Online casino verification UK

Online casino verification

Online casino verification in the UK is incredibly important. Since May 2019, players across Great Britain have needed to have their identities verified by an online casino before they can play. This applies even if players only intend to use free offers like no deposit bonuses.

There are no exceptions to this rule, so it’s best to verify quickly rather than look to avoid it. To try and make online casino verification go as fast as possible, there are several things you can do.

Online casino without verification

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All online gambling sites like online casinos that operate in Great Britain must check who you are when you sign up. In line with UK Gambling Commission rules, they do this to check you are old enough to play, that you haven’t self-excluded, and that you are who you say you are. Therefore, it isn’t possible to find a legal, legitimate, and credible online casino in the UK that does not verify. If you do come across such a site, we strongly recommend not to play there. They will not be licenced by the UK Gambling Commission which severely reduces player protections.

However, the initial verification can happen automatically. This might seem as though you’re at an online casino without verification. In reality, the casino will have matched the information you provided on the sign-up form with data from a number of different databases. This can be enough to verify your initial details and possibly play with free spins if the casino offers them.

The casinos listed above will try to verify your account automatically if you join them. Make sure that the information you give is correct – no typos, spelling mistakes, or out of date information – to give yourself the best chance of being verified automatically.

However, it’s possible that even the correct information won’t be enough – such as if you have recently moved house, changing your last name, or similar. If this is the case, DO NOT provide old information to try and get around it. This will just cause problems later on, and it’s very likely that you’ll need further to complete verification policies later anyway – such as if you want to make a deposit for casino bonuses. Therefore, to try and speed things up, it’s best to go with a site that aims to verify as quickly as possible.

Fast verification casino UK

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When you’re asked to provide copies of ID documents, this could well lead to a bit of a delay while they are checked. However, casinos try to make this as quick and efficient as possible to allow you to play.

Out of our complete UK online casinos list, we think the sites listed above are the best bet for a fast verification casino in the UK. But you need to play your part too by making it easier for them. Try to have up to date documents ready, such as a copy of your passport/driving licence and a utility bill. Make sure to submit clear copies that can easily be read to avoid delays.

Casino verification withdrawal

Verification is not always complete after this, which leads to probably the most common complaint that online casino players have – verification when withdrawing. Sometimes, you are asked to provide even more documents to get access to any winnings. This is particularly common if the player is trying to withdraw a large amount – which many consider to be the casino deliberately stalling to try and get out of having to pay.

To combat this, the UK Gambling Commission’s policy instructs casinos to complete verification steps as soon as they become necessary, rather than waiting for a withdrawal to be requested. However, the policy also states that this “does not prevent a licensee [the casino] from seeking further information on the customer [player] which they must obtain at that time due to any other legal obligation”. An example of this would be anti-money laundering checks. So, in rare cases, you may be asked for proof of these documents to verify your withdrawal request:

  • Proof of payment method
  • Copy of bank card
  • Source of income

No account casino UK

One type of online casino that has become very popular in other countries is no account casinos. This is when the player uses their online banking to login to an online casino and make a direct deposit – with no player account being created. As the bank has already verified your identity, casinos use this same data to do so too. Withdrawals are also instantly paid out for further satisfaction.

However, it isn’t possible to find a no account casino UK at the time of writing. Instead, UK casinos continue to verify accounts manually using ID documents. This could well change in future, as we think no account casinos UK would be highly welcomed by everyone. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for any developments and let you know if this feature hits UK shores.


The casino needs to check who you are, that you are old enough to gamble, that you haven’t self-excluded from playing, and a few other things. It’s a very important process that helps to try and keep gambling safe.

It can vary. Sometimes the initial verification can happen immediately, whereas other times you may need to send copies of ID documents. However, most likely, you’ll have to send those ID copies at some stage anyway to complete the verification process.

Yes. The UK Gambling Commission requires players to be verified, and these documents are the only way to prove identities. Whatever you submit is stored safely and confidentially.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any at the moment.