites

The Professor has said time and again that it’s near enough impossible to name the undisputed “best casino site” due to individual gaming needs. You only need to read a few comments within our reviews to understand that a blockbuster feature in your book can be a damp squib in someone else’s.

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