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Casino Bonuses - Find Your Best Casino Bonus

Hunting for a casino bonus? Looking to understand what offers are on the market? Casino Professor has some of the best casino offers around from top casino sites - with a full explanation of how each one works. Use the filter options to choose your favourites!

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Casino Bonus – A Complete Guide

Choosing an online casino bonus can be one of the most difficult decisions for players. Some know exactly what they want. Yet, for others, the sheer volume of online casino offers can be overwhelming – especially for beginners.

When the Casino Professor first began gaming, the casino bonuses on show were fairly limited. These days, there’s been a mini-explosion of innovation – with no deposit offers, free spins, casino bonus codes, reloads, and much more!

Yet, the Professor doesn’t want iGaming to be reserved for those only in the know. If you’re already familiar then you can select the best offer for your gaming needs using the Professor’s handy filter tools on this page. Alternatively, we’ve put together this comprehensive casino bonus guide which explains all the different online casino bonuses and how they work.

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What is a Casino Bonus?

Casino Professor's Bonuses Guide
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Before we delve into the details, the Professor wanted to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the wider connotations of “online casino bonuses” to begin. Here he is in his own words:

Casino bonus definition: A reward that casino sites offer to their players as an extra boost.

These rewards can appear at many different stages of your journey and in many forms. It is almost compulsory to offer what’s called a Welcome Bonus – which is one of the entries we’ll get to shortly. Unless a site has an incredibly appealing feature, players are more likely to register at a domain that offers them a reward for doing so. It’s simply human nature!

However, as we touched upon earlier, there’s much more than just welcome packages. It was previously the case that a casino bonus would often only be offered to new players. Of course, existing players weren’t exactly fond of this. A boom a few years ago saw a mass influx of new casino sites enter the fold, and this forced platforms to change dramatically.

A rich period of innovation occurred because of this increased competition, with websites trying to make their experience unlike any other. Of course, this also went beyond offering just “the best sign up bonus”, as players really began to reap the all-round rewards of being an iGamer.

This brings us to the present situation, with a multitude of new, wide-ranging offers now appearing almost daily. Ready for a casino bonus tutorial?

Best Online Casino Bonuses in 2019

Although it’s difficult to categorically state what is “the best”, the Professor has undoubtedly spotted a few favourites. Different players from different regions and cultures have varying preferences, sure. However, there is one specific area that generally tops the opinion polls – no deposit treats.

Before we go any further, the Professor is on hand to explain the two main casino bonus avenues.

  • No Deposit: An offer that is given to a player without the need for them to make ANY payment.
  • Deposit: An offer that a player needs to activate by making a payment.

One crucial point to note is that even the best casino bonuses almost always come with wagering requirements attached – including offers on sign up. This means you can’t withdraw what you win right away. See more on wagering requirements below.
<h3″>A Casino Bonus with No Deposit

Being a completely free, no-risk avenue, you can see why the sign up bonus casino continues to be popular with the average player. Also, if you consider how there are several top casino sites at the moment, it’s understandable if you want to try a few out.

That’s essentially what one of these sign up bonuses on registration is – a nice, short casino site trial. Of course, it’s certainly possible to win real money from these treats, but in most cases it requires a fair bit of luck.

Furthermore, in rare circumstances, existing players might be offered free spins without the need to make a deposit. An example of this scenario is with a casino VIP program (see below) which looks to reward its most loyal gamers with a special treat. As this would be about the best casino bonus we can think of, it’s not exactly commonplace.

Yet, let’s take a look at these casino sign up bonuses in more detail.

No Deposit Free Spins

The most common of the two is free spins on sign up. If you don’t know what free spins are then make sure to read the Professor’s explanation below – you’ll likely be seeing A LOT of them during your iGaming adventures…

What are Free Spins? Free spins is a type of casino reward which allows you to play a slot game a certain number of times without using your cash balance. Usually, you will receive a set number of free spins, and they will be for a specific slot game.

As this offer features two definitions stuck together – no deposit and free spins – you may have guessed that free spins can be either or. We’ll take a look at deposit free spins a little later on, but for now let’s concentrate on the connected phrase.

If you’re offered this as a new casino bonus when registering, it means you only need to create an account at that site to access it. As stated above, these free spins will probably be for a specific game only – with the exact number of rounds you receive depending on each promotion.

See our no deposit free spins bonuses to learn more and try a few out.

Sign Up Bonus Money

On the same page, you’ll also find casinos that offer bonus money. It’s best to use Casino Professor’s nifty tools to filter between free spins and bonus money. Select “Cash” from the options provided to do see the latter with whatever device you’re using.

Once this is done, casinos offering these extra funds without deposit will automatically appear – €5, €10, you name it! Anyone who doesn’t fancy being tied down to a certain slot machine may well prefer these alternatives, as you can often use your no deposit bonus money on whatever game you fancy.

If you manage to attain a casino money bonus later on after you’ve joined, you’ll know you’re a highly valued player – as that feat is incredibly rare!

Deposit Bonuses

Any deposit boost that a casino offers will usually follow on from these initial freebies. As the Professor stated above, these are rewards or extras that are unlocked whenever you make a first real money deposit at your chosen domain.

The casino bonuses found on this page will 99% of the time contain deposit offers. To make it easier for you, Casino Professor has another filter so you can quickly choose an option that fits your preferences. Here’s how to activate it.

The Deposit/Match Bonus

So, what happens when you activate a first deposit bonus, also known as a match bonus, with a real money payment?

In most cases, you will receive a set amount of bonus money on top of your real money. This special money is additional funds that you can use to play your favourite games – but it can’t be withdrawn before the wagering requirements (see below) have been completed.

To describe how a first deposit/match offer works, it’s best illustrated. We’ll let the Professor outline the classic 100% up to €100 for you.

Casino Bonus - 100% match bonus explained

This basically means that whatever you deposit – up to a maximum of €100! – will be doubled. So, if you deposited €150, you would only receive the maximum €100 as extra money.

What about casino bonus terms? Now, what’s very crucial to point out is that different casinos have different terms attached. Make sure to keep an eye out for the stipulations on each offer you claim. Some examples include:

  • Casino bonus wagering requirements: see our full guide on what are wagering requirements?
    • Note: a special casino wagering calculator is included, alongside no wager bonuses!
  • Is the casino sign up bonus forfeitable?: It may seem silly, but sometimes you might WANT to lose your package. More on that below.
  • Time limits: 99% of new casino bonuses have expiry dates, so make sure to check yours.
  • Deposit method restrictions: Some welcome offers won’t work with Skrill or Neteller payments, for example

The terms and conditions can be found within our casino review or on their site. When licensed by either the MGA or UKGC, the following rules are in place:

There are different percentages and caps to choose from too. By this, we mean not all casinos offer a flat 100% boost, nor a maximum cap of €100. A few may decide to offer lower amounts, but most exceed these numbers – which is great!

  • 100% Match Bonus: This will see you first deposit doubled, up to a certain amount.
  • 200% Casino Bonus: Your deposit will be trebled instead – e.g. deposit €100 to get €300 overall.
  • A 300%+ Boost: We’re getting into huge casino bonus territory now, with your first deposit being quadrupled.

However, 300% or over wouldn’t prove to be a big casino deposit bonus if it was capped at, say, €50. So, you’ve always got to consider the money cap too:

  • €100 Extra Funds: As above, your deposit will be capped at a maximum of €100.
  • €200 Casino Bonus: This doubles to a maximum amount of €200.
  • €300+ Additional Money: If a site is looking to make a big splash, it may decide to up the limits to €300 for a huge casino bonus.
  • Unlimited: This leads us to the ultimate. Although rare, some casinos may not apply a cap, so you can literally acquire whatever amount of extra money you desire.

You need to consider both aspects before deciding whether a new casino bonus is worth it. For example, 25% up to €300 is a very different package to 300% up to €300. Also, while a huge casino bonus is tempting on the face of it, you need to check the terms to see whether they’re reasonable. See more on this below.

Deposit Free Spins

Rather than offering a match offer with percentages and extra money to think about, some casinos like to keep their bonuses simple with first deposit free spins. Here, you will receive a certain number of free spins if you make a first deposit.

For example, an online casino bonus with deposit free spins may be: Get 2 free spins for every €1 you deposit (up to a maximum of 100 free spins).

In this case, a €20 deposit would yield 40 free spins. However, if you deposited €60, you would only receive 100 free spins, rather than 120, due to the limit in place. Free spins offers often come with similar terms as above.

Casino Deposit Bonus + Free Spins

A good old fashioned mix and match is one of the Professor’s favourites. Rather than split your casino bonus into two, this combines both for the full entertainment factor.

For example, an offer may read something like “100% up to €100 + 50 free spins”.

A deposit of €50 would see you receive your €50 in real money + €50 in extra money + 50 free spins.

Casino Reload Bonus

Once your first deposit is finished, you may be treated to further bonuses if you make a second, third, fourth or even more deposits. Any offers that arrive after the first deposit are called casino reload bonuses.

For example, if you joined a casino that offered two reload bonuses of 100% up to €100 + 25 free spins, you would be able to activate them by depositing a second and third payment.

A casino reload bonus may need to be activated within a specific timeframe, so give the terms a good scan as you register.

Is a Welcome Bonus Part of These Offers?

Yes! Well, at least they can be.

Just like platforms have varying terms and conditions for their offers, they can also have different definitions of a welcome bonus – just to be tricky!

However, as “welcome bonus” implies just one offer, the term is usually associated with whatever a casino’s first deposit bonus is – be it a match offer or free spins. Therefore, the following format is often used:

  • A casino bonus enacted with a first deposit = Welcome Bonus
  • A casino bonus enacted with a subsequent deposit = Reload Bonus

If an offer was to include all aspects – for example, a sign up bonus plus a first deposit offer and two reloads – this might be branded a welcome package, or something similar, instead.

In the end, the exact terminology is up to each casino site.

Casino Bonus Codes – How Do They Work?

Casino Professor bonus codes

Although not as frequent as in previous years, you might need to enter a specific set of letters and numbers to activate the best casino bonuses. These casino bonus codes can be used for unique and exclusive offers or standard promotions. Again, it all depends on the situation.

However, if a casino bonus code is required and you fail to enter it, you will probably not receive the offer – so keep your eyes open!

Casino Bonuses for Existing Players

Most good casino sites have a dedicated Promotions page. This houses extra casino promotions that existing players can take advantage of, if they wish.

The exact casino bonus can vary pretty spectacularly. You’ll have your classic match bonuses and free spins, while the more exuberant may offer tickets to sporting/music events or even holidays abroad.

That’s not to mention these popular schemes that have been created to keep loyal gamers happy long after their welcome offer has been devoured.

  • VIP Program: A loyalty system which gives incentives to keep playing. Earn points and prizes as you play.
  • Gamification: Very similar to VIP programs, but often includes the entire theme of a casino being a story to complete. As you progress and complete levels/achievements/missions, you can earn more boosts!
  • Daily Deals: A much-loved classic. Simple yet effective, a site will offer a new casino bonus every single day.
  • Game of the Week: A popular slot game will be selected, with offers for that specific game going up for the calendar week.
  • Refer a Friend: You’ve seen them everywhere, from Uber to Airbnb, and casino site refer-a-friends work in a very similar way. Send your companion a link, and if they sign up then a nice casino reward will likely be heading your way!
  • Slot Tournaments: Slot machine competitions where participants collect points for every win they make. Multiple slot tournaments are usually held every day, with classic casino prizes up for grabs.

How to Choose the Best Casino Bonus

As we said earlier, “the best casino bonus” depends solely on yourself. However, there are a few general guidelines which the Professor encourages you to keep in mind:

  • Select a reliable platform: You can win all the money in the world, but if you’re at a dodgy domain then there’s a good chance none of it will ever enter your account. Visit Casino Professor’s trusted casino sites for peace of mind.
  • Slot restrictions: Free spins are very often tied to a specific slot or collections of slots. But are you actually interested in playing them? If not, perhaps an offer with fewer limitations is best.
  • Inspect the terms and conditions: The Prof can’t stress enough how important it is to check the terms of each offer. A 200% casino bonus may look great on the surface, but if there is sky-high wagering attached then it’s going to be almost impossible to win anything from it.
  • Make sure you’re eligible: Certain regions may well be restricted from accessing a specific offer, or else different bonuses can be offered to different regions. UK online casinos are a good example of this, with a specific offer for British gamers often being provided.

Is a Casino Bonus Even Worth it!?

Following on from that last point, you may decide that an online casino bonus isn’t worth the time or energy. Unrealistic and downright ridiculous terms and conditions can quickly erode your interest in playing, unless your only goal is to practise for your real money rounds.

Thankfully, if you’re not interested in thinking about obligations, many of our best casino sites allow you to deposit without activating any offer. Have a look at our reviews of each casino to take your pick.

Forfeiting Your Casino Bonus

Casino Professor explains about forfeitable bonus

Remember this topic? Sounds ridiculous, right? Because who on earth would want to lose their first prize?

Well, in some very specific circumstances, it actually makes total sense – believe it or not! When you activate an offer, the terms and conditions should state whether you’ll play with real money or bonus money first. If you use real money first, that’s when the possibility of forfeiting enters play.

Why do some casinos use real money first? Well, this is another that’s down to preference. The casinos that do believe bonus money should act as a second chance – if you didn’t win the first time, maybe you’ll have better luck the second!

Therefore, if you do happen to strike gold using your real money, there’s probably no need to use that “best casino deposit bonus” after all! That’s where forfeiting comes in. You can actively choose to relinquish your offer in exchange for withdrawing real winnings. Often, this is done by requesting a withdrawal. Again, check the casino bonus terms for full instructions.

The Professor’s Latest Casino Bonuses

And finally, since the Professor is an active and analytical gambler himself, he’s frequently adding the latest casino bonuses. Alongside spinning his own reels, he’s always on the lookout for quality casino sites that are looking to make a name for themselves.

These, of course, come with new and exciting offers to consider.

Casino Professor’s Casino Bonus Conclusion

Congratulations, you’ve made it through my entire casino bonus guide. Phew! Hopefully you’re more clued up about casino bonus possibilities than you were before – it’s certainly come a long way since I started spinning!

If you found this article particularly interesting, make sure to give my Casino Insider page a look from time to time for more guides on casino sites. Happy gaming!

Casino Professor

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