Slingo Sites UK – Best Slingo Originals slot sites

Slingo Sites - A full guide on where to play

Looking to find the best Slingo sites in UK? There are now several Slingo casino sites due to this game’s popularity, with a few even offering the possibility to play Slingo no deposit for real money. If you’ve never played this game before then we explain exactly what to expect. But first, here’s how to get started – followed by you can play free Slingo no deposit UK.

Slingo sites list 2023

    Free Slingo no deposit UK

    There are a few ways for people in the UK to play free Slingo no deposit required. Some sites offer free spins specifically for these slots. Whereas others have separate no deposit bonuses which you can try and use to play Slingo.

    Here are the most popular ways to do this.

    Slingo casino no deposit bonus

    Our top site for a Slingo casino no deposit bonus is Betfair.

    At Betfair, signing up here potentially allows you to generate some free credit to play with. You can then use this to play Slingo for free to try and win real money straight away.

    However, it does require you to perform a few steps first – and you need a bit of luck as well. Here’s how it works:

    1. Sign up and verify your account
    2. Use the no deposit bonus
    3. Any winnings will be paid in real cash (not bonus money)
    4. You can then use this real cash to play Slingo no wagering

    So, to get a Slingo no deposit bonus this way requires a bit of luck. That’s because you need to win initially to give you a bankroll to use.

    However, we think it’s worth it because any winnings will have no wagering requirements. This would mean anything you win from Slingo is yours to keep. Betfair are also one of our best casino sites no wagering requirements.

    5 free Slingo games no deposit UK

    Betfair’s games library is building up slowly, with a decent collection of Slingo games available. If the above method works, British players will have the chance to play a little more than 5 free Slingo games with the UK no deposit bonus that’s available.

    Although this type of game is still relatively new, a few favourites have appeared:

    • Slingo Rainbow Riches
    • Slingo Riches
    • Monopoly Slingo

    All of these games, plus many more, can be played at Betfair.

    Slingo no deposit bonus code 2023

    It’s possible that this Slingo no deposit bonus requires a code. That will clearly be stated in the card listed above. Although bonus codes are now quite rare, Betfair has been known to use them in the past.

    Slingo sites no deposit

    RankNo Deposit Slingo SitesSlingo Games
    1Betfair Casino20+
    2Paddy Power20+

    Slingo free spins no deposit

    One of the most popular offers for players is free spins which allows you to spin a game a certain number of times without using your own money. It’s possible to get Slingo free spins at:

    • Paddy Power

    But again this is indirect and requires a bit of luck.

    1. Sign up and get free spins (no need to add card)
    2. Use them on the selected games
    3. Whatever you win is yours to keep
    4. Any winnings can be used as Slingo free spins to win real money

    Paddy Power also have special promotions under their Bingo tabs. So, you may well see more Slingo offers as an existing player here.

    Slingo 50 free spins no deposit

    Paddy Power have an original offer of 50 free spins no deposit. But Slingo games are not included to begin with.

    So you must use these 50 free spins first to see if you manage to win anything. If you do win then the winnings can be used to play free Slingo games no deposit.

    Best Slingo sites UK

    We picked our complete list of Slingo sites above by going through our entire top 50 online casinos and choosing who had Slingo games.

    But even from this list, there are some sites that are much better than others. So we’ve picked out who we consider the best.

    Top 5 sites with Slingo games

    1. MrQ
    2. Betfair
    3. Paddy Power
    4. Casumo
    5. Unibet

    Why have these sites been chosen?

    All of them have Slingo games available. If you have never played these games before, all the sites above allow you to play them in demo mode. You can use this mode to understand how the game works and how it pays out wins.

    However, they are more than just sites that have Slingo. Many of our best online casino reviews UK have been written about the above sites which means they have many other quality features to enjoy too. They are all licenced and on Gamstop too, the self-exclusion program which can protect you.

    Slingo casino bonus

    Our top Slingo sites also have a casino deposit bonus to use. These bonuses give you a bit of extra money to play with on top of what you first deposit. You can use this extra money on Slingo games.

    However, make sure to check the terms and conditions of each. For example, some payment methods may be restricted, meaning you can only get the Slingo deposit bonus with registered card. Also, make sure to see how much these games contribute to any wagering requirements. If they contribute only 50%, then a £1 bet would only contribute £0.50, for example.

    Slingo bonus code

    You should also check to see if any bonuses you plan on using for Slingo have bonus codes. Although most casinos don’t use this method anymore, some do. Any promo code should be clearly stated.

    Slingo pay by phone bill

    You can deposit at some sites with Slingo using pay by phone bill, such as:

    • MrQ
    • Casumo

    This is where your deposit is charged to your mobile phone’s monthly bill or credit.

    It’s very easy to do and requires no account. You just need to confirm the deposit via phone bill via an SMS code. The money will be in your account straight away which you can use on the Slingo games.

    Slingo PayPal sites

    You can also find plenty of Slingo PayPal sites if you’d prefer, such as:

    • MrQ
    • Casumo
    • Paddy Power
    • Betfair
    • Unibet

    Nowadays, there are many PayPal casinos available as this payment method is very popular with British players. Therefore, those PayPal sites that have Slingo are perfect.

    You can make deposits instantly and safely from your PayPal account. If you’re lucky enough to win then PayPal is also one of the fastest withdrawal methods available. So you can get access to any winnings more quickly.

    New Slingo sites 2023

    Two new sites that have Slingo to try in 2023 are Casumo and Unibet. They added a range of these games to their sites in 2020.

    At both of the sites, you can use their first deposit bonus to play Slingo games. Just make sure to check how much Slingo games contribute to the wagering requirements.

    What is Slingo?

    Slingo was first devised by Sal Falciglia and Dave Lyons in 1994 as a game for both slots and bingo players alike. It combines elements of both slots and bingo for a new type of gambling experience. There have been many cases of different types of gambling overlapping, and Slingo is up there with the most popular. It’s available both at casino sites and land-based casinos.

    The game consists of a “bingo” card with 5 “reels” underneath. Players spin the reels to reveal 5 numbers. The aim of the game is to match the reel numbers to the card numbers, just as in Bingo. However, like any good slot game, the reels also hold special symbols such as jokers, devils, angels, coins and a free spins icon to boost your chances. These days Slingo has grown to become a type of game rather than one single version. This means there are many different styles of these games to enjoy.

    A large number of Slingo slots games are now available across both desktop and mobile. This is mainly thanks to the appearance of the Slingo Originals brand which offers a range of these games that are based on popular UK TV shows and other pop culture. As such, they’ve gone down a treat with British players and are frequently found at the top 20 UK casinos.

    How to play Slingo Bingo

    Playing Slingo is simple and straightforward. Each game allows players to have 20 spins, revealing 5 numbers or symbols each time. Players have a fixed, limited amount of time to match any of those 5 numbers to the numbers on their bingo card. If you don’t mark off all the matches within the time limit, you lose them. There’s also a time limit between spins. If you don’t start the next spin within the time limit, it is lost.

    How to play Slingo

    The biggest physical difference between Slingo and regular slot machines is the reel size. Whilst there are 5 reels, each only has one row whereas regular slots usually have 3 or 5 rows. There can also be slight differences between the games. We’ll offer up a few examples as we take you through some of the most popular Slingo games later.

    At all good Slingo sites, you will be able to play in demo mode to begin with. This means you can learn how to play before risking any of your own money. Once you’ve had a few rounds, you’ll quickly understand how these games work. However, as we said before, there may be slight differences depending on the exact game you’re playing. For example, different bonus rounds may exist or new special symbols.

    To give you an idea, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Slingo slots.

    Slingo Rainbow Riches

    Slingo Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular of these games. During the game, you will begin with 10 spins. Every spin releases five numbers that match with a specific position on the 5×5 bingo card. If they form vertical or horizontal lines when you mark off those numbers then this will be a Slingo.

    The reels can also carry special symbols such as a Devil, a Joker, a Free Spins symbol and a Super Joker. The Free Spins symbol gives extra spins without needing to spend any money.

    • Slingo Rainbow Riches RTP – 95%
    • Variance – Medium
    • Bonuses – Free Spins
    • Mobile Play – Yes
    • Play Rainbow Riches Slingo no deposit? – Yes, via Betfair’s no deposit bonus

    Slingo Riches

    Slingo Riches is the original title. Players start with 11 spins here. You need to mark off five numbers in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Each one will progress you up the ladder to win a corresponding prize.

    There are also special symbols, such as Jokers, Super Jokers, Coin Symbols, and Free Spin Symbols. While all are good, a coin will award you an instant cash prize whereas a free spin will add an extra spin to your game.

    • Slingo Riches RTP – 95%
    • Variance – Low
    • Bonuses – Free Spins & Instant Cash Prizes
    • Mobile Play – Yes
    • Play Slingo Riches no deposit? – Yes, via Betfair’s no deposit bonus

    Monopoly Slingo

    Monopoly Slingo includes the layout of the traditional board game. Here, you get 7 or 8 rolls of the dice to head around the board. Landing on a property will erase all cards of that colour and winning a Slingo will move you up the ladder.

    Of course, the game has specials too. For example, the Chance of Community Chest spaces can offer a cash prize (or something else). It’s also possible to purchase extra spins at the end of the game.

    • Monopoly Slingo RTP – 96.57%
    • Variance – Medium
    • Bonuses – Extra Spins & Cash Prizes
    • Mobile Play – Yes
    • Monopoly Slingo free play? – Yes, via Betfair’s no deposit bonus


    No – only a handful of good quality sites currently have Slingo games ready to play.

    Even fewer sites have a Slingo bonus ready to use. However, you can find sites that match these preferences in this article.

    We went through our entire UK online casinos list of licenced and trustworthy casinos to find which ones offered Slingo games. We then ordered those that did based on how many of these games were available, whether they offered a dedicated bonus, and the usual good characteristics of an online casino.
    We add and remove sites regularly throughout the year, based on who we think is the best match for each category.

    If a new casino arrives with Slingo, we will include them if we think they would be a better match. If an older casino starts offering these games, we’ll consider whether they should be included too.

    The game mixes slot machines and bingo together, using the best qualities of each game. It’s very easy to understand and play but it’s also fast-paced with quick rounds – giving players a new kind of gambling entertainment.
    In most cases, Slingo will be available on whatever device you want. Any news games can certainly be played on mobile using the device’s browser.

    However, there may be one or two exceptions where you need to use a laptop or computer. This is due to older games using older technology that isn’t mobile-ready. You can simply select an alternative game in this case.