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Born into a saturated industry full of misinformation, Casino Professor tells you how it is with true independant reviews featuring full transparency.

Casino Professor

Welcome to Casino Professor, a site where we provide honest information about online casinos to both new and expert players, complete with unique tools and features. This enables our readers to make a more informed decision about where to play by aligning their tastes and preferences with matching casinos.

The website is run by Cashcow – a company based in Malta – where has thrived as the star. Alongside English, there are Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian and Swedish versions – with a dedicated team for each language.

What Makes Us Stand Out

One thing: we work differently. Our main objective is to make Casino Professor a website that users trust completely. When you’re browsing through our pages, you’ll find content that’s been created solely with the reader in mind – not to please the casino sites themselves or search engines. In other words, our team analyses each online casino in a serious and responsible way, always being honest and direct but in a fun and easy-to-digest manner.

Active Users at Casino Professor

We’re keen to promote responsible gambling and follow the unique rules and regulations of each country. We also have a presence outside of with our Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch channels providing a mix of entertainment and guides. These make it easier for our readers to choose the right casino bonuses, for example, or explain complex terms and conditions.

Why Should I Trust Casino Professor?

At Casino Professor, we don’t mince our words. It’s our utmost priority to give a fair and balanced review and rating of all our online casinos which means we don’t shy away from any negatives. In fact, we highlight any problems that concern us just as much as anything that’s particularly impressive.

Included within all our reviews is the option for our readers to add their own opinions, experiences and comments. We actively encourage everyone to post anything that they thought was good or bad, and we are especially proud to say that we’ve never censored and/or removed any of our user comments before!

For Casino Professor in particular, this approach has resulted in a community of players from all over the world giving their feedback. There’s nothing more transparent than hearing the experience of fellow players first-hand.

Who’s Behind Casino Professor?

Tieing in with being different, we wanted to create an identity that our readers would remember. The idea of an expert casino figure soon emerged which quickly resulted in the Professor. This represents our multinational team which has many years of experience from some of the most recognized names in the industry – Catena Media, Play’n GO, GiG, and more.

This means our team has accrued an outlook from the three key points of the industry:

  • Affiliate
  • Game Provider
  • Operator

The team consists of many people who all collaborate to bring you the honesty and transparency we promise. A good example of this is within casino reviews, with readers being informed when casino bonuses and terms are different for each country – and what impact this will have on the experience. Even after the initial analysis, the team also continually monitors each casino and updates the review when necessary. Again, this includes negatives as well as positives.

Award-Winning Website

Shortly after the site began, we received the incredibly exciting news that Casino Professor had won “Best Affiliate Newcomer” at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2018! Considering our journey was less than a year old, we were very proud to have been awarded this prize.

We were then nominated for “Best Casino Website” at the iGB Affiliate Awards 2019 a year later, and our site has also been showcased by leading iGaming publications AffiliateINSIDER¬†and GPWA.

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