How to win real money from online casino – for free!

How to make money gambling online

One thing we’re often asked is how to win real money gambling online. The odds are against you, but it is possible to instantly win real money from an online casino, for free in the best cases. Here, we explain a few methods of how players try to make money gambling online.

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But remember there is NO guaranteed formula for winning on games of chance. Casinos often have a house edge which means the odds are against you from the start. This guide is intended to try and reduce those unfavourable odds to give you a better chance.

Win real money gambling online free

    The most common thing people look for is how to make money gambling online for free. Everyone assumes this will be very difficult or maybe even impossible. However, in the case of Betfair, it’s actually quite easy to win real money at this online casino for free:

    1. Register and get free spins on slots
    2. Play the spins on eligible games
    3. Get paid cash on any winnings instantly

    Win real money online casino for free

    You can win real money at Paddy Power by playing for free online as well. They allow new players to get a batch of free spins to play casino games – and anything you win is paid in cash. Let’s look at how it works:

    1. Sign up for a new account
    2. Get free spins
    3. Play the free spins
    4. Get paid any wins in real money instantly

    You can choose to keep on playing or withdraw straight away if you manage to win enough cash. If you want to make a deposit, Paddy Power will give you another bonus on top of this.

    Win real money on free slots instantly

    Another site that allows you to make money playing free slots online is Betfair. They give new players a no deposit bonus to play slots for free. Most casinos include wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses which force you to bet your winnings many times over before you can withdraw. But with this no deposit bonus, you can play the free slots and win real money instantly. Here’s how:

    1. Register for their free spins no deposit
    2. Play the free spins on the eligible slots games
    3. Get paid cash on any winnings

    Best online casino to win money

    One of the best ways to try and make money gambling online is at an online casino with no wagering ever. Although we have several top quality sites on our UK online casinos list, pretty much all of them have wagering requirements for their casino bonuses at some point.

    But one site that has no wagering ever is MrQ. This means you will win real money instantly at MrQ every time you win. You don’t need to worry about bonus money that has tricky terms attached. The wins will be credited to your cash balance instantly instead. This makes it the best online casino to win money in our opinion.

    Best casino game to win money online

    The best casino games to win money online is more difficult to determine. Usually slots have a lower RTP (which is the theoretical return-to-player percentage) than other classic casino games like blackjack.

    However, if you use bonuses with no wagering like we mentioned above then these slots are great, as you will win real money every time you win.