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Read detailed reviews of top mobile casinos

Some seem to think that mobile casino reviews are irrelevant – with the best mobile casinos being the same as desktop. While there are certainly similarities, a few key differences mean you need to consider your phone casino options just as hard as laptop to guarantee a safe and fun experience. Although the Professor might be knocking on a bit, here’s savvy enough to know the best mobile casinos from the worst. Here are his top choices.

Mobile Casino Reviews: The Differences with Desktop

All the casino sites that have been reviewed on Casino Professor share a dedicated section on mobile. To anyone unfamiliar with playing casino on mobile, this would most likely be about design – e.g. how the site looks when it’s squished down to smaller screens. This does play a part, but it’s only a section of what’s important.

That’s because there ARE a handful of features/aspects that are either exclusive to mobile or don’t exist on smartphones or tablets. Of course, to give you a comprehensive guide on what to expect, the Professor explains this in intricate detail. But to give you an idea of what to expect when you open up one of his reviews, here’s what he’s looking for specifically.

Casino Professor reviews mobile online casinos

Pay at Mobile Casinos Using Phone

The best online casinos will mirror desktop payments to mobile – so your classic Visa/MasterCard, Skrill/Neteller, paysafecard and other ubiquitous methods are found on phones and tablets too. However, a few unique platforms have a trick up their sleeve…

The influx of pay by phone casinos in the UK has been extremely popular. Rather than use one of the classic processors named above, gamers can use their existing phone contract or credit to top up their casino accounts instantly. When a casino allows you to pay by phone bill, the Professor will make sure to include this feat.

More & More Mobile Slot Games

When mobile casinos first began to launch, many took the form of free casino apps. That’s because around 99% of casino games were developed in Adobe Flash, which was (generally) fine for desktop players but a nightmare for phones and tablets.

Why? Well, if you’re interested, we’ll let the late Steve Jobs explain in full – but just to quote his infamous “Thoughts on Flash”, he said “Another Adobe claim is that Apple devices cannot play Flash Games. This is true.” As casinos obviously wanted to make their Flash slots available on iOS, casino apps were developed and released.

Yet, despite this workaround, slot developers weren’t stupid. They knew the mobile casino revolution would only gather pace and that players wouldn’t accept downloading an endless number of casino apps. Therefore, many began to develop their new slots using HTML5 technology – which is widely accepted across mobile browsers for Android and Apple devices.

This means that every single new slot release nowadays is automatically available in browsers as both a mobile casino game and a desktop casino game. While you may still choose to download the best casino apps for your mobile casino experience, that’s now a choice rather than a necessity.  However, certain developers felt that only half of the job had been done.

In an industry that loves nostalgia and harkbacks, the old, classic, Flash slot machines that gamers love were obviously not HTML5 ready. Would this mean they were to be consigned merely to desktops forever? Or could a port be completed which preserves the original theme and feel but transforms it across to mobile? For the very best in the business, such as NetEnt, it was the latter – with HTML5 upgrades of their classic slots such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Twin Spin all being completed.

Will the day ever come where desktop / mobile casino games are completely mirrored? That’s highly unlikely due to the inevitable cost of converting poorly received games. However, the vast majority of fan-favourites will – and the ratio gap will continue to be closed with every new slot.

Mobile Casino Reviews: The Similarities with Desktop

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are A LOT of aspects that are shared between desktop and mobile casinos.

Pretty much everything outside the “Mobile” section of the Casino Professor’s reviews will apply to both, so we can’t list every last one. But here are a couple of examples…

New Casino Options

Just like any new slot machine, all new online casinos that launch in this day and age MUST be mobile-friendly. If one wasn’t, the Professor wouldn’t even bother giving it a second’s thought.

As such, you are constantly being given new mobile casinos for Android and iOS devices to enjoy, with sites going online every week it seems. Of course, this means you need to be just as cautious as ever with regards to rogue or disingenuous operators. However, the phone casino gene pool continues to expand.

The Same Bonuses & Offers

Along with every site comes a mobile casino bonus.

Mobile Casino bonuses across devices

It doesn’t matter whether it’s free spins, cashback, a reload or your classic deposit boost – EVERY offer will be made available for remote devices.

And, although it’s rare, there are a few casino sites that run mobile-only offers and promotions for you to take advantage of. The tables have been well and truly turned!

Find your match from our entire library of casino bonuses to get going on smartphone and/or tablet.