No Account Casino UK – Are Pay n Play casinos UK available?

No Account Casino UK - Are Pay n Play casinos UK available?

A no account casino is very popular in countries where it’s accepted. Players use their bank details to log in, deposit and play. No casino registration needed. These sites are also known as a Pay n Play casino or BankID casino. But it is not possible to play at a no account casino UK at the moment. Because no Pay n Play casinos or BankID casinos are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission. Hopefully this will change soon. But instead of a no registration casino, you can look for one that offers the fastest registration here.

No account casino UK – Best alternatives

    No account casinos

    Until no account casinos UK become available, we think the above sites are the best alternatives. You will need to create a new account. However, these sites can be no verification casinos UK. This means the verification is done automatically by the casino, so you don’t need to send in any documents yourself. You can just start to play as soon as your new account is created.

    No verification casinos are the best option for UK players looking for the quickest registration process. However, getting verified automatically is not always guaranteed. If it is unsuccessful then you’ll need to follow the standard online casino verification process UK. This requires sending in documentation yourself which can slow things up.

    No registration casino UK

    So how long until no registration casinos UK become available? Unfortunately, no one knows.

    The current rules of the UK Gambling Commission state that all online gambling businesses must confirm your age and identity before you can play. That’s why they ask you to register for a new account using your personal information. They will then try to automatically verify this information as mentioned above, or ask you to send in documents that prove your age and identity – such as a passport, driving licence, or household bill.

    However, there is hope for no registration casinos in the UK to go live in future. That’s because this entire process could be simplified by using your bank details. Instead of creating an account, you would log in using your online banking details. Information would then be passed to the casino from your bank automatically, such as your age and identity details. So you would be approved in a matter of seconds.

    From then on, you would just need to log in using your online banking details whenever you wanted to play. You can deposit directly from your bank account and also withdraw any winnings directly to your bank account. These transactions would be quick too, because the connection between the casino and your bank had already been established. In fact, this is already in place, as we managed to make a withdrawal in less than 20 minutes using bank transfer at MrQ (view fast payout casinos UK for more on that).

    Exactly when no registration casinos will become available in the UK is not known. However, there are reasons to be optimistic. For example, many sites on our UK online casinos list also operate as online casinos without registration in Finland. This means that many UK sites already have the framework and technology in place to accept no registration players. So they should be able to apply no registration options in the UK if they get approval to do so.

    Pay n Play casinos UK

    One type of no account casino / no registration casino is what’s called a Pay n Play casino. This is a service offered by Trustly which is available at some non-UK online casinos. This basically acts as a middleman between the casino and your bank.

    First, you log in to your bank account (this is completely legitimate and secure). The verification (KYC) requirements are completed as soon as the player makes a deposit. And when you go to make a withdrawal, the payout is sent to your account straight away.

    Although there are Trustly casinos UK already available, it is currently not possible to play at Pay n Play casinos UK. This means UK players still need to create an account manually, rather than logging in via your bank details. However, as most of the framework is in place already, we’re hoping that Pay n Play casinos UK will launch quite soon.

    BankID casinos UK

    Another type of no account casino / no registration casino is what’s called a BankID casino. The BankID system allows you to identify yourself online – usually via a security code or biometrics using your mobile phone.

    You can use it to log in to an online casino using your bank account. The verification process is completed straight away as both your age and identity are shared between the bank and the casino. You can then make deposits and withdrawals immediately.

    A BankID casino is very similar to a Pay N Play casino. However, BankID is only available in Sweden. It is highly unlikely that BankID casinos UK will ever be launched as it is a Swedish invention. However, a UK identification system that works in exactly the same way could be developed in future.


    Unfortunately, no account casinos are not currently available in the UK. Hopefully they will be added soon.
    No. Although UK players can use Trustly to deposit and withdraw at online casinos, Trustly’s Pay n Play feature is not currently available in Great Britain.
    You will have to create an account at all online casinos in the UK using your personal information. There’s currently no way around this. However, most UK online casinos try to verify your personal information automatically. If this is successful then you will be able to play straight away.