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Though PayPal is the largest e-wallet service in the world, PayPal casino sites are somewhat rare species. This is mainly due to PayPal being very selective with whom it does business. It doesn’t operate in markets where gambling falls into a legal gray area. Because of this, PayPal isn’t necessarily supported in all countries where casino accepts players. Though some countries would be eligible to make deposits and withdrawals with Paypal. From this page, you will find all the casino sites that use Paypal.

For UK players all PayPal casino sites listed on this page will work. With a valid UK gaming license operating an online casino is completely legal.

PayPal account

To get an account with PayPal, go to and create your free account from the sign-up link. You will need to provide some information regarding your identity and verify your email. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

After you have created your account, you may want to complete few additional steps. Adding your bank account and credit card, as well as removing the limits. In order to complete the additional steps, your account needs to be verified. Verification process takes usually few business days.

PayPal benefits – Safe, secure & fast

Because of PayPal’s strict policy, PayPal as a payment method can be seen as a certificate of trust. The payment method is mainly seen only in trusted and respected online casinos. Of course Paypal, in general, has a great reputation and millions and millions of users worldwide. It is a safe and secure method.

Paypal casino sites UK - 888 Casino
888 Casino accepts Paypal

As with most ewallets, speed is one of the biggest benefits in using Paypal. Compared to conventional money transfers such as the basic bank transfer. With withdrawals, bank transfer takes normally 1-3 business days after the withdrawal request is approved. With Paypal, the transfer happens almost instantly after the approval. And the same goes for deposits.

Remember that casinos normally still require you to verificate your identity, before they accept the withdraw request.

Paypal is also a very flexible method. You don’t have to be stuck with just one payment method. Make payments directly from your Paypal account or use the debit/credit cards you have connected to your account without exposing any of the information to third parties.

Paypal disadvantages

While there are great benefits in using Paypal, there are also some negatives. First of all opening an account and connecting it with your personal bank account(s) and credit cards takes time. Sometimes the verification process may take several days.

Using Paypal might be quite costly, assuming you would like the money to eventually end up in your personal bank account. Paypal normally takes a fee from these types of transactions (Transfer to a personal bank account). Obviously, if you are fine using the money directly from Paypal, this isn’t a problem for you. Money can be used to make online payments to all merchants that accept Paypal.

Despite the great reputation Paypal has chosen not to protect all gambling transactions. In some PayPal doesn’t offer payment protection to gambling and gambling-related transactions (Calvin Ayre 2016). More detailed information can be also found in the Paypal basics.

Paypal history

PayPal has a long history as an online payment processor. It has been around pretty much since the beginning of the internet. Once upon a time, it used to be the biggest payment processor for gambling transactions. After receiving a lot of pressure from the US government, it eventually had to withdraw from the market (ZDNet 2003). In 2010 Paypal returned to gambling activities.

PayPal was originally founded by the tech tycoon Elon Musk. He sold the company to eBay for a whopping 1.5 billion US dollars. With this money, he later founded other well-known business like Tesla and Space X. (Biography – Elon Musk)

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