Electronic checks have become an increasingly popular way for Canadians to transfer money online. They are a safe, secure, and fast way of transferring funds, so it is not surprising that electronic check casinos in Canada have started to appear. View the options below to start playing at an eCheck casino.

Best eCheck Casinos in Canada

Here are the current best eCheck casinos in Canada at the moment:

  1. PokerStars Casino
  2. Betway Casino
  3. Jackpot City
  4. Spin Casino
  5. N1 Casino

Top eCheck casino list – 2023

    eCheck Casino deposit Canada

    Casinos that accept eCheck work relatively easily. All you need to do is follow these steps to make a deposit:

    1. Link your bank account to an eCheck service: this is easy enough to do, you just have to make an account and put in your bank details.
    2. Find eCheck casinos: make sure to sign up at an online casino with e-check (such as those above). If in doubt, this information should be on their ‘cashier page’.
    3. Complete the eCheck: once you’re up and running, all you have to do is fill out the e-check given to you by the casino.

    Importantly, not all of the electronic check casinos that take deposits will also issue withdrawals via this method. It is always best to check with the casinos’ FAQ page, their cashier page, or live chat support to determine if they do allow for withdrawals. You don’t want to come unstuck at the last moment, trying to get your hands on your hard-won winnings.

    eCheck Casino – Summary

    When a new technology is introduced, the incentive to transfer from an existing one will ultimately be determined by the benefits it brings. So, like any other new tech, adopting eChecks will come down to the benefits. But, what exactly are the benefits of playing at eCheck casinos?

    Pros ✔

    • Very secure as no payment information is shared
    • Deposit made from your bank account
    • eCheck withdrawals are possible
    • Low deposits possible at some casinos

    Cons ✘

    • A lot slower than other payment methods
    • Requires a lot of manual work
    • Missing from most online casinos in Canada


    The main key benefit of an eCheck casino is the security it offers. Once the sender of the check has completed their request for payment, typically an email will be sent to the customer or a special page will be generated. This will typically not contain the check, as that would be unsafe, but will contain an encrypted link to the eCheck, which only they can complete. Ultimately, this means that only the intended parties (other than the banks) can see, sign, and complete the check.

    If you manage to win then you can also request that the casino sends you an eCheck for the payout. This means you don’t need to worry about finding a different payment method to access your funds.


    The main drawback of online casinos with eCheck is that it can take a while until your funds are available to play with. Although faster than non-digital counterparts which are notoriously slow, eCheck funds are typically verified somewhere between 24 and 48 hours after the transaction has begun. If the money in the payer’s account is sufficient (i.e. the check doesn’t bounce), then the transaction should be cleared, complete, and the money in the recipient’s account in about 3 to 5 days. This isn’t ideal if you want to start playing straight away.

    As mentioned above, you can’t always find casinos with eCheck withdrawals either. In this case, you would need to select a different payout method if you win.