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Casino Professor

Casino Professor

Welcome to Casino Professor, an online casino comparison site where both new and experienced players can easily find a suitable casino for them. Our site contains comprehensive and transparent reviews from casinos that are suitable for Canadian players. We also encourage players to leave their own reviews and share the knowledge and experiences they have with that particular casino.

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From our site, you will find trusted online casinos that operate their business with a valid gambling license. We will also present the relevant bonus information that you can claim as a new player. Both without deposit and with deposit if available at that particular online casino.

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Use advanced casino filters to narrow down the displayed online casinos. You can filter casinos based on lisences, software and money transfer options.



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Our goal at Casino Professor is to provide you, the user, honest, and transparent casino reviews. We take an in-depth look at all casinos before listing and give our rating. We’re quite picky with whom we choose to partner with so if you don’t find a certain casino from our site there is probably a good reason why we have not listed it.

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