Paysafecard Casinos UK - View online casinos that accept Paysafecard

The Paysafecard casino UK has become very popular with British players wanting a different way to deposit. Payment is done instantly so you can start playing the site’s slots and games straight away. To get started, we’ve picked out our top Paysafecard deposit casinos UK. We’ll also explain whether it’s possible to make Paysafecard casino withdrawals if you are lucky enough to win.

Slot sites that accept Paysafecard

*UPDATE* – As confirmed by Paysafecard, from 14th September 2021 onwards, UK players can no longer deposit directly at a casino using a Paysafecard voucher code. You must now create a Paysafecard account (which is free) and credit your voucher codes to this account first. You can then use your account to make Paysafecard casino deposits.

Paysafecard is a pre-paid cash card voucher that allows you to deposit at a casino without having to use bank or card details. For this reason, Paysafecard is a safe and secure form of payment.

Getting a Paysafecard is a simple process:

  1. Find a shop that sells Paysafecard vouchers (or buy online).
  2. Choose how much you’d like to buy – usually this is between £10 – £100 in increments of ten.
  3. Get a Paysafecard voucher with a unique 16-digit PIN code.
  4. Keep this PIN code safe as it is what you will use when making a payment.

Once you’ve got your Paysafecard PIN, you now need to create a Paysafecard account as mentioned above. You can credit the amount from your voucher to this account which can then be used to play at a UK Paysafecard casino.

Paysafecard casino deposit

Depositing using Paysafecard is still easy but has changed a bit since the September 2021 changes mentioned above. Here’s how it works:

  1. Join a casino that accepts Paysafecard
  2. Go to their Cashier page
  3. Select to make a deposit and enter the amount you want to play with
  4. NEW: Log in to your Paysafecard account (can no longer deposit directly using your code)
  5. Confirm the deposit for the money to be available in your account

Of course, you need to make sure you have enough money in your account for the deposit to go through. This can be done by buying vouchers and crediting enough money to your account that way. Or you can top-up online.

Paysafecard casino withdraw

Since 2015, it has been possible to withdraw at a Paysafecard casino (Paysafecard – Payout service). However, only a few sites actually offer this at the moment. One such site is (see review for more information).

You must have a Paysafecard account to make a casino withdrawal. Any payout will be credited back to the email address you use to create your Paysafecard account.

Here’s how it works in full:

  1. Go to the Cashier page
  2. Select to withdraw
  3. Choose Paysafecard and enter how much you want the casino to payout
  4. Input the email address associated with your Paysafecard account
  5. Confirm the transaction

After the new regulations of September 2021, it’s possible that more casinos that accept Paysafecard withdrawals may appear. That’s because players are now required to have an account to use this method. This makes paying any money out much easier than before.

However, withdrawing via Paysafecard isn’t available at most casinos at the moment. Because of this, when you go to withdraw, you’ll likely have to select another banking method.

Most of the time the withdrawal method that you’ll be required to use will be bank transfer. This is a safe and secure method, but it is slow. Transfers can take anywhere up to 5 business days to complete, even after your request has been processed (which itself can take up to 48 hours at some casinos).

New Paysafecard casinos UK 2021

Paysafecard has been popular with UK players long before 2021. So new Paysafecard casinos are constantly being added.

This could mean completely new online casinos launching with Paysafecard ready from the start. Or it could mean an existing slot site deciding to accept Paysafecard in order to provide more options. We class whichever way as new Paysafecard UK casinos.

Paysafecard casino bonus

If you use Paysafecard you can sometimes get casino bonuses for your first deposit. However, you should always ensure to check the terms and conditions, because Paysafecard deposits are sometimes excluded from triggering bonuses.

If Paysafecard is compatible with a bonus you’re interested in, then you can go right ahead and make an account, deposit, and start enjoying the extra bonus money.

Paysafe casinos

Paysafecard is owned by the parent company Paysafe. So naturally there are some people interested in Paysafe casinos.

However, they are the same thing. So any casino that accepts Paysafecard are certified Paysafe casinos.