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The popularity of online gambling has never been so high, with new casinos launching every few days. But how do you know if these new online casinos are trustworthy and worthy of your time?

The Casino Professor has vast experience in analysing new slot sites, with only safe and secure platforms on his agenda. Check out the Prof’s casino reviews of new, 2019 online casinos below – with the latest casino bonuses too.

Find Only Trustworthy New Casinos

Because new casinos open every few days, you’d think it’d be a piece of cake to find a few alternatives to just the most popular online casinos. Sure, it’s better to have too many options rather than too little when hunting for new slot sites, but past experience has taught the Professor to always be on guard.

The most important thing for new platforms to guarantee is their status as a safe and secure online casino. After all, there wouldn’t be much point in playing with no chance of ever seeing any winnings! Thankfully, the Prof has been doing this for a long time. He knows exactly what to look for to make new casino players feel at ease.

Choosing a New Casino in 2019

The Bare Necessities

Here’s the Professor’s checklist of key areas that need to be properly satisfied:

  • License: Casino Professor only ever considers new online casinos that have been granted a genuine gaming license to operate after passing stringent security tests.
  • Mobile: While new online casinos don’t NEED to go mobile-first, having a mobile casino site is essential for gaming in this modern era.
  • Games: It goes without saying that new slot sites should have a good selection of games on offer, with certified slot testing from GLI or something similar.
  • Support: Although busy periods are forgiven, the Professor wants new casinos to have a prompt and efficient help team in position.
  • Payments: Not just Visa and MasterCard but a few of Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Trustly, and even PayPal casinos are always looked upon fondly.
  • Bonuses: Because who would want to join a brand new casino that doesn’t value its players with a top package!?

The Real Crowd Pleasers

But that’s merely the beginning of the journey.

The above characteristics should all be found within the latest online casinos, yet they shouldn’t be the complete picture. There are several other features that can be offered on top of the basics to really propel a new casino above the rest – and maybe on par with the best!

Examples of these features are:

  • VIP Program/Loyalty Scheme: The classic casino VIP program gives back to those who really make an effort. Extra bonuses, prizes and even event tickets can be offered.
  • Gamification Additions: One of the online casino 2017 trends was without doubt gamification which adds another game-like experience on top of the standard entertainment. A good example of gamification is having missions or objectives to complete, with benefits for doing so.
  • Game/Slot Tournaments: Making those slots we love even more appealing, you can compete against fellow iGamers for free spins, deposit bonuses and more.
  • Regular Promotions & Offers: A regularly updated Promotions page, where standalone offers can be used. The more creative the better!
  • Filter Options & Features: The user experience of new online casinos is critically important, with navigation being top of the list. However, additions such as game filtering, manual flushing and exclusive slots can add another layer of satisfaction.
  • Continual Upgrades: No one likes to see a website standing still, and let’s be honest, no one can afford to do so or they’ll soon get left behind! So, if you’re part of a new casino’s backroom team, the Professor urges you to: keep innovating, updating, and upgrading!

Although ticking all these boxes would be difficult, even for some of the biggest heavyweights, they are aspects that new online casinos should be thinking about. Even implementing one or two would demonstrate a commitment to going the extra mile, and that’s a surefire sign of a top new casino.

EGR have even set up a special Marketing & Innovation Awards ceremony for the most imaginative.

New Online Casinos Vs Established Casinos

New Online Casinos vs Established Casinos

We’ve been using the terms “new casinos” and “new online casinos” in reference to platforms that have opened their doors to the iGaming world in the last few months. But in reality, a new casino could be one that you simply haven’t registered at. For these older, more established brands, you can browse our collection of best online casinos to see if you’ve missed any heavyweights.

Alternatively, here are a few currently on a hot streak:

  • Rizk: Captain Rizk offers no wager bonuses to those who spin his Wheel of Rizk. A really classy platform with a UKGC license.
  • Dunder: Dive right into the iGaming fun with little distractions at Dunder. Built for speed and simplicity, with extra-strong security features.

Yet, with so much competition, it’s easy to get curious about the latest options – even if you’re currently a happy gamer. After a while, you might want to crave other surroundings, or maybe a new online casino has a few features that an existing one doesn’t.

Let’s face it, there’s no real harm in trying out something different – and it may even enhance your iGaming experience further.

Best New Online Casinos in 2019

“What are the best new casinos”?

It’s a question that the Professor is often asked, but unfortunately it’s one of the very few that he can’t provide a straight answer to. That’s purely because your best new online casinos would probably be different to another player’s top picks – as it all depends on individual tastes.

However, what’s certainly possible is to consider the general feeling for some of our newest online casinos in 2019. Using feedback from our readers, we can give you a few examples of online casinos this year which have impressed many of your fellow peers. Take a look at their Casino Professor reviews for more detail:

  • Highroller Casino: Explore the online casino underworld Metrocity to become a feared name in the town. Set up stings and even loot coins from other idle players to collect coins!
  • Metal Casino: Power those amps and get ready for the heaviest gaming with Metal Casino. Backed by some of the genre’s most famous names, Metal Casino is one for the ages – with real memorabilia to win.
  • Yeti Casino: There’s no disputing online casino’s own Yeti, with a sizeable £111 first deposit bonus. Play the latest games as they’re released from some of the biggest developers.

If you do give these a try, don’t forget to tell the Professor what you think! Each of his casino reviews has its own dedicated section for readers to leave comments so your voice can be heard.

Latest Casino Bonuses 2019

Latest new casino bonuses

One of the big attractions of joining multiple online gambling sites is the prospect of a nice, new welcome bonus. There are several packages just waiting to be prized open, including everyone’s favourite no deposit free spins. And the best part? There’s a steady stream of extra casino bonuses and offers coming through with every new online casino that’s added – perfect!

This means you’re unlikely to completely run out of options due to the sheer number of new casinos entering the fray – but remember to keep your first thoughts on security when signing up. Of course, there’s no need to concern yourselves while visiting Casino Professor, as all the domains here have undergone a deep check by the veteran gamer for any security lapses.

All you need to do is decide what casino bonus you fancy…

Compare New Casino Bonuses

The Prof has been on too many sites where comparing new online casino offers is difficult. So, he made sure they’re the first thing you see on each card. Two options may be available.

No Deposit Bonus: To really stand out as a new online casino, offering a new no deposit bonus is a particularly good idea. It could be free spins or bonus money on registration, with these extras being perfect for a quick trial.

First Deposit Bonus: Pretty much every new online casino will then have a first deposit bonus. You can activate it by making a first payment, with a match bonus, free spins or a combination of both being common.

Thanks to the Professor’s review cards, you can quickly swipe through the options until something catches your eye.

New UK Online Casinos 2019

“I’m British. Are all these new options UK online casinos?”

While the Professor tries his best to accommodate for fans of UK online casinos, not every domain found on Casino Professor is fit for Britain. The reason for this is because, as of 2014, a gambling site that wants to operate in the UK needs to have a license from the country’s Gambling Commission (UKGC).

The UKGC run a tight ship to keep you safe, so not every new casino has the time/resources/features to acquire one. However, this says a lot about those that do…

“How can I tell if a new casino is UK licensed?”

Easy! Just flip the review card of each site to reveal gambling licenses. If you see the UKGC listed, you’re good to go.

“Can British players get new UK online casino bonuses too?”

Of course! Your new casino welcome bonus might be different from the rest of the world, but it’s still very likely that one will be offered to you. Casinos never want a reputation of being stingy!

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