Casinos that accept bank transfer deposits and withdrawals in the UK are common. This payment method has been available for years – but it used to be slow and take days. That’s now in the past thanks to the instant bank transfer casino UK. British players can now often make casino wire transfers and play straight away. If you manage to withdraw then a fast casino bank transfer may also be possible for the payout. Check out our list of UK online casinos that accept bank transfer below.

Bank transfer casino UK list

Casinos that accept bank transfer

A bank transfer is a safe and secure way of sending money to another recipient. You instruct your bank who to pay, and they then send the money using specific channels.

These transactions can be done online – which is by far the most convenient method. This also opened the door for online casinos to accept bank transfer deposits. And also for them to payout any withdrawals this way too.

However, the problem was that these wire transfers used to take a long time. Sometimes several days. So it was never a payment method that casino players used. But that’s now changed.

Instant bank transfer casino UK

Thanks to the emergence of an instant bank transfer casino, UK players can now deposit money from their bank account into their casino account straight away. So you can start to play as soon as the payment is confirmed.

But not all sites have this facility yet. So we did some research to find out who does. Here’s our list of the best instant bank transfer casinos UK at the moment:

CasinoBank transfer depositBank transfer withdrawal



Fast – under 1 hour



Within 24 hours



Within 24 hours



Within 24 hours



Within 24 hours

Of course, it’s always possible that a delay may occur. This might happen if the bank’s routing network is busy, for example. But on average, you can expect to see wire transfers instantly available at the above casino sites.

Deposit by bank transfer casino

Making a bank transfer casino deposit is very easy. However, there are a couple of ways it can work.

The most common way is to use a middleman:

  1. Go to the Deposit page
  2. Select Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer (if this doesn’t appear, choose Trustly)
  3. Choose your bank
  4. Log in using your online banking details
  5. Confirm the transaction

By logging into your online banking, you avoid having to manually enter the casino’s own details. This is much more convenient.

But you are actually using another payment service to complete the transaction. It is this service that makes an instant payment possible. For example, this is how a Trustly Casino UK works. The most important thing to know is it’s completely safe.

The much less common way is to enter the details yourself:

  1. Go to the Deposit page
  2. Select Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer
  3. Enter your bank details (name, account number, and sort code)
  4. The casino will provide their bank details and reference – (sometimes these will be UK account details or an IBAN)
  5. You then need to make the deposit manually – making sure to quote any reference

This method is a lot more time-consuming as you have to enter the details yourself. It’s also possible for mistakes to be made which can result in a payment being cancelled. And, although manual wire transfers are a lot faster than they were before, it’s generally not as reliable as using a middleman.

So it’s best to log in to your online banking to complete the transaction automatically if you can.

In terms of limits, the minimum deposit at bank transfer casinos UK is usually £10 or £20. The exact amount depends on each site.

Fast bank transfer casino payout

The above sites are also pretty quick when it comes to withdrawals. So you can benefit from a fast bank transfer casino payout if you are lucky enough to win.

We were lucky enough to experience this while conducting our MrQ Casino review for example. We requested a withdrawal back to our NatWest account – and the money was there in less than 20 minutes:

MrQ bank transfer withdrawal

So it’s actually possible for MrQ to be an under 1 hour withdrawal casino when using wire transfer. That would have been impossible only a few years ago.

How to withdraw

Making a casino withdrawal this way is also straightforward. In terms of payout limits, the minimum withdrawal at bank transfer casinos UK is usually £10 or £20. The exact amount depends on each site again.

But again, there are two ways it can work.

Often, the casino will have your bank details automatically:

  1. Go to the Withdrawal or Payout page
  2. Select Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, or Trustly (there will be no need to enter your bank details)
  3. Enter how much you want to take out
  4. Confirm the payment
  5. The money will then be sent once your request has been approved

Occasionally, you may need to provide your information to them:

  1. Go to the Withdrawal or Payout page
  2. Select Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer (not Trustly in this case)
  3. Input your bank details when prompted
  4. Enter how much you want to take out
  5. Confirm the payment
  6. The money will then be sent once your request has been approved

Instant bank transfer casino no deposit bonus

A good example of when you might need to manually enter your details is if you manage to win any cash from a no deposit bonus. In this case, you won’t have made a deposit before so the casino doesn’t have your bank details. So you would need to provide them.

New wire transfer casinos 2022

Pretty much all casinos in the UK accept this method. This means that all new online casinos that launch are also new bank transfer casinos.

If this is your preferred method then it’s great because you don’t need to spend time checking if they accept it. Instead, you can compare all the other aspects of a new casino – such as slots, bonuses, and more.

Bank transfer casino bonus

On the subject of casino bonuses, a bank transfer payment will always be eligible to unlock a bonus. Some payment methods are often excluded, but not this one. So you can deposit the minimum amount required to get the bonus if you wish.

Of course, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions first before playing.

Wire transfer slots

If you’ve made a bank transfer deposit and you’re playing with your own money then all slots and games should be available to you. However, if you’re using bonus money or free spins then this might not be the case.

That’s because free spins and bonus money often come with restrictions. These restrictions may stipulate that you can only play certain slots or games.

In fact, free spins are often limited to just one specific slot game. So make sure you actually like that slot before making a payment.