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Best Casino Sites: View top rated online casinos for 2020

Casino sites are great because they allow you to play quality games and win real money online. Here, you can browse and search through our top rated online casinos that are licenced and legit to create a list of the best casino sites in 2020 for you. NOTE: UK players need a verified account before playing at a casino site.

Best casino site of the month - Dr Slot!

Best Casino Site of the Month

Our best casino site in October 2020 is Dr Slot. There are no tricks, just an attractive bonus and real money to play for:

  • Registration - Up to 20 Free Spins
  • Deposit - Up to 100 Free Spins + Up to £1000 Welcome Bonus

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All Online Casinos

Here you’ll find all online casinos on our site available on desktop or mobile. Browse through to find the best casinos for you in 2020.

At Casino Professor, we have several real money casino sites listed. Therefore, we’ve decided to select the best casino sites for UK players based on a particular quality. This gives you a great idea of where to go if you’re looking for something specific from your casino experience. Check out our choices below!

Best online casino sites for UK players

  1. Rizk Casino (Best for No Wagering)
  2. Betfair Casino (Best for Fast Withdrawals)
  3. 888 Casino (Best for Free Spins)
  4. PlayOJO (Best for Bonuses)
  5. Playzee Casino (Best for Games)
  6. MrQ (Best for Bingo)
  7. Mr Green Casino (Best for Live Tables)
  8. 777 Casino (Best for PayPal)
  9. Voodoo Dreams (Best for Gamification)
  10. Yeti Casino (Best All-rounder)

Best casino list – Create your own

The search function allows you to easily search for casinos if you know them from experience. The search includes all casino sites that match your terms. However, it also searches through our reviews too, so you can find additional information – not just the casino’s name.

Best casino sites - Search at Casino Professor

When using the Categories filter, you can easily choose which casinos to display in the list. For example, you can view a specific category or see only certain sized welcome packages. In the categories, you will find the following options:

Just click on Categories and have a look at all the available options!

Best casino list – Games & Payments

Best Casino Sites list - Create yours with advanced filtering

It’s also possible to quickly view the game developers and payment methods that are available at each site:

Simply click or tap on the payment or games symbol in the review cards above for a pop-up to display with the information, as shown here:

Example of a casino site's games and payments on Casino Professor

All casinos on this page are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission and are therefore available to British players.

Top Rated Online Casinos

Top casino sites at Casino Professor

The team behind Casino Professor are active players who regularly visit online casinos. We’re constantly updating and upgrading our reviews based on our experiences, and we also like to hear from you! Each of these has the option for your feedback which we look forward to reading!

The top positions in our list of casino sites are reserved for licenced, safe and reputable casino sites. In the lower positions, you’ll still certainly find licenced platforms but they won’t quite be as good for whatever reason – such as slow payouts, poor customer support or something similar.

Each casino is rated between 1 and 5, so you’ll have a good idea immediately of what to expect. At Casino Professor, we only recommend sites that we’ve personally tried. If we notice anything negative – or get a hint of suspicion – we will take action with demoted ratings or even their complete removal.

Casino Sites – How to choose

When choosing the right online casino for your needs, you should be wary of a few factors. It’s especially important that you follow these tips, as it’s ultimately about real money. If you tried a dubious casino, for example, you could completely lose your cash. Also, only reputable casinos guarantee you to be able to withdraw any winnings. Therefore, please pay attention to the following points:

Casino Sites – Licencing

When looking for a casino site, this should be the first thing to look out for. ALL websites that offer real money gambling should have a gaming licence to operate. This is the bare minimum. The licencing body should be clearly displayed in the footer and in the casino’s terms and conditions. If you can’t find it, ask the customer support for more information.

Many countries and regions grant gambling licences but these are not always equal in terms of reliability and strict procedures. Two of the most stringent are located in Europe, namely the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. For British players in particular, a real money casino MUST be approved by the Gambling Commission for you to play there. All casino sites on this page do have a licence from the Gambling Commission.

If a UK licence has very few casinos listed on it, this means the owner is likely to be running independent casinos UK. These sites run on their own platform and offer bonuses, features, and perks that other casino owners can’t match. They are often very interesting to players as they are something completely new and different, which is hard to come by in the online casino world these days.

Casino Sites’ HQ

However, online casinos are not required to reside in the country where they operate. For example, most casino sites choose to operate in Malta which is an island in the Mediterranean famous for being the hub of online gambling. However, most, if not all, of them operate in other countries too.

Aside from Malta, it’s common to see a casino based in Gibraltar, Curacao, the Isle of Man, and a few other places. However, it’s important to understand where a site is operating from. Why? Because if you need to appeal a decision for whatever reason, the jurisdiction of where to do so can differ.

Best Casino Sites for Online Slot Machines

One thing that’s pretty much universal is that the best casino sites have online slot machines in abundance! We’re not just talking about the famous developers and classic games either, but small independent providers who put a lot of effort into making their new slots different.

Those who do offer games by multiple developers tend to have monster slot libraries so you’ll rarely run out of new titles to sample. The best casino websites also filter online slot machines by multiple criteria to make it easier for you to choose. Alongside the usual categories like “Popular” or “New”, these filters can be by:

Best Casino Site Offerings

Casino sites are economic companies and businesses. They’re in the business of making money and are therefore designed to have a house edge. This is not overly high but still gives them a slight advantage over punters.

For example, in roulette this is the green zero. There are many players who bet on red or black which gives them almost a 50% chance of winning. The green zero reduces this 50% chance to 48.6% which acts as the casino’s house advantage. A meager 1.4%.

Even if it sometimes looks like a losing streak, as if the casino retained everyone’s bets, this is not the case at reputable sites. This is because most of a player’s losses are paid back to one (or more) other lucky players in the form of winnings. However, the 1.4% statistically remains at the casino in any case.

Of course, this approach requires a lot of players, which in turn provides a lucrative business model. To provide an incentive to play, online casinos (unlike many land-based casinos) offer casino bonuses. When you first join, they will often double or even triple your deposit to give you extra bonus money to play with. They may also offer you free spins or another bonus on top.

Nevertheless, a casino’s profits must continue. Therefore, we advise you to be cautious about abnormally high bonuses (such as £1000 or 500%). Casinos that don’t make a profit won’t be in the market for very long, or may even decide to withhold winnings in the most dubious cases.

Some casino sites go a step further by offering no deposit bonuses such as free spins. This entitles you to something as soon as you sign up (rather than waiting for a deposit). However, these are mostly suitable for trying out a casino. They are often small and sporadic and rarely lead to huge profits for the player. At Casino Professor, we’re always careful to outline exactly what these bonuses entail to avoid disappointment. This means checking the terms and conditions which can change at any time.

Casino Wagering

The terms and conditions are well worth your consideration. As they say, the devil is in the detail. Many experts recommend checking the small print of all services, and online casino websites are no different. The terms and conditions set out in a casino site usually dictate things such as how quickly you must use a bonus, payment method restrictions, maximum cashout caps, and other aspects.

If you win cleanly then you’ll often have few issues. However, wagering requirements and other terms should be considered to know your obligations (What Does Wager Mean?).

Top rated online casinos have fair terms

Top Casino Sites – How to compare

If we’re being honest, the perfect casino would be one that you play at for years. This is the ideal situation, at least! We suggest investing a little bit of time and effort into comparing every online casino, as well as reading the small print.

You should pay special attention to:

A great place to get answers and clear up any confusion is a casino’s customer support. You can often contact them via Live Chat for instant help. If they’re not being helpful then it could be a sign to look for another site.

Trusted Casinos

A pretty important factor is the first impression that an online casino gives you. We’re often told to trust our gut or instincts, and the same advice can be applied here too.

It could be anything – from the casino’s theme and design, bonuses, payment methods, games… the list goes on. Just know that, while all the options at Casino Professor have their pros and cons, each one is safe and secure.

Casino Site Reviews

We are fans of online gambling with many years of experience between us, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Once we know that a casino site is suitable, we pay attention to things like the selection of casino games in their arsenal – such as Live Casino tables and the latest slots – when crafting each casino’s review.

Does a casino have jackpot slots available? If not, what are the wagering requirements like – reasonable? A casino with no wagering requirements is the best situation, but this isn’t always possible. Therefore, we’ll always comment on a casino’s selection of games and whether we think it’s enough to satisfy you.

Finally, we hope that we’ve given you enough help to find your next real money online casino and remind you to please play responsibly wherever that is. Remember that you can control your bankroll with deposit limits and restrictions to keep your betting fun.

If you have any comments, please feel free to add them to our casino review pages.

UK online casino requirements

As of the Gambling Act 2005 legislation by the UK government, all casino sites wanting to operate in the UK must have a licence. The UK Gambling Commission which was set up as part of the Gambling Act 2005 is responsible for issuing these licences. They do a thorough check of each casino and only issue a licence to those deemed fit and worthy. All casino sites on this page have one.

The Gambling Commission is extremely strict about casinos following the rules and often issue fines and other penalties for any breaches. They also regularly add extra measures and protections that all UK gambling sites must implement. They do this primarily to protect UK players.

On 7th May 2019, the Gambling Commission made it a requirement that the name, address, and date of birth of all UK players must be verified before they can play at a new site. In some cases, this can be done by the gambling site automatically using certain databases. However, it’s now quite common for British players to be asked for identification documents to verify the above information – such as a driver’s licence/passport, utility bill, bank statement or similar. Until this happens, they won’t be able to play.

Almost a year later on 14th April 2020, the Gambling Commission banned the use of credit cards for depositing money into online gambling accounts. This also applies to e-wallets, as sites can only accept these services if they too prevent the use of credit cards for gambling.

These kinds of measures have been put in place to keep British players safe. Any site not following them will face action from the Gambling Commission.