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Casino Professor is an older gentleman specialized in reviewing online casinos. Hence the nickname, Professor or just Prof between friends. Professor with his team monitors the casinos and their offerings relentlessly. Whether you would looking for a no deposit or deposit bonus, you will find it from this website. Information is kept up to date and new casinos are being added when something new has been explored by Prof. You will also find a lot of useful information and guides related to the world of online gambling.

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From the Casino Sites page, you can find all the casinos listed in From the top part of the page, you can find the numbers of casinos which are currently listed in the site. Casinos have been organized in different categories, and you can easily find the bonus information from each casino review card.

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Despite his old age, the professor is quick at finding new casino bonuses for himself, and the players. Here are a few deposit bonuses, that our professor has recently reviewed.

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Though the professor likes gambling with real money, there are good no deposit bonuses available, that is just too good be not used. Check out the latest no deposit bonuses, that our professor has added to his reviews.

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Take your gaming knowledge to the next level with the help of Casino Professor.

From Professor to another player

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or complete newbie in online gambling, you will find this site useful. There are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos to choose from. Geez! That is a lot! That is why being the Casino Professor is a full-time job. However, the information on this website comes to you without any cost. So go ahead, start browsing. It’s free.

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Whether positive or negative, the word is free. More so, it is encouraged to share your opinion. On every casino review, there is an option to give your feedback. It also helps others. While Professor and his team have experience of the industry, a helping hand never hurts.

Can the Professor be trusted?

Casino Professor, like most online casinos, has set its base in Malta. Therefore we have first-hand information about what is happening in the world of online gambling. Reviewing online casinos is a full-time job for the Professor and the team behind doing the grinding. We aim to provide the best casinos, not to list all the online casinos in the world. Only the ones that are worthy according to the Casino Professor.

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The Professor has now spoken. It is now time to find a place to play. If you already know what you need, check all the available online casino sites. On the other hand, if you are looking for a juicy bonus, visit the casino bonus page to see all bonus offerings. To start with zero risks, check the free spins page to see all the casinos that offer bonuses without a deposit. Puzzled? Don’t worry. Go to insider to gather more information before starting.