It’s still possible to find a Maestro casino UK in 2023, even if this card is not as popular as other payment methods. A range of slots sites still accept Maestro casino deposits and Maestro casino withdrawals if you wish. However, not all sites do. Therefore, we’ve selected our list of best casinos that accept Maestro card so you can take your pick.

Top Maestro online casino sites

    Online casinos that accept Maestro cards

    Maestro is a card payment method that first launched in the early 1990s. It is owned by MasterCard and operates on its pre-existing network.

    A Maestro card is often connected to a person’s current account that they have with their bank. When you make a payment using your Maestro card, the funds will be taken from your account directly. It is strictly a debit card, not a credit card – so you can only pay with money that’s in your account. However, this isn’t really a problem as credit cards have been banned.

    Maestro also operates pre-paid cards. Unlike their debit card, the pre-paid cards have a specific amount of money loaded onto them which you can use. They’re not associated with a bank account.

    In the UK, Maestro is not as popular as Visa or MasterCard. However, there’s still a relatively big list of UK online casinos that accept Maestro.

    Maestro casino deposit

    Making a deposit at a Maestro casino is very simple. Just follow these instructions once you’ve signed up and verified your account:

    1. Go to the casino’s Cashier page
    2. Select to Deposit
    3. Choose Maestro from the list of options
    4. Enter your card details – card number, expiration date, CVV code etc.
    5. Input how much you want to deposit
    6. Confirm the transaction

    Once you’ve confirmed the transaction, the money should exit your bank account and arrive in your casino wallet as real money instantly. So you can start to play right away.

    Maestro casino withdraw

    If you want to make a casino withdrawal using Maestro, the process is very similar:

    1. Go to the casino’s Cashier page
    2. Select to Withdraw
    3. Choose Maestro as the payout method (you will likely need to use the same method you used to deposit)
    4. Enter your card details (if they haven’t been saved already)
    5. Input how much you want to withdraw
    6. Confirm the payout

    It can take a bit of time to receive a Maestro casino withdrawal. Usually it’s between 3-5 business days. Therefore, it’s not particularly quick.

    New Maestro casinos UK 2023

    When it comes to new Maestro casinos, it is mostly brand new online casinos that will fall into this category.

    Why? Because it’s very unlikely that an established casino site would look to add Maestro at a later date. They will either launch with it ready, or they won’t ever have it available.

    Maestro casino bonus

    A Maestro card should activate pretty much all casino bonuses when you make a deposit. Some casinos don’t give bonuses to players who use certain types of payment methods. However, Maestro is very rarely part of this excluded list.

    The usual types of Maestro casino bonus are free spins, bonus money, or a mixture of both.

    Maestro card slots

    When you make a deposit using Maestro, that will appear as real money in your online casino account balance. You can use this real money to play whatever slot or game they have.

    However, if your Maestro deposit activates a casino bonus then things might be different. That’s because bonus money or winnings from a bonus can usually only be used to play a select few slots or games. The casino will mention this in the bonus terms and conditions – which we strongly recommend reading.