Bank Transfer Casino UK – Casinos that accept Bank Transfer

Players have been able to pay by bank transfer at UK online casinos since forever. Making bank transfer casino deposits and withdrawals has been the industry standard since day one. To find the best casinos that accept bank transfer, check out the list below.

Online casinos that accept bank transfer

A bank transfer is a safe and secure way of sending money to another recipient’s bank account. You instruct your bank who to pay, and they then send the money using specific channels.

Bank transfers can be done over the phone and in your local branch. You’ve also been able to do them online for quite a few years. This opened the door for online casinos to accept bank transfer deposits. And also for them to payout any withdrawals via bank transfer too.

Bank transfer casino deposit

Making a casino deposit via bank transfer only takes a few steps. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Deposit page
  2. Select Bank Transfer (could also be called Wire Transfer, or similar)
  3. Enter your bank details (name, account number, and sort code)
  4. The casino will provide their bank details and reference – (sometimes these will be standard account details or an IBAN)
  5. Use your online banking account to make the deposit, making sure to quote any reference

The minimum deposit is usually £10 or £20 when using this method.

The time it takes for a bank transfer deposit to reach your casino account varies considerably. It can take a matter of seconds or up to several working days. That’s because the speed is affected by many factors – such as the two banks involved, the day of the transfer (weekends and holidays are slower), and other issues.

Instant bank transfer casino

Is it possible to guarantee an instant deposit using bank transfer?

Some sites will call themselves an instant bank transfer casino. This is when the money appears in your casino balance almost as soon as you’ve confirmed the transaction.

However, this isn’t always guaranteed. That’s because all bank transfers can experience unexpected delays.

But on the whole, instant bank transfer casinos are faster on average, and you’ll usually be able to play with your own money the same day you do the transfer.

Bank transfer casino withdrawal

Making a casino withdrawal using bank transfer is straightforward:

  1. Go to the Withdrawal or Payout page
  2. Select Bank Transfer (could also be called Wire Transfer, or similar)
  3. Enter your bank details (name, account number, and sort code)
  4. The casino will then communicate with their bank to process the transfer

The minimum withdrawal amount is usually £10 or £20.

It can take a long time to receive a casino payout via bank transfer. Before the payment is processed, the casino will check your withdrawal request for security purposes. This can take several days, especially if the amount is quite large. Once approved, you are again relying on the speed of the banks. In total, it usually takes 3-5 working days to complete.

Fast bank transfer withdrawal

Usually the same casinos offering instant deposits will also offer fast bank transfer withdrawals.

Again, this is not always guaranteed due to the possibility of unexpected delays. However, on average, these transactions are completed a lot quicker than standard transfers.

New bank transfer casinos UK 2021

Pretty much all casinos in the UK accept bank transfer. This means that all new online casinos that launch are also new bank transfer casinos.

If this is your preferred method then it’s great because you don’t need to spend time checking if they accept it. Instead, you can compare all the other aspects of a new casino – such as slots, bonuses, and more.

Bank transfer casino bonus

On the subject of casino bonuses, a bank transfer payment will always be eligible to unlock a bonus. Some payment methods are often excluded, but not this one. So you can deposit the minimum amount required to get the bonus if you wish.

Of course, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions first before playing.

Bank transfer slots

If you’ve made a bank transfer deposit and you’re playing with your own money then all slots and games should be available to you. However, if you’re using bonus money or free spins then this might not be the case.

That’s because free spins and bonus money often come with restrictions. These restrictions may stipulate that you can only play certain slots or games.

In fact, free spins are often limited to just one specific slot game. So make sure you actually like that slot before making a bank transfer.