It’s now possible to find a Google Pay casino UK that accepts deposits and withdrawals. This mobile payment method has been available for many years now, with UK online casinos firmly behind it. But not all sites accept it. So to help you get started, we’ve selected our list of top UK online casinos that accept Google Pay below for you to choose from.

Casinos that accept Google Pay 2022

Is Google Pay legit?

Google Pay is a product of Google that runs on a variety of smartphones and wearables. It allows users to save their bank card details to these devices. Users can then pay for items quickly at the checkout.

For UK transactions, Google Pay Limited has a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This provides British residents with a variety of protections, including the option to complain to the financial ombudsman service if an unsatisfactory experience has been had. The company is also listed on Companies House – which is the UK government’s website of companies operating within the UK. So there’s no doubt that Google Pay is completely legit and not a scam.

Google Pay Casinos UK

As reported by The Guardian, Google Pay (then known as Android Pay) only launched in the UK in May 2016. Since then, the list of Google Pay casinos UK has been growing. You can now find a decent selection of online casinos that accept it in Great Britain.

However, this selection is still quite a lot lower than Apple Pay casinos UK. It’s hard to really say why this is. As reported by Statista, the market share of users using Apple and Android (Google) devices in the UK is around 50% each. So those casinos with Apple Pay but without Google Pay are potentially missing out on a huge portion of players.

How to deposit at a Google Pay casino UK

To get started, you must first add a bank card to your Google account. This will allow you to start making payments.

Here’s how to make a deposit at a Google Pay casino UK:

  1. Go to the Deposit page
  2. Select Google Pay from the list of options
  3. Input how much you want to deposit
  4. Confirm the transaction using your phone

There shouldn’t be any fee for making a deposit this way. But always double check on the payment page to make sure you’re not being charged. If you are then you can consider playing at a different site.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit at Google Pay casinos UK is usually £10 or £20. This is the standard range that most sites have. In some cases, you may be able to deposit lower than this – such as at a £5 deposit casino UK. However, these are quite rare.

Can I withdraw using this method?

You can also withdraw from a casino using Google Pay:

  1. Go to the Withdrawal page
  2. Select Google Pay from the list of options
  3. Input how much you want the payout to be
  4. Confirm the withdrawal using your phone

There shouldn’t be any fee for withdrawing this way. But again, always double check to make sure.

The time it takes to receive a casino withdrawal is usually around 1-2 business days after it has been approved. So it’s nowhere near the current fast payout casinos UK in terms of speed. However, it is one of the most convenient, as the cash goes straight back to your account.

Minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount at Google Pay casinos UK is usually £10 or £20. Again, this is the standard range. However, the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount does not always match. For example, if a site allows a £10 deposit then it’s not guaranteed that they will allow a £20 payout. So make sure to check.

New Google Pay Casinos UK 2022

It’s true that brand new online casinos in the UK are quite rare these days. However, we do expect new Google Pay casinos UK to continually appear.

That’s because, as we mentioned above, there are far sites on our UK online casinos list that accept Apple Pay at the moment. And for no obvious reason. So we expect these casinos to start accepting Google’s payment method soon. We would class these sites as new Google Pay casinos.

Google Pay no deposit bonus

Some Google Pay casinos offer a no deposit bonus – such as free spins. These allow you to play slots and games without even needing to make a deposit first.

You can check the sites above to see if any offer a no deposit bonus

Google Pay casino bonus

Pretty much all sites offer casino bonuses to new players who sign up and make a first deposit. This usually gives you extra bonus money to play the slots and games, alongside your own money.

Quite a few payment methods are excluded from triggering bonuses. This means you can often only use certain payment to get a first deposit bonus. Luckily, Google Pay is often included within these payment methods – so you can use it to trigger most bonuses. But make sure to check this in the terms and conditions.

Slots & games

After making a deposit, you can play whatever slot or game the casino has – if playing with your own money. However, if your payment triggers a bonus then it depends what type of money you’re using. If it’s the bonus money then you may be restricted to certain slots and/or types of games that you can play.