UK Online Casinos List 2021

Our UK online casinos list lets you compare licenced online casinos available in 2021. Browse and search through our entire list of UK online casinos to help you find the perfect match. All the UK casinos in our list have been rated and reviewed so you can find all the information you're looking for. NOTE: UK players will need a verified account to be able to play.

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List of UK online casinos

Modify UK online casinos list

To help you easily compare all these UK online casinos, we’ve made it so you can modify the list in a few ways. Changing the list can help you view UK casinos that better match your preferences. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to compare the options so you can make a decision more quickly.

Search UK online casinos

If you have something particular in mind then you can use the search function, which is above the list on the right. You can find any UK casinos in our list just by typing in their name. However, the search function also looks through our casino reviews. This allows you to find additional information. For example, you could type in “IGT”. This would bring up a list of casinos where “IGT” was mentioned in their review, so it will likely have their games.

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Filter UK online casinos

You can also filter the list by selecting different Categories. This option can be found at the top and will bring up a list of UK casinos that fit a particular category. A few examples are:

Best Casino Sites list - Create yours with advanced filtering

If filtering through the list of UK online casinos is a bit too stressful (there are a lot of options after all!) then you can view our top 20 online casinos UK instead. Here, we’ve picked out 20 of our favourite casinos from the list above, including a description of why we’ve chosen each one.

Compare UK casinos list

We’ve included a lot of information in our list of UK online casinos. Once you’ve modified the list to your liking, you can start browsing through each casino card to find out more about each site. There are essentially three areas to look for.

1) Payment Methods

You can select the payment card icon as shown in the image below. This will bring up a list of the casino’s payment methods that they currently accept. You can check to see if your preferred method is included.

Example list of a UK casino's payment methods

One thing that players frequently want is a casino that pays out quickly. Although that information can’t be found in the list above, we’ve done some separate research to find out what the current fast payout casinos UK are.

2) Game Developers

Next to the payment card icon is the game developer icon. Select this to view a list of game developers that each UK casino currently has. It’s worth checking to see if a casino offers a good batch of your favourite developers to ensure you can play the games you want.

A fan of Microgaming or Slingo games? To save you a bit of time, we’ve picked out our best Microgaming casinos and also our best Slingo sites so you can browse through these popular options quickly.

3) Starter Package & Terms

You can also see the starter package that each casino offers to new players who sign up. This is split between no deposit (which is given as soon as your new account is created and verified) and first deposit (which is given after you make a first deposit). It’s common to find casinos offering free spins at the no deposit stage. Then, pretty much all sites offer casino bonuses to those who make a first deposit. You can quickly see which casinos are offering something that others aren’t.

However, it’s important to know about the terms and conditions of the starter package too. Select the grey “?” icon to bring up each casino’s list of significant terms. This should include any wagering requirements or other obligations. We strongly recommend reading through them before playing.

About UK online casinos list

UK online casinos list reviewed by Casino Professor

Our goal at Casino Professor is to help players find the right online casino. We do this, in part, by continually updating our online casinos with the latest information. This allows you to make an informed decision which increases the likelihood that you will enjoy your choice.

Sometimes, casinos decide to change their offer, add or remove game providers and payment methods, or make other tweaks. We may decide to change our rating based on this, plus other factors. We rate each casino out of five so that you immediately have a good idea of what we think.

However, the minimum requirement of all UK online casinos listed here is that they are legal, safe and fair.

UK online casino licence

As of the Gambling Act 2005 legislation by the UK government, all casinos wanting to operate legally in the UK must have a licence. The UK Gambling Commission was created as part of the Gambling Act 2005 and is responsible for issuing these licences. They do a thorough check of each casino and only issue a licence to those deemed fit and worthy. As such, all casinos listed on this page are licenced by the Gambling Commission.

Strong authority

The Gambling Commission is extremely strict about casinos following the rules. They often issue fines and other penalties for any breaches. They also regularly add extra measures and protections that all legal UK casinos online must implement. A few notable examples include:

These kinds of measures have been put in place to keep British players safe. Any site not following them will face action from the Gambling Commission.

Licenced UK casino rules

Public Licence Register

It’s easy to check a UK casino’s licence using the Gambling Commission’s register. You can search using the casino’s name (e.g Rizk) which will bring up a list of relevant licences. Each licence will tell you the name of the operating company, their address, what gambling sites they operate, plus any sanctions or other actions that have been assigned.

It’s common to find a big list of UK casinos operating on one licence. Also, the operating company’s address does not have to be in the UK. Many operating companies are set up in Malta, or Gibraltar, for example. This is perfectly normal.

Fair Casinos UK

We only list fair casinos on Casino Professor that give players a credible chance of winning and withdrawing real money. We’re always on the lookout for anything that may be considered unfair. However, these are the three most common areas.

Fair Casino Games

What we mean by this is that the games have been independently checked for fairness by special independent test house auditors which have been approved by the Gambling Commission.

NOTE: This does not mean you are guaranteed to win!

All casinos operate with a house edge, which means the player has a bit of a disadvantage when starting. For example, video slots have a theoretical return-to-player percentage (RTP) built-in. This states how much the game will payout in the long term, on average. If a video slot has an RTP of 98% then this principle would see a £100 bet yielding winnings of £98. However, this is based on hundreds of thousands of spins and should not be considered accurate for individual gameplay sessions.

It’s crucial to note that this is not cheating and does not mean the casino is rigged. The odds are stacked against you at a casino, but that’s simply how they work.

Fair Casino Terms

One grey area for us is the terms and conditions of each casino. We won’t remove a listing unless they are completely unachievable and/or unfair. However, if the terms are more difficult than what we consider to be normal then we will highlight this clearly in our reviews and explain our reasoning. The listed casino’s review rating may also be downgraded. However, we would still consider them to be a “fair casino” as it is possible to win within the rules.

Fair Casino Payouts

If you do manage to win within the rules, then the UK casinos listed here will payout. Yet, although British players understandably want to get access to their winnings quickly, the casinos must check all withdrawals before they are processed. This can lead to delays which can last even a few weeks in the most unusual cases. You may also be asked to send additional documents, such as bank statements or proof of funds. As long as all the documents and information you provide is accurate, these fair casinos will payout eventually due to their licence obligations.

UK online casinos FAQs

If you are playing at legal online casinos in the UK that are licenced by the Gambling Commission, then they are NOT rigged. The Gambling Commission ensures that licenced operators offer fair games, honour credible withdrawal requests, and provide as much protection to the player as possible.

However, all casinos have a house edge which does give them an advantage over the player. The odds will always be stacked against you when playing, meaning you’re more likely to lose than win.

Licenced online casinos do not cheat as they give the player a genuine opportunity to win. However, you should always read the terms and conditions of each site to ensure that you stay within the rules. If you are found to have breached any rules then the casino may confiscate your winnings. They are often accused of cheating because of this but it’s what the player agrees to when they create an account.
If you win money credibly and within the rules – yes!

You can then request a withdrawal from the cashier page to cashout. Due to strict UK licencing, all payouts must be checked by the casino before being approved. This can result in delays and even sensitive documents being requested to check your information. While this can be frustrating, the payout will be processed eventually if you provide accurate and credible documents/information.

You need a bit of luck. All licenced casinos are fair but have a house edge which gives them an advantage. Therefore, you need to be lucky to beat an online casino and win.

One way of increasing your chances is to play at a casino site with no wagering requirements. You will be given a bonus where the winnings are paid in cash with fewer restrictions, making them more favourable in general.