Casino Payments

Real money online gambling requires that you make casino payments with real money. There are several casino payment methods available and most online casinos allow you to make deposits for free.

When choosing between online casino sites, double-check that your preferred payment method is available. And also if there are any limitations. In addition, you should always be sure that you can use your favourite payment option to make both deposits and withdrawals. There are some casinos where a certain method can be available to deposit but not to withdraw or vice-versa.

that you are eligible to claim the casino bonus with your preferred payment methods. Some limitations might apply to certain methods.

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Casino Payment methods – What payment methods are available for Canadian players

Like in many countries, there are several payment options available for online casino players. So it is basically up to you to choose what is your preferred method to deposit money at a real money online casino in Canada. We have all the casino deposit options listed on this page.

Below you will find more information on the commonly available payment methods. More information and available casinos for each payment are available on the dedicated payment options page.

But before choosing a suitable payment option for you, keep in mind that you need to use the same particular payment method when making a withdrawal. Also, some casino deposit options cannot be used for withdrawals. Meaning the payment option is for casino deposits only.

Credit and debit cards (Visa & MasterCard)

Credit and debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard offer a quick way to deposit money. Also, payouts are generally processed relatively quickly. Despite many online casinos saying that the processing may take up to 3 business days. This is true, but more often the time is shorter.

The downside of deposits made by debit and credit cards is the sometimes long processing time. And some operators don’t offer free deposits with debit cards. These might be subject to a generally around 2 percent fee.

Due to ease of use, debit cards remain still a very popular payment method. And generally, people aren’t bothered by the small fee that might be taken when making payments with credit and debit cards. Just make sure to also check that the method is available for payouts as well. Some Canadian banks may not permit withdrawals to credit cards so this isn’t always a rule set by the casino but by the credit card issuer itself.

Bank transfers (bank wire transfer)

While it is usually the low-cost option, it is also the most time-consuming as well. Bank transfers can generally take up to 3 business days. So if you’re in rush to hit the casino site for some gambling, a bank transfer isn’t the best option available.

Despite bank transfers aren’t quick, they are still relatively popular and many casino sites offer the option to both deposit and withdraw money with bank transfers. For instant bank transfers, deposits need to be made via third-party providers. Like an e-money transfer service.

E-money transfer service

Transferring money using an e-money transfer service like Interac is very popular in Canada. It is basically a direct bank transfer that happens instantly. When using the Interac payment method, you need to also be able to log in to your internet banking.

When originally launched Interac looked rather clumsy. At least compared to similar services in Europe. Which had a more user-friendly UI. Luckily, Interac has improved its product and it is also widely accepted by most casinos.

Some casinos might have the Interac e-transfer for deposit only. So double check whether you can use the e-transfer for withdrawals from an online casino account as well.

Deposits made via online banking are hugely popular over the world. Deposits are easy to make and the payouts are generally fast. The only faster option really is using an e-wallet.

Web wallets / E-wallets

The best-known e-wallets are Skrill and Neteller, which are still widely used for gambling purposes. But there are new ones available too. Like MuchBetter, a modern competitor for Skrill and Neteller.

While both Skrill and Neteller are relatively easy to use, the user experience with MuchBetter is better. It is fast and easy to open a MuchBetter account and the verification process is very easy to do. You can do it via the MuchBetter app. Just have your identity document at hand. Verification is done on the mobile app and it is a very quick process and you don’t need to email any documents.

When it comes to making a deposit to a casino, all e-wallets are generally very fast. Deposits are processed instantly and payouts are also quick. Assuming the account has already been verified already.

The con of e-wallets is that it is quite costly to make withdrawals from them to your personal bank account and it usually takes a few days. Most e-wallets offer an option to get a debit card that can be used to make offline payments directly from the e-wallet so you don’t really have to request a withdrawal to your personal bank account unless you absolutely want to.

PayPal is probably the best-known online wallet ever and used to be the biggest payment option in gambling too.

Alternative payment methods

There are also some alternative payment methods that might be available on some online casinos. Such as SMS payments and cryptocurrencies. Cryptos aren’t generally available in casinos that are regulated in a somewhat reputable jurisdiction since many countries don’t officially recognize them as a currency. And the downside with cryptos is that the process of making a deposit doesn’t always work as smoothly as someone would hope it to work.

Legal casino banking might eventually start supporting crypto as well, but for now, it is considered to be a rather niche payment method.

Mobile payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay are not yet widely available in online casinos. While both methods are very convenient to use, many online casinos don’t yet have them available. We try to always keep this page up to date and informative for you, our reader, so will continue to update the page and at alternative payment method options once they become widely available.

PaysafeCard and other prepaid payments are accepted on some online casinos as well, but we don’t generally recommend these methods since they work one way only. This means you can only deposit money using a voucher. For withdrawals, you need to contact support and arrange it separately. Annoying and an extra hassle.

In addition, you always should consider that you need to check first if you can use the payment method you choose to take advantage of the casino bonus. This is very important as there are some situations where some payment options cannot be used to claim a welcome bonus.

Best casino payment methods for account verification

Casino account verification is mandatory for all licensed online casinos. No matter what jurisdiction they operate. All gambling sites need to be able to verify the player’s identity and location. Many gambling sites might also require additional information as well, such as the payment method details and/or source of funds.

Online gambling sites don’t do this to make your life harder. They are required to do so to fight against money laundering. It is not limited to online casinos only, as land-based casinos need to verify their customers as well. And same as online casinos, when the amounts and/or the activity has been suspicious they need to ask for more details than just the identity information alone.

There isn’t much difference in what payment method you chose to use when it comes to account verification. Cards are perhaps easier if additional information about the payment is asked since you can just easily take a photo of the card. Remember just to blur out the important information such as the card number.

MuchBetter: Recommended for casino payments

The recommended payment method by us is MuchBetter. An e wallet that has quickly managed to gain popularity among casino players. It is very fast and easy to open an account. The fees are somewhat moderate and when you top your MuchBetter account using a bank transfer, the top is free of charge.

You can also choose what is your preferred currency. Choosing euro over dollar might give you more options where to play. A feature that many active casino players enjoy very much.

For more information about MuchBetter and all available MuchBetter casinos, see the MuchBetter casinos Canada -page.

Casino payments: The summary

Think about the available options and choose a casino deposit option that suits your use the best. Most online casino players that play actively choose to use an e-wallet such as MuchBetter or ecoPayz. It’s fast to use and widely accepted by most online casinos.

Since terms and conditions tend to vary from one casino to another. We always recommend you to read the general terms and instructions before heading to play your favourite casino games. You don’t want to make a real money deposit and realise after the deposits that the free spins bonus was not available on your chosen method. Casino bonuses aren’t necessarily available on all the payment methods.

What generally varies between the payment methods as well, is the minimum deposit amount and the minimum withdrawal amount. So double check what are the general terms on the payment option you intent to use.

Commonly asked about online casino payments

E wallets are generally fast and easy to use. We recommended MuchBetter as it is build for online gambling from the start.

Online banking is the preferred option for most as they can get the money back to their personal bank account. And it is widely available on Canadian online casinos. For more active players solutions e wallets build for gambling like MuchBetter are an ideal solutions.

In this day and age, there are several casino payment methods available. At least tens, if not a hundred different options to choose from. But they aren’t widely available in all casinos. Deposits made with Bitcoin are still quite rare where as online banking is available on nearly all Canadian online casinos.

Yes, casinos that also facilitate sports betting allow players to use the same payment methods for sportsbooks as for casino payments.

This depends on your physical location. If you are living in Ontario, the selection is limited to Ontario online casinos, casinos that have a license in Ontario. However, if you’re outside Ontario, you probably have hundreds of online casinos to choose from.

Most of our Canadian real money online casinos allow you to make deposits and withdrawals with both MasterCard and Visa. However, some credit card issuers don’t accept withdrawals so double check from your bank if you’re planning on making a deposit with either Visa or MasterCard

Generally, Virtual Cards work as a payment method, but there is one issue with using this method. Generally, once the virtual card is used it is destroyed. This is, it is for a one-time online payment. And this obviously makes it hard for you to provide proof of payment to the online casino.

It always depends on who has to process the payment. Most Canadian online casinos aren’t banking in Canada and this makes normal bank transfers/bank wire transfers slow. Internal bank transfers tend to take few business days.

Online casino operators need to always pay for payment processors and having all payment methods would be rather costly. So the cost would be the biggest reason why there aren’t all methods available on all online casinos.

Casinos that have Canada as one of their target markets generally tend to have all the popular payment methods available.