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Casino Professor

Casino Professor

Welcome to Casino Professor! Casino Professor is an online casino comparison portal where both new and experienced players from Canada can easily find a casino site suitable for them. Save yourself the hassle of searching for reliable Canadian gaming sites as we have done the hard work for you! Since we have already separated the wheat from the chaff, simply select the Canadian online casino that best suits your needs and requirements from our top lists. Practical details such as rating and bonus information can be easily compared. Our site contains comprehensive and unbiased reviews from online casinos targeting Canadian players. We also encourage players to leave their own comments and share the experience they had with any particular casino for reliability purposes.

Trusted Canadian online casinos

Below you will find trusted Canadian online casinos that operate their business with a valid gambling licence. All of our recommended casino sites are displayed according to our fair rating. We will also display relevant information on the bonus(es) you can claim as a new Canadian player. At some online casinos, it is even possible for you to play with a no-deposit bonus or free spins, enabling you to explore the online gaming universe without spending a dime.

casino professor online casino review canada

Online casino reviews for Canada

In the ‘Online Casinos‘ tab you will find all the information you need to know about the various online casinos reviewed by Casino Professor. The full list of trusted Canadian online casinos is always available for your convenience. All online casinos have been ranked by category. You can also collect some useful information on the bonus types they offer.

You can make use of different filters to help you skim through the various operators based on your personal preferences. All the Canadian casino sites listed on Casino Professor have been subject to conformity assessment. While conducting a review we always consider the most important features such as the game library, the software providers, the customer service, the payment methods, and obviously the casino bonus.

Latest casino news and articles

Do you want to know more about the online gaming industry and Canadian casino sites? In addition to online casino reviews, we also publish useful information on the world of online gambling. Casino Professor wants to keep you updated with anything relevant. We write about various topics so that our articles and publications serve as many readers as possible. On top of that, you will find a monthly article dedicated to the best casino offers currently available. Stay tuned!

Casino Professor’s facial expressions

A facial expression is worth a thousand words. The casino professor is definitely not an easy man to impress. Indeed, he has certainly seen his fair share of action during his long career. His facial expression will let you know if he appreciated a given online casino or not. When summarizing his report on Canadian online casinos, his well-proportioned expressive face should give you a clear indication of what to expect. Each online casino in Canada is rated by the casino professor, with the appropriate facial expression:

observant casino professor

Observant Casino Professor

This is the typical facial expression made by the casino professor when he is about to give a rating, after thorough investigation. If you ever stumble upon this facial expression, it implies that the casino professor hasn’t made a final assessment yet. He is still examining the online casino in question, down to the very last detail.


sad casino professor

Sorrowful Casino Professor

If the casino professor is having such a sad and dismayed face, something really bad must have happened. Given his age and field experience, it is very unusual to see him in such a state. As you may have guessed it, if the casino professor is having such a sorrowful facial expression, it basically means that he absolutely didn’t like the online casino he just reviewed.


poker face casino professor

Poker-faced Casino Professor

This is basically the normal face of our casino professor. This is his usual mood. He is completely neutral. He is not overly enthusiastic, but not disappointed either. He is just undecided about whether he should give the casino a slightly better or worse rating. But when the professor is having this facial expression after conducting a thorough examination of any given casino, you may go further and initiate the registration process.


happy casino professor

Cheerful Casino Professor

That is how we all like to see the casino professor. With a smile wider than Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa! This means nothing less than that the casino professor absolutely liked what he was offered at the online casino he reviewed. If you see him with that happy look on his face, then you should definitely register at the casino in question to find out by yourself what made him react this way.


casino professor in love

Passionate Casino Professor

The casino professor is filled with so much positive energy. He couldn’t help but fall deeply in love with that very beauty! If you ever see him react with a tremendous sense of passion, it means that he was absolutely convinced of what he saw and experienced. An old man’s heart cannot be conquered so easily. As such, you must definitely find out what triggered his passion for the casino he reviewed.


Trust Casino Professor blindly!

The casino professor knows from experience that Canadian online casinos bombard you with enticing promotional offers and attractive bonuses. He often needs to rub his eyes and clean his glasses in order not to lose track of the details. That being said, he also knows what is worth trying and what is bound to fizzle out. He therefore also focuses on whether the Canadian players are protected (by setting deposit limits or by self-excluding for a certain period of time, for example). The casino professor has always been a big gambler himself. So, he definitely knows what players are looking for!