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$1 Deposit Casino Canada

1$ deposit casino Canada

The beautiful thing about $1 deposit casinos is that they offer players the opportunity to play at a site – spin the wheels, play a few hands of poker, or bet on virtual races – without having to make a significant initial commitment. If you just want to try out a new site, or you’re new to online gambling, then the $1 deposit casino is the ideal venue for you.

There aren’t, however, many $1 deposit casinos in the world, and fewer $1 deposit Canadian casinos. This is because $1 deposits aren’t the greatest financial prospect for a casino, so they take a risk in offering them to players.

Even though $1 deposit casinos are scarce, we’ve collected them all in one place. We’ve scoured the web, done the research, and think we’ve got the best line up of $1 deposit casinos around.

$1 Deposit Casinos

No Deposit Bonus
First Deposit Bonus
Up to $1,500 + 150 free spins

So, you want a $1 deposit casino, but you know that they are rare? Don’t panic! At Megapari Casino Canada, players can choose from more than 50 payment service providers to make a $1 minimum deposit. Feel free to read our Megapari Casino review to get additional information on the payment solutions at your disposal to perform your $1 deposit and start playing for real money.

Free spins for $1

No Deposit Bonus
1 x Wheel of Rizk - Win Spins or Cash!
First Deposit Bonus
100% up to $500 + 50 free spins

Most online casinos in Canada will require you to make a higher deposit to get free spins. However, a small bunch of casinos will allow you to get free spins for a $1 deposit in Canada. This means you can play with free spins for a much smaller amount.

In the case of Rizk, a $1 deposit for free spins isn’t even required. Instead, they will give you the opportunity to spin the ‘Wheel of Rizk’ once your new account registration is complete. At the very least, you will be given free spins no deposit no wagering requirements, but this could be extended up to $25 in cash – without a $1 deposit being required! This is one of the reasons why we rate Rizk so highly (you can view more reasons from our Rizk Casino review).

$1 Minimum Deposit casino Canada mobile

It has become an industry standard for sites to have mobile versions. At Casino Professor, we won’t even consider a website to be good enough unless they have a properly working mobile option.

These typically come in two forms: mobile-optimised sites, or apps. A mobile optimised site is a site, the code of which, is responsive to the mobile device that you’re using: if you’re using an iPhone 10, it’ll respond and adjust to the screen size, if you’re using a Google Pixel 4, it’ll adjust and change for that screen. You navigate to these mobile-optimised sites through your internet app. App-based mobile casinos are, basically, like any other app on your phone. The casinos have simply designed a propriety app, you install it, and then you can access all of their games at the click of one button.

Now, any good $1 minimum deposit casino Canada should be available on mobile. This should be no different if they’re operating with an app or a mobile-optimised site. But it is worth noting, that to incentivise players to move to mobile, some casinos will offer $1 deposit on their mobile and not on their desktop site.

$1 Deposit Casino Bonus

The best thing about a $1 deposit casino is the potential offers. This is because your $1 deposit could be turned into a sizeable win, giving you a great percentage increase on your initial investment. There are two basic ways you could do this: getting a deposit bonus or getting free spins and winning.

If the $1 deposit casino gives you a casino bonus when you sign up and make your $1 deposit, then you may have found an ideal site. That’s because you will be able to try out a casino with a bonus without depositing much cash.

If you want to get a larger bonus, then you’ll obviously get a larger bonus by making a larger deposit. 100% up to 50 on your first deposit won’t be a significant bonus if your deposit is only $1. But, if you find a bonus specifically for $1 deposits, then you won’t have to worry about this – and that’s why we’re bringing all the bonuses to you.

$1 Deposit Casino Canada – A rarity!

You may be wondering why $1 deposit casinos are rare. After all, if players like them, then why aren’t there more of them? The customer is always right, so why aren’t their companies capitalising on this desire?

Well, in short, financial transactions are not free and someone has to pay for them. This payment can either be fronted by the customer or by the casino and usually when the sums are large enough, then a good casino will pick up that cost. However, the third parties which require payment for handling the transaction usually change a percentage and a minimum handling fee. This means, if the deposit amount is close to the minimum handling fee, then the actual amount of potential profit the casino could make diminishes. In many cases, the $1 deposit can become a loss for a casino: the transaction fee will be more than $1, and hence they’re making an immediate loss. Therefore, most online casinos stick to $10 or $20 minimum deposits. Some casinos will try to use the $1 deposit as a loss leader, but not all casinos are confident in this strategy. Hence, $1 deposit casinos are rare because it is not a financially ideal option.