It’s common to find Starburst free spins at casinos. The hit slot game by NetEnt may have been around for years but is still often used for a casino bonus – with free spins Starburst no deposit register card being particularly popular in the UK. British players who make a first deposit are often treated too with a bigger batch of Starburst free spins often being given. With so many offers available, let’s take you through our guide on all the different free spins on Starburst you can get.

Starburst free spins UK

    Free spins Starburst no deposit register card

    One of the traditional ways to get free spins on Starburst no deposit is via register card. This is when the player inputs their bank card details right after signing up for a new account. However, no payment is made – and the Starburst free spins are released to your account.

    While there are a few sites that still give free spins for adding card to this day, it’s an old fashioned method in truth.

    Starburst free spins no deposit no card details

    Most sites these days give players free spins no deposit no card details required. This saves you a lot of hassle as you don’t need to enter your entire card information – even when no payment is being taken.

    Instead, the free spins for Starburst slot will be credited to your account as soon as you are verified. You can then start to use them straight away.

    Casinos that do this include:

    • Yeti

    No deposit bonus

    Aside from free spins, it’s pretty rare to find any no deposit bonuses for Starburst. That’s because most casinos no longer giveaway no deposit bonus money. For example, it’s rare to find any site offering £5 or £10 to play with upon signing up.

    Even after searching through our entire top 50 online casinos UK, we didn’t manage to find one site which has a Starburst no deposit bonus.

    But it might be possible to generate one using a Starburst no wagering win real money bonus.

    Starburst no wagering win real money

    If your goal is to try and get cash, then we recommend playing Starburst with no wagering requirements. That’s because you will win real money straight away.

    The problem? We don’t have any free spins no wagering on Starburst directly.

    One option is to try and generate some instead.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Sign up at a no wagering casino
    2. Get the bonus and use it
    3. Anything you win will be paid as real money
    4. You can then use this real money to play Starburst

    Of course, it’s possible that you won’t win any money from the initial bonus. But many of these sites offer no deposit no wagering bonuses. So you don’t need to make a payment to try this method out.

    You can also decide to make a first deposit for more Starburst free spins with no wagering requirements. Of course, this requires you to bet your own money. But you generally get a bigger batch of free spins.

    The same problem occurs here though. We don’t have any first deposit no wagering free spins on Starburst directly. So you can try the same method above again to try and generate some.

    100 free spins Starburst no deposit

    One of the biggest offers we’ve seen is where you get 100 free spins no deposit for Starburst slot.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any sites with this amount outright. But the following sites have 100 free spins no deposit in general – with no wagering:

    • Paddy Power

    So you can use the same trick as before. Sign up, play the free spins, and use any winnings to play Starburst.

    50 free spins Starburst no deposit

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any casinos with 50 free spins no deposit on the Starburst casino game.

    So we’ve picked out an alternative option:

    • Betfair

    They offer 50 free spins no deposit with no wagering on a different slot. But anything you win is paid as cash. So you can play the free spins and use any winnings to play Starburst if you win something.

    30 free spins Starburst no deposit

    We don’t have any casinos offering 30 free spins no deposit for Starburst. But we’ve found one that comes close:

    • NetBet

    They offer just under 30 no deposit free spins for the Starburst XXXtreme slot game.

    10 free spins Starburst no deposit

    You can find casinos that have 10 free spins no deposit directly for Starburst:

    • Yeti

    Can I get free spins on Starburst XXXtreme?

    Due to the original game’s popularity, there have been plenty of sequels.

    One of the most popular is Starburst XXXtreme. So you can now find Starburst XXXtreme free spins too.

    Can I get free spins on Starburst Slingo?

    Another popular sequel is Starburst Slingo. This is a different type of game – being a mix between slots and bingo. And while there are plenty of Slingo sites – we don’t currently have any direct free spins on Starburst Slingo.

    But you can try to generate some using the same no wagering method as before:

    1. Sign up to the sites above with no deposit no wager spins
    2. Play these spins
    3. Anything you win will be given as real cash
    4. Use these winnings as makeshift Starburst Slingo free spins.

    Why Starburst free spins in 2023?

    Why are casino sites so hooked on giving away offers for Starburst? Isn’t it a good idea to mix things up with free spins on casino games other than this?

    Well, some certainly take that view, while others don’t. While we can’t say for sure why each individual casino offers bonuses for NetEnt’s hit slot, we have a few guesses:

    • Each reel turn can be valued at just 0.10 per spin
    • The slot machine is relatively easy to play and can attract new players
    • The slot has genuine appeal due to previous Big Wins (search YouTube to find several compilation videos).

    In many cases, everyone’s happy – so why fix what isn’t broken?

    But what are the best free spins on Starburst offers? This depends on whether your goal is to play for free, acquire as many rounds as possible, or utilise a casino offer with no wagering requirements. You’re completely covered whatever your motive.

    While it’s certainly a hit with casino sites, it’s difficult to determine the Starburst slot’s true popularity with players. Sure, typing the name into Google will bring up a lot of suggestions. Yet, that may be because players are savvy enough to realise that this title is the most popular with regards to all casino deposit bonuses.

    However, on the other hand, you know exactly what you’re going to get when playing – and that’s a very simple-to-understand slot with a decent amount of potential:

    • Starburst Slot’s RTP: 96.09%
    • Special Feature: Expanding Respin Wilds

    The jewel symbols also evoke the feeling of a classic fruit machine with BAR and triple-7 icons helping that cause.