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New online casinos in Canada

With casino slots and games becoming increasingly popular, there’s been an influx of new online casinos in Canada during 2020. Players are now flocking online to play quality games from a range of providers, with new casino sites launching frequently. However, it’s crucial to only play at safe and secure sites. Therefore, we’ve reviewed and rated the latest launches so you can pick the best new online casino for you.

New online casino Canada

Playing at a new online casino in Canada is a very exciting prospect. Only a few years ago, there were very few options available to Canadians, and even less who offered a casino bonus in Canadian dollars. That’s all changed now, as new online casinos for 2020 are launching specifically for Canada players on a regular basis. This ensures that you can often try something new and different online rather than waiting a long time for new launches.

However, it’s very important that you only play at credible new online casinos in Canada that are licenced by respected authorities. Even though the industry has come a long way, there are still a few rogue sites out there that don’t treat their players well. All our online casinos have a licence to operate, usually from the Malta Gaming Authority which is a well-respected licencing body that safeguards players’ rights. You can be sure that each site we list is genuine and has been rigorously checked and tested by our team – with reviews on new casinos always being accessible. Also, while these options are new casinos for Canada, most have been operating in other regions for some time and have built up a lot of experience and a good reputation. This allows you peace of mind to select the best new casinos for you.

Best new online casinos 2020 – How to choose

But what do you look for to find the best new casinos? This is where things get a bit tricky as some players prefer different features over others. A lot of new sites will have the same licence, offer games from the same developers, and have very similar and strict security procedures in place.

This means you often need to look more in-depth at what each casino’s specific features to see if they are a good match for you. This isn’t always obvious at first if you’re a new player, but you will soon get the hang of what you like and what you don’t like after playing for a while. But before we get into any special features, we will first walk you through the essentials.

New online casino must haves

There are a number of things that all new casinos should have as the bare minimum to be considered even a half-decent site. Without these characteristics, the sites would either be unlicensed, unfair, unsuitable for Canada players, or just not good enough. We make sure that all our new casinos at Casino Professor have these credentials:

New online casino upgrades

Those new casinos looking to make a big impact won’t just rely on the bare essentials. Instead, they will be looking at what Canadian players want and act accordingly. This has led to some sites offering more advanced features for you to enjoy. Again, you will start to understand what you prefer the more you play, but here are some of the most common extra perks that players love:

New online casino bonuses

Of course, one of the most attractive things about playing at the latest sites is the chance to get a new online casino bonus. All sites offer these as a reward for new players joining. However, our sites offer new online casino bonuses in Canadian dollars to make things easier for you.

You can view the exact offer of each casino either using the card cards above or by selecting to read each review. We also make sure to include any significant terms which can be viewed by hovering (or tapping) the question mark symbol above. This ensures that you can compare all the new online casino bonuses quickly to see which is your favourite.

In some cases, the new casino bonus will be exclusive to us. That means you need to sign up at a site using our link to get a different or enhanced offer. The exact details will be explained in the review or the significant terms too.

New casino bonus codes

Although not as common as they used to be, it’s still possible for new casino bonus codes to be used. These are short codewords which you need to enter to unlock an offer, where applicable.

We will highlight any new casino bonus codes in the significant terms box that’s accessible by interacting with the question mark symbol. We will also state any codewords within each review.

If the bonus is exclusive, it may require a bonus code to unlock it. Be sure to look out for any mentions of “exclusive” either in the significant terms or review to find out more.

Should you play at a New Casino in 2020?

There’s probably never been a better time to join new casinos in Canada in 2020. There are now several safe and credible options open to you which just weren’t available a few years ago. Most of these new online casinos have been operating in other countries for many years too. This means that we already know a lot about them from previous experience, so we don’t need to be as cautious as we would be when reviewing sites that have just launched all over the world.

Of course, whether you play at a new casino or a more experienced site depends on what they offer. Competition between online casinos is now very intense, and this is pushing all sites to be better and more innovative. The main thing to be sure of is that you are playing at a licensed casino with proper security in place, no matter if they are new or not, like all the options on this page.

New casino FAQ

It’s crucial to play at casinos that have a credible licence and strict security procedures. Luckily, plenty of new casinos offer both. We only list sites that fit such criteria.

New online casinos will often have the same quality games as other sites. That’s because they usually use the same accredited providers – like NetEnt, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, and more. The best sites will have a variety of providers to choose from to expand their game library.

One of the main advantages of playing at new casinos is that they will offer a different experience. You will also be given access to a new bonus for signing up.

New casinos launch quite regularly throughout the year. Not all of them will be available in Canada, and not all of them will any good. We only ever list what we consider to be the best latest sites.

If you know that a site is licenced and has the necessary protection in place, there’s no reason not to try something new if you want to.