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How to win real money from online casino – for free!

How to win real money at online casinos

One thing we’re often asked is how to win real money gambling online. It’s very important for you to remember there is NO guaranteed formula for winning. The odds are against you at all times. However, it is possible to instantly win real money from an online casino – for free in the best cases. Here, we explain a few methods of how players try to make money gambling online.

Win real money without wagering

The most common thing people look for is how to make money gambling online for free. In the case of MrQ and PokerStars, they are no wagering casinos. This means they offer a bonus with no wagering requirements – so anything you win will be paid into your cash balance.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register and get the no wagering bonus
  2. Play the bonus on eligible games
  3. Get paid cash on any winnings instantly

Of course, you should remember that you are playing games of chance – so you might not win anything. But if you do win something then it will be paid into your cash balance.

For example, when we played at PokerStars, we managed to win £5.14 cash:

Our winnings from PokerStars no deposit casino bonus

Win real money online casino without risking your own

You can win real money by playing online casino games for free online using the above method as well. They allow new players to get a batch of free spins to play casino games – and anything you win is paid in cash.

Let’s look at how it works:

  1. Sign up for a new account
  2. Claim the no deposit offer
  3. Play the bonus money or free spins
  4. Get paid any wins in real money instantly

You can choose to keep on playing or withdraw straight away if you manage to win enough cash.

Win real money on free slots instantly

When using the above methods, you will only be able to play specific slots for free where any wins are paid as real money instantly. That’s because these bonuses can only be used to play specific slot games.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for their free spins no deposit
  2. Play the free spins on the eligible slots games
  3. Get paid cash on any winnings

Best online casino to win money

Some of the best online casinos to try and win money are:

  • MrQ
  • PlayOJO

That’s because they never have any wagering – so anything you win from any bonus will always be paid as cash.

Although we have several top-quality sites on our UK online casinos list, a site that never has any wagering requirements is a very rare feature. That’s because pretty much all of them offer deposit bonus that has wagering requirements.

Any wins will not be paid as cash instantly in these cases. Instead, you’ll need to wager the bonus many times to turn it into real money. This is often very difficult to do, with players usually losing their bonus before completing the wagering.

Which slots or games are the best to play?

The best casino games to win money online is more difficult to determine. Usually slots have a lower RTP (which is the theoretical return-to-player percentage) than other classic casino games like blackjack.

We’ve written a separate guide on casino games with best odds which can give you an idea on what to play.

However, if you use bonuses with no wagering as we mentioned above, then these slots are good options as you will win real money any time you win a round or spin using the bonus.


You must play the casino’s slots and games to try and win real money from them. Remember that all casino games are games of chance which means you are never guaranteed to win. In fact, the odds are against you – especially in the long run.

One of the best ways to try and win money for free at a casino is by using a no deposit bonus with no wagering like at MrQ and PokerStars. This bonus lets you play without depositing your own money and anything you win is paid as cash.

It is impossible to guarantee that you’ll win any money at a casino, let alone a lot of money. Some casino games offer a higher theoretical return-to-player (RTP) percentage like Blackjack. But the odds of winning are always against the player.

Winning money at a casino is not easy because the odds are against you. It’s more likely that you’ll lose money in the long run.

It is impossible to guarantee that you’ll win from an online casino every time you play. Beware of any advice that says otherwise. You will mostly be relying on luck while playing so only do so for fun and entertainment.

If you play online casino games with your own cash and you manage to win a spin/round/hand then the winnings will be paid out in real money. If you are using a casino bonus then the winnings may be paid out as bonus money instead.

You can win real money while playing a variety of casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, or online slots. All of these are very popular with players.

Many online slots have specific paylines. If enough of the same symbol land on a payline then you will win money. Other online slots may payout in different ways – such as Megaways which requires enough symbols to land next to each other.

It is impossible to guarantee that you’ll win or beat an online casino while playing as the odds of the games are stacked against you. Some games have slightly higher theoretical return-to-player (RTP) percentages but the casino always has the upper hand.