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New Zealand has regulated online gambling long time ago and gambling is seen as a fun activity, but also a hobby. NZ players are allowed to gamble on offline operators, but the operators themselves are prohibited in setting their base of operations in New Zealand. Here is a list of casinos that accept players from New Zealand and offer NZ dollar as the currency.

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Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand’s government has not always been open-minded towards gambling. Before 1961 gambling wasn’t only frowned upon, it was illegal. Since then land-based casinos saw daylight and started their operations.

NZ gambling laws – Gambling Act 2003

The Gambling Act 2003, which was established in 2003, covers all the legal information to gambling. While online casinos are prohibited to operate in New Zealand, it isn’t illegal for NZ people to play online casino. Many offshore operators accept players from NZ and also offer NZ dollar as the currency.

Taxation on Gambling Winnings

Since gambling isn’t considered as a regular source of income in NZ, gambling winnings are in most cases exempt tax. Basically, if you have another source of income and gambling is just a recreational activity for you, there is no need to worry. You won’t have to pay taxes on your winnings.