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No Account Casinos UK – Are they available?

No Account Casino UK - Are Pay n Play casinos UK available?
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A no account casino is very popular in countries where it’s accepted. At these sites, players use their banking details to log in, deposit, and play. No registration is needed.

But no account casinos are not available in the UK at the moment. That’s because none of them offer this type of sign-up process currently. Instead, all UK online casinos require you to manually create an account by filling in a registration form. Only then can you start to play.

Will no account casinos open in the UK?

So how long will it take until UK casinos allow you to play without registering an account? Unfortunately, no one knows.

The UK Gambling Commission sets the rules for Great Britain. They currently require all gambling sites to confirm the age and identity of all British players before allowing them to gamble.

However, no UK casino has yet been able to satisfy these rules together with a no registration option. Until that happens, they won’t be available.

UK casinos without registration would be a huge upgrade

At the moment, all players must register for a new account by providing their personal details. UK casinos rely on this data to confirm their age and identity. When doing our UK online casino reviews, we’ve had to include our name, date of birth, address, and other information. You will need to do this too.

The casinos then try to confirm this personal information automatically (no verification casinos). However, if this doesn’t work then you’ll be asked to send documents that prove your age and identity – such as a passport, driving licence, or household bill. These need to be approved before you can play.

This is where no account casinos in the UK could really help if they were to open in future.

That’s because they could make it much easier for casinos to confirm your age and identity. After logging in using your online banking details, the required information could be passed to the casino automatically from this source. No documents would be needed and you would be approved to play in a matter of seconds.

How could a no account casino work in the UK?

Here’s how a casino with no account could work in the UK, based on what currently happens in other countries:

  1. Go to the casino’s website
  2. Log in using your online banking details
  3. Your details will be confirmed in seconds
  4. Go to make a payment
  5. Start to play

Although no registration form would be needed, the casino would store your details the first time.

From then on, you would just need to log in using the same details each time you wanted to play.

This is exactly how online casinos without registration in Finland work so it’s not like this is a brand new idea.

Of course, the casinos themselves wouldn’t have a connection to your banking account. They would use intermediaries to process this data safely and securely. A good example of an intermediary that UK players are already familiar with is Trustly. That’s because there are currently a variety of online casinos with Trustly that you can use to make a deposit via online banking. However, Trustly could be used to allow players to log in too – exactly as it does in other countries.

How would I deposit and withdraw?

In countries where no account casinos are already available, players can only deposit and withdraw using their banking account. If this same system was used in the UK, you wouldn’t be able to choose between a variety of payment methods like you can at the moment.

While this would be a downside, it’s worth pointing out that bank transfer casinos are already quite popular in the UK. Many players are using them to deposit and withdraw so it wouldn’t be a huge change for many.

There could also be some other major advantages. For example, no account casinos in other countries are able to payout winnings to players very quickly – often within a few minutes. This is done very consistently because many of the checks are automated.

In the UK, while some of the fastest payout casinos are able to process these payments within minutes too, the checks aren’t as automated. This means the time it takes to receive your money often varies. So the introduction of no account casinos in the UK could make withdrawing a lot more consistent.