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Casino bonus

Casino bonus is a great incentive to play in an online casino. Usually, online casino bonuses are given to new players as a welcome gift, but many casinos also reward their loyal players with a casino bonus every now and then too. Casino bonuses work when players make a deposit with real money, as they are then given extra bonus money on top of what they deposited. From this page, you will find all the casinos listed at Casino Professor that give new players in Canada a casino bonus on their first deposit. You can view our recommendations or easily filter through our list to find the best online casino bonuses for you.

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Choosing a casino bonus

We monitor online casinos and their casino bonus offers on a daily basis so that we can provide you with an updated list where you can easily compare different online casinos bonuses. We select always the top offer and our recommendations are based on what players have generally enjoyed. If none of our recommendations appeal to you, or you have already used that particular casino bonus, you can find an alternative from our interactive casino list by searching through.

You can easily filter bonus offers based on your criteria to find a suitable casino bonus for you. You can choose from categories, type of bonus, or even use the advanced search to search for casinos with specific payment methods or software.

But keep in mind that the amount of the bonus is not always what you should solely base your decision on. Pretty much every casino bonus comes with terms that you need to comply with in order to turn that bonus money into real money. Wagering requirements are something that you need to always complete before cash is available for a withdrawal, for example. Let’s explain how the entire process works from start to finish.

Casino bonus – How does it work?

The way that a casino bonus works is quite simple. You sign up to a casino, make a deposit with your money, and the casino gives you extra bonus money on top of your own. That is basically it. However, exactly what you get isn’t always obvious, as it looks like more of an equation than an offer.

That’s because, in nearly all cases, the bonus money you get will be a direct percentage of how much you deposit. For example, it’s very common to see a bonus of 100%. This means you will get the same amount of bonus money as you deposit (e.g, 100% of it). However, the bonus will also be capped at a maximum amount so that you can’t just get unlimited bonus money to play with. As such, a casino bonus generally looks something like 100% up to $100. Whatever you deposit will be matched with the same amount of bonus money, up to a maximum of $100.

There are, however, strings attached.

Casino bonus terms

Almost all casinos include wagering requirements with online casino bonuses. These wagering requirements are part of each bonus’s terms and conditions. If you don’t satisfy them or ignore them, you will likely have to forfeit any winnings. So, what are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements determine how much a player needs to bet using their bonus money before it can be withdrawn from the casino. Unfortunately, casinos don’t just allow you to keep whatever you win from a bonus outright. Instead, you need to make sure that you’ve used the bonus to bet enough times. It’s best explained with an example.

You get a casino bonus of 100% up to $50. You deposit $50 which gives you $50 of bonus money.

The wagering requirement is x10 the bonus amount. In this case, you multiply the bonus money ($50) by 10 which equals $500. This is how much you need to bet using your bonus money before it can be withdrawn.

What’s tricky is that a casino might attach wagering requirements to both the deposit and bonus. That way, the relatively low x10 requirement example above would double due to both the $50 deposit and $50 bonus being included for $100 overall. Multiplying this figure by 10 results in a wagering requirement of $1000.

Rather than doing these calculations for all your online casino bonuses, you can use our wagering requirement calculator tool. This tells you how much money you need to bet to convert the bonus money into real money without the need to do any calculations yourself. Just input the casino bonus and the rest of the details below.

This is how the casino bonus calculator works:

  1. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  2. Then enter the bonus amount.
  3. State what the wagering requirements are – e.g. 10 times
  4. Choose if you need to wager just the bonus money, or both the deposit + bonus (should be stated in the bonus’s terms).
  5. Under “Contribution%”, select how much the game you want to play contributes to meeting the wagering requirements. If you don’t have a specific game in mind, just enter 100 to get a general overview.
  6. Click on “Calculate” and you will be shown how much you need to play to turn the bonus into real money.

Alongside wagering, there are a number of other important factors to consider when you’re weighing up different online casino bonuses. Some of these considerations include:

We always recommend that players understand the terms and conditions of a casino bonus before using one. This avoids any nasty surprises further down the line, especially if you think you’ve won a big prize. All the online casino bonuses on Casino Professor have the most important terms and conditions highlighted. This makes it easier for you to choose the best online casino bonuses, as you also have to take the conditions into account when making a decision for or against a bonus – not just look at the size!

To check the important terms, simply move the mouse over the small question mark symbol on the cards above. Mobile users can tap the same symbol when using Casino Professor from a smartphone or tablet. You will then see a small window in which we have listed the most important conditions for you to consider.

NOTE: As online casinos frequently update their terms and conditions, we strongly recommend double-checking them when you get to their site. 

Casino bonus codes

In addition to the terms and conditions, some sites may ask you to also provide a casino bonus code. This is a codeword given to players which they must use in order to activate an offer. Casino bonus codes can apply when making a first deposit, but they may also be used by existing players who want to unlock further online casino bonuses after they sign up. It all depends on each casino.

Typically, a bonus codes casino will clearly advertise the phrase on their website, or within messages or an email. They are usually easy to spot and will often look something like “DEPOSIT100” or “FIRSTBONUS20”.

All of our casino reviews on Casino Professor include a dedicated section telling you if a casino uses a bonus code or not. You will also find it in the most important terms box which we explained can be viewed by hovering your mouse (or tapping on mobile) the question mark next to the bonuses above. This brings up the significant terms, including any code.

Exclusive casino bonus codes

Some of the codewords will be exclusive casino bonus codes that are available from our site only. These often unlock bonuses that otherwise wouldn’t be available, so it’s crucial to include them when making a deposit. If you accidentally forget then the offer will not be unlocked.

Any exclusive online casino bonuses will be clearly labelled on our site for you to take a look at. In some cases, just using our link will be fine to unlock the offer. However, any bonus code requirement will also be highlighted in the casino cards above – alongside the aforementioned dedicated section within the casino’s review.

Types of casino bonus

There are many different types of online casino bonuses available to players. These can contain different percentages and maximum caps. Ideally, you will understand exactly how they work before triggering one. At first, they can look a little confusing. However, let’s explain some of the most common and you will soon get the hang of it.

Casino bonus types explained

100% casino bonus

A casino is offering a 100% up to $100 casino bonus with a x20 wagering requirement on the bonus only. The 100% part means that your deposit will be matched in full. However, the “up to $100” is the maximum amount of extra bonus money they are willing to give you.

Due to the x20 on the bonus, you need to multiply the bonus you get by 20 (e.g. a deposit of $100 x 20 = $2000). This would be how much you need to wager using your bonus before it becomes real money which you can withdraw.

200% casino bonus

Whilst 100% match is the most common, a 200% casino bonus is also relatively popular.

Say a casino is offering a 200% up to $200 bonus with a x20 wagering requirement on both the deposit + bonus. As it’s 200%, this means they will double whatever you deposit in bonus money. Again, this is up to the maximum amount.

With a x20 wagering on the deposit + bonus, you need to add both together before multiplying by 20. For example, a deposit of $100 gets a $200 bonus, so this equals $300 x 20 = $6000.

This is a good example of why it’s very important to know if the wagering requirement is for just the bonus, or the deposit + bonus. If it’s set to the deposit + bonus, what might seem to be a reasonable x20 can end up being high.

300% casino bonus

Although rare, some casinos will go for a 300% casino bonus for new players. For example, a site is offering 300% up to $300 with a wagering requirement of x20 on the bonus. You will get triple what you deposit in bonus money, up to the maximum of $300.

With the x20 wagering requirement applying to the bonus only, you just need to multiply your bonus money by 20 to get the overall number (e.g. $150 bonus x 20 = $3000).

Compare this amount with the deposit + bonus example before. Even though this is a 300% bonus instead of 200%, the wagering requirement in this case is half. This demonstrates the importance, or rather the hindrance, of choosing a bonus + deposit wagering requirement. Often, if you see a number that looks attractive, there’s a decent chance it will be the combination of both.

Online casino $1000 bonus

Although it’s rare for percentages to go much higher, it’s possible to get a lot more bonus money. Some casinos in Canada are particularly generous with their offers, with one of the highest being an online casino $1000 bonus.

For example, if a casino is offering 100% up to $1000, they will match whatever you deposit up to $1000.

Of course, you would have to be very confident about playing at a site to put down such a big deposit. Therefore, this is likely to be an offer suitable for experienced players who have played at online casinos before.

However, there are plenty of credible options so don’t be put off by that. A good example is at Frank&Fred (Frank&Fred Casino review) whose online casino $1000 bonus for Canada players is well-known with plenty of games available to use this extra bonus money on.

Non-sticky casino bonus

One thing that’s important to understand is the difference between a Sticky Bonus and a Non-sticky Bonus. You may have heard of the Non-sticky Bonus also being referred to as a forfeitable bonus. Here’s why:

With a Sticky Bonus, you play with the casino’s bonus money first before your own money which you deposited. This is good if you want to give the casino and the games a trial run first, as you won’t be risking your own cash at this stage. It will also extend how much bankroll you have to play with, granting you more spins or rounds on whatever eligible games you fancy. However, anything you win will be tied to the wagering requirements – which can be annoying if you win a lot.

This is why some players much prefer a non-sticky bonus. This uses your own money to play with first, which has no restrictions or obligations on it. If you win, you can simply withdraw to your account straight away – which will also forfeit the bonus (hence it also being called a forfeitable bonus). If you lose your own deposit instead, the bonus money acts as a second chance to win something. You can find a non-sticky bonus casino above using the “Deposit” filter.

Casino bonus spins

In addition to standard online casino bonuses that offer bonus money for a deposit, some casinos may decide to give you free spins either instead of or as an addition. For example, you may see an offer like 100% up to $100 + 300 FS. This means you will get both bonus money and 300 spins for your first deposit.

Alternatively, some casinos might just give you spins on their own. In that case, there is often something special about them to make this deal worth it – such as a much bigger amount or no wagering requirements being attached to any winnings.

Minimum deposit for casino bonuses

The minimum deposit is the smallest amount of money you can deposit that will activate the casino bonus. This will always be written in the terms and conditions, although it may be referred to as a qualifying deposit in some cases. Whatever the terminology, it means the same thing. You should check before playing as if you accidentally deposit less than the required amount then the bonus will be lost.

The most common minimum deposits are either $10 or $20 depending on the casino. However, it is possible to find a $1 deposit casino in Canada too. These bonuses aren’t very common and are pretty worthless if you want to get extra bonus money. Instead, they are great for unlocking casino bonus spins with little financial commitment.

Max bet with active casino bonus

Most sites only allow you to bet a certain amount when using a casino bonus. This is to stop players racing through the wagering requirements quickly and turning the bonus money into real money. The max bet will be stated in the terms and conditions, although it’s often the same at most casinos – $5. Anything over this is generally generous so be sure to utilize what you can.

However, you need to be very careful with max bet limits. That’s because some casinos don’t automatically limit the maximum bet while you play the games. This means you have to manually change the bet limits yourself to ensure you are not betting too much. If you even spin a slot once which has more money on it than the max bet then you can have your entire bonus confiscated. Very annoying, but it is in the terms and conditions so keep a keen eye on it.

Casino bonus time limit

Nearly every casino bonus has a time limit on it. This means it will expire if you don’t trigger it and use it in full by completing the wagering.

This is where online casinos vary a lot. Some sites are nice and give you plenty of time. For example, you have around 6 months to use your bonus at Casumo (Casumo Casino review). However, other casinos can be a lot stricter and give you 7 days or less. We’ve even seen expiry dates within 24 hours before, so be careful to take note.

Also, if you get a mixture of bonuses (like extra bonus money + spins) then be sure to check if they have different time limits attached. In general, bonus money is given a longer deadline than spins due to the time it takes to use it. Of course, this varies per site that you play at.

Casino bonus game contributions

When using your casino bonus, make sure you know how much the game you’re playing is contributing to the wagering requirements. As you may have guessed by that, not all games contribute 100%.

Table games, live dealer games, video poker, scratch cards, specific slots, and some others may contribute less. Some may even contribute 0% which you’ll obviously want to avoid at this stage.

Most slot games will contribute 100%, apart from a select few which will either contribute less or be part of the 0% group.

Whatever game you decide on, be sure to check the full list within the casino bonus’s terms and conditions. Each site will likely have different contribution percentages, so don’t just view one set and think it applies to all. If you can’t easily find the list, ask customer support to provide a copy or a link. If you have only a handful of games in mind, you can often just ask them about those specifically instead – although be careful not to overdo it.

Casino bonus – Is it worth it?

A good question, but one where we can only sit on the fence by saying – it depends.

For trying out a new casino or the latest games, a casino bonus can be well worth it as the extra bonus money can extend your gameplay by several rounds. Just make sure to check that it’s a sticky bonus first so that you don’t use your own money – unless you want to, of course!

On the other hand, if your goal is to win money straight away then a sticky casino bonus will likely only get in the way. Any wins will have to be wagered before you can withdraw, and thanks to the low max bets that can take a long time to complete. In this case, a casino bonus is probably only worth it if it’s non-sticky – so it acts as more of a backup in case you lose.

If you want to play at a casino without the bonus for any reason, this is possible. If there isn’t an obvious option to avoid it, make sure to contact customer support before playing to check how it can be removed.

Latest casino bonuses

To ensure that you’ve got a wide selection to choose from, we make sure to add the latest casino bonuses from Canada sites. All the offers must be in Canadian dollars to even be considered, while we only point you in the direction of licenced and credible casinos to keep you at worthy sites.

As these offers are always subject to change, we always recommend checking exactly what you’ll get on the casino site itself. If you notice anything incorrect or missing, please let us know via our Contact Us page or by leaving a comment on the casino’s review page. This will ensure that we only show the latest casino bonuses available to our readers.

Casino Bonus FAQ

A casino bonus is a reward that casinos give to players who make a deposit. You will be given extra bonus money to play with on top of the money you deposit.

Bonus money is usually awarded automatically once you’ve made a deposit. How much you get is based on how much you deposit. It will be added to your player account, usually as separate “Bonus Money” to the “Real Money” you deposit.

Most casino bonuses have strict terms and conditions. One of the most important is wagering requirements which is how much you need to bet using your bonus money before it can be withdrawn. You should always check the terms and conditions of a bonus before playing.

If you lose all your bonus money before meeting the wagering requirements, then unfortunately it is lost. That’s why it’s important to weigh up all the different bonuses and their terms. The biggest bonuses are not always the best!

Usually, you can play your typical video slots, table games, video poker, and a few other types with a casino bonus. However, this can vary by casino, with any eligible (or ineligible) games being stated in the terms and conditions.

Yes, it will. Exactly how long you have got to use one varies a lot between each casino. It can be as short as 24 hours in the worst cases, or several months in the best.