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Casino deposit bonus – What is that?

A casino deposit bonus is a bonus that the player gets when they make a deposit at a casino. It is often given immediately after you make a deposit, with X amount of bonus money being added to your account to play with on top of your own money. However, this bonus money isn’t yet actual money so it cannot be withdrawn until certain requirements are met. Otherwise, casinos would not be making any money.

You will almost certainly be given a casino deposit bonus when signing up at new online casinos. This is because all casinos want you to play at their site and there’s no better way to tempt us in than offering extra funds to play with. However, the best casino deposit bonus sites have more of these offers for existing players to keep them happy. This means they’re very common so you need to know what they look like.

Casino Bonus - extra bonus money explained

Example. The casino offers a 100% casino bonus up to €100 with a wagering requirement of 25 times the bonus money when you make a deposit. You want to claim the maximum bonus so you decide to deposit €100 which the casino then matches. You now have €200 in your account (€100 of money you deposited plus €100 bonus money offered by the casino). Before you are eligible to make a withdrawal you need to bet at least €2500 on slots before your withdrawal request can be accepted (25 x €100).

Take notice! There are usually other terms and conditions that apply too. These can be for example:

  • Time limit – You need to wager the bonus money in a certain time period (eg. 7 days)
  • Eligible games – Slots usually wager 100% (except certain jackpot slots and other special slots) but table games and live games usually don’t wager that much. Sometimes not at all.
  • Max bets – You are often only allowed to bet a maximum of €5 per spin when completing the wagering.

Because it is common that there are other requirements besides the wagering requirements, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions first. If something looks too good on the first sight, it usually is.

How to choose the best casino bonus?

Casino Bonus guide

There are several things that you need to take into consideration before choosing the best casino bonus. Bigger doesn’t always mean automatically better. Here are some general guides that we recommend to evaluate before making that first deposit:

Amount to deposit

How much are you planning to deposit? Usually, the first deposit bonus is the best bonus that casinos offer so you want to get the maximum benefit from it. If you are for example planning to deposit €50, choose a casino that offers the bonus up to €50 in order to get the maximum bonus.


Does the casino have a valid license and a good reputation? There are many to choose from so select a good one. Also, make sure that:

  • Games the casino offers are good
  • Your language is supported
  • Payment methods are suitable
  • The platform works well on your device

Wagering requirements

Keep an eye on this and especially look whether it is bonus money or bonus money plus your own money that you have to wager. A high bonus isn’t great if the wagering requirement is unreasonable. Also, make sure that you can wager money on the games you are about to play. Sometimes slots from a certain provider aren’t allowed in the wagering, for example. There are a few casinos that offer a no wager bonus.

We often include wagering requirements within the quick terms and conditions popup in our casino bonuses list.

Find casino bonus significant terms and conditions

Touch or hover over the symbol for each casino bonus’s significant terms

Just make sure to double-check the wagering once you choose your casino sites. We aim to keep all the information up to date but casinos are known to change terms at short notice. Please let us know if you spot anything incorrect.

Other terms

These vary from casino to casino and there might be something in the small print that makes the bonus practically useless. Things like a too-tight time limit to wager or maximum amount that you can win.

50% casino deposit bonus (wagering 20 times)

This is perhaps the smallest bonus you’ll see but casinos generally offer more. You’ll see this marked something like 50% up to €50. However, this is the structure for all casino deposit bonuses no matter the size. Let us explain.

The percentage (50% in this case) explains how much the casino is willing to match whatever you deposit. However, they include a maximum cap of “up to €50” in this case. This prevents players from depositing massive amounts in exchange for a huge amount of bonus money.

Let’s use 50% up to €50 as an example and apply some deposits to it:

  • Deposit €100 = €50 bonus money
  • Deposit €50 = €25 bonus money
  • Deposit €150 = €50 bonus money (because this offer has an “up to €50” maximum on bonus money).

Also, you often need to complete wagering requirements before you can withdraw any bonus money. Let’s say that you got the full €50 bonus money with 20 times wagering. You would then need to use the €50 bonus money to bet €1000 (20 x €50) on eligible slots or casino games before you would be eligible for a withdrawal. Pay special attention to the terms and conditions here as some casinos require you to wager the bonus + deposit amount. If that was the case and you deposited €100 then it would change to €3000 instead (20 x €150).

100% casino deposit bonus (wagering 20 times)

This is the most typical casino bonus on offer and is commonly referred to as a match bonus. You’ll see this marked like 100% up to €100 which would mean that a casino will outright match whatever you deposit up to a maximum of €100.

Let’s take this example and assume you deposit €100. The casino will then match your deposit with €100 bonus money. Any higher deposits will be capped at this amount. When using your €100 bonus money, the wagering is set at 20 times which means you would have to play €2000 (20 x €100) on slots before you would be eligible for a withdrawal.

200% casino deposit bonus (wagering 20 times)

Not as common but there are still a few casinos that offer this bonus. You’ll see a 200 casino bonus marked like 200% up to €200 which would mean that a casino pays twice the amount you deposit in bonus money up to a maximum of €200. Usually, casinos that offer this bonus have a bonus for the second deposit too.

Let’s assume you deposit the same €100 for this example. You will then get €200 from the casino as bonus money. Any higher deposits will be capped at this amount. With the wagering being 20 times you would have to use the €200 bonus money to play €4000 (20 x €200) on slots before you would be eligible for a withdrawal.

300% casino deposit bonus (wagering 20 times)

Quite rare and at the moment there aren’t really any casinos that offer this type of bonus. However, when they do you’ll see this marked like 300% up to €300 which would see you get three times the amount that you deposit up to a maximum of €300.

You deposit the same €100. You would then get €300 from the casino. Any higher deposits will be capped at this amount. With the wagering being 20 times for the bonus money you would have to use it to play €6000 (20 x €300) on slots before you would be eligible for a withdrawal.

400% casino deposit bonus (wagering 20 times)

This is more commonly seen than the previous 300% bonus for some reason. It’s marked like 400% up to €400 which would mean the casino pays four times the amount that you deposit up to €400. Remember though that this would be a lot of bonus money which mean quite a lot of wagering to do. Also, keep an eye on the other terms. Benefitting from a bonus this big isn’t usually easy to do. Read the small print.

Let’s assume you deposit €100 again. You would then get €400 from the casino. Any higher deposits will be capped at this amount. With the wagering being 20 times for the bonus money you would have to use it to play €8000 (20 x €400) on slots before you would be eligible for a withdrawal.

500% casino deposit bonus (wagering 20 times)

These offers are extremely rare but it’s still worth knowing how they work just in case. It’s marked like 500% up to €500 which would mean the casino pays five times the amount that you deposit up to €500.

Let’s assume you deposit €100 for this example. You would then get €500 from the casino. Any higher deposits will be capped at this amount. With the wagering being 20 times for the bonus money you would have to use it to play €10,000 (20 x €500) on slots before you would be eligible for a withdrawal.

In all honesty, this kind of bonus would be best for trying something out rather than converting into real money. That’s because 20 times wagering is considered low and many casinos often double this to 40 times or even higher. It would virtually be impossible for you to wager it in full so you need to consider whether to use it.

Huge Casino Bonus – How to Calculate

Once the percentages start to rise it can be tricky to keep up. However, if you want to know how much to deposit in order to get the maximum bonus then there’s a simple formula. You take the maximum bonus that’s possible and divide it by the percentage which is split into decimal places after the first number. It’s best explained in an example

100% up to €100 – How to max the bonus

  • Maximum casino bonus available = €100
  • The first digit of the percentage is 1 (no decimal places are necessary as the other numbers are 0)
  • Divide €100 by 1 for your answer (€100 / 1 = €100)
  • So €100 is what you need to deposit to get the full bonus in this case

Let’s now try a 200 casino bonus example that’s a little trickier.

125% up to €200 – How to max the bonus

  • Maximum casino bonus = €200
  • In this case, you would split the percentage to reach two decimal points – 125% =1.25
  • €200 / 1.25 = €160
  • €160 is what you need to deposit to get the full €200 casino bonus

NOTE: For percentages lower than 100, you place the numbers after the decimal points – e.g. 50% would be 0.5.

The best thing is you can use this formula every time to quickly find out how to get the biggest casino bonus from each offer. Just load up your device’s calculator and try it out.

Is casino bonus worth using?

It depends. If you are just planning on playing a quick session it might not be necessary since the wagering always takes a while. However, you always get more playing time when you have bonus money in play. The more money you have to play with the more chances you have to win too. And if there isn’t any urgent time limit on the wagering, you can always return and continue your session.

When playing at a casino that is licensed by either the MGA or UKGC, the following rules are in place:

Rejecting casino deposit bonus

Nowadays most casinos give the deposit bonus automatically after the deposit. In order to decline the casino deposit bonus, you need to contact support before starting to play so that can inform you how to reject it. If you start playing you cannot reject the bonus anymore unless it is forfeitable.

For casinos that use bonus codes, rejecting the first deposit bonus is generally easier. Just don’t input the bonus code and the deposit bonus won’t be credited after your deposit. However, most casinos don’t use bonus codes anymore.

But why would you actually choose not to take a first deposit bonus?

Winnings Cap

Some first deposit bonus casinos will include a clause which limits how much you can actually win from the bonus. For example, you may well see something like “Max withdrawal amount of €100” within the terms and conditions.

This means that you can only ever win up to €100 in real money. Any wins that went over this amount would be taken away from you.

Limited Game Selection

You may also find that your deposit casino bonus can only be used on a few games. That’s because some sites restrict what the offer is available for.

If it’s a small boost then you might not mind. However, anything from a 100 casino bonus, 200 casino bonus, or higher would mean playing the same slot(s) over a longer period.

Bet Limits

One thing that pretty much every casino deposit bonus has is a maximum bet limit. In most cases it’s €5 – and this means that you can only bet up to €5 per spin on a slot when completing the wagering requirements.

If you happen to accidentally bet more than €5 – even if it’s only on one spin – then the casino will have grounds to remove your bonus and any winnings you made from it.

Too High Wagering

With €5 betting limits, it’s no secret that wagering a first deposit casino bonus can take a while. Therefore, if the wagering requirement is too high then it might not be worth taking up (between x30 – x40 wagering is the usual benchmark).

Anything higher than these amounts would mean you need to spin for longer. Of course, the more wagering you have to do the more likely you’ll lose your casino bonus winnings in the long run.

If you’re not happy with these kinds of terms then we recommend selecting a different first deposit bonus until you find one that’s appropriate.

Best first deposit bonus casino

Choose the best first deposit bonuses

The most common type of casino bonus is a first deposit bonus which all the casinos above offer. This means you will receive a bonus after making your very first deposit which gives you more money to play with before you’ve even placed your first bet. However, not all first deposit bonuses are the same – with some sites being much better than others.

Popular bonuses among players have been:

The best first deposit bonus casino is a casino that is transparent in its terms and conditions. Good casinos also allow you to forfeit your bonus after you have already started playing. This is called a forfeitable bonus.

What is a forfeitable bonus?

  • You first start playing with your own money
  • If you lose it then you play next with the bonus money
  • However, if you win using the real money first then you can withdraw your winnings straight away
  • You just need to give up the bonus to do so (but you’ve already won so you don’t need this!)

Of course, if you have started playing with the bonus money already then this cannot be done anymore. You used to only see forfeitable bonuses at really good sites. However, they are much more common now after the UK’s Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) put pressure on the industry to change (BBC – Betting firms to stop ‘unfair’ promotions). They specifically stated that “players will not be required to play multiple times before they can withdraw their own money” which made it a lot easier to withdraw than before.

Cashable Casino Bonuses

Another thing that’s great to see is a cashable casino bonus. This is where you get to keep your bonus alongside any winnings when you go to cash out.

Let’s give you an example – you get a €100 bonus, win €100 with it, complete the wagering, and then go to make a withdrawal:

  • Cashable casino bonus – Let’s you withdraw the full €200, meaning you keep the €100 bonus money as part of your winnings.
  • Non-cashable casino bonus – Let’s you withdraw only €100, removing the initial €100 bonus money that you were given.

Of course, it’s always best to play at a casino with a cashable bonus. However, they don’t always make this clear in the terms and conditions. Instead, we often resort to asking the customer support to see what the deal is. This might sound a bit of work to begin with but if you win then it could mean a nice little extra on top.

Online casino first deposit bonus – How to filter

"Deposit" filter displays all first deposit casino bonuses

As there are many casino bonuses available, we’ve created a few filters which you can use to narrow down the choices in order to pick your online casino first deposit bonus of choice. As in the example above, you can select the “Deposit” option under the menu to bring up the following filters:

  • % 0 – 100 – Shows all first deposit bonus casinos with offers between 1-100%.
  • % 101 – 200 – Displays those that match your deposit at the very least.
  • % 200< – Find the huge casino bonus treats of double or higher.
  • € 1 – 100 – Lists the smallest first deposit casino bonuses of up to €100.
  • € 101 – 200 – Be handed more extra money, from between €101-€200.
  • € 200< – Play with the biggest first deposit bonuses we have!
  • Free Spins – Get a few free spins alongside your first deposit bonus

Of course, the “Deposit” filter is purely focussed on helping you find the best first deposit casino bonus for you. However, you can use the other options as well to narrow down in other ways if you wish.

Jump to filters to use them now.

Latest casino bonuses?

At Casino Professor, we aim for perfection and we try to have the latest casino bonuses available for our visitors at all times. However, a helping hand every now and then doesn’t hurt. If you spotted something wrong on our website, please drop us a line at and we will correct it as soon as possible. You can also leave your own review under each of our casino reviews.

Casino Professor has latest casino bonuses

Good luck at the tables and remember to check the terms and conditions before making a deposit!

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