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All online casinos that appear on Casino Prof operate under solid casino licenses, yet, some players prefer playing at casinos that have an EU gaming license for extra security. EU gambling licenses, the majority of which are issued by the Malta Gaming Authority in the island nation of Malta and the UK Gambling Commission in Great Britain, are slightly harder to come by. These gambling license issues are considered one of the strictest in the world and regularly monitor online casinos, that have been issued a license in the past. This means that online casinos with one of these EU gaming licenses are the most regulated and playing safely, securely and in a protected environment is guaranteed. Other EU regions and countries that issue online gambling licenses are Gibraltar and Alderney, both UK territories, Áland, autonomous territory part of Finland, and Belgium, Denmark and Italy to comply with strict regulations of their respective national markets.

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Malta Gaming Authority and UK Gambling Commission Licences

Both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority have regulations in place to protect players and remove criminality from online gambling. To prevent that online gaming is linked to any criminal activity, the online casino has to show it is operating in a fair and transparent manner and the following aspects of the applicant need to be verified before a license will be issued:

  • Identity and ownership
  • Integrity
  • Finances
  • Competence

Casino- applicant verification process

When it comes to identity and ownership, the gaming authority wants to know who the applicant is, whether they own the online casino and if they don’t, who does and how does the applicant fit into the corporate structure. Besides that, one will look at the integrity of the applicant and other individuals involved with the application process, and verify if they are trustworthy and honest. As part of this, it will be checked, whether the applicant and others linked to the online casino, have a criminal record. Furthermore, the gaming authority will review the level of competence of the applicant and others involved; are the necessary skills and experience in place to successfully and transparently run an online casino? The applicant also needs to submit their financial statements to verify if the necessary funds are available to run an online casino.

Both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority issue different licenses, like remote gaming, bingo, and remote betting with fixed odds licenses. An online casino needs to get all licenses that apply to its offered services. The UK Gambling Commission issues six different licenses, while the Malta Gaming Authority provides four types of permits.

Player verification process

When the casino- applicant has passed these checks, they need to show that their casino has an identity, age, address and payment verification process in place. Players have to abide by this process when they open an account at the online casino and/ or want to claim any winnings. Within the EU, online gamblers need to be at least 18 years of age and in some countries 21. The identity and address verification is in place to prevent that players open an account in someone else’s name without their consent, committing identity fraud in the process. As a player, you need to verify your payment method(s), as it’s the casino’s obligation to prevent criminal activity like money laundering.

Responsible gaming

If an online casino wants to operate with an EU license, it needs to have a responsible gaming program in place. This program has the aim to help players manage their online gambling activity, which can include deposit, bet and loss limit the player can apply on their account. This means, that there are maximum amounts a player can deposit, wager or lose on a daily or weekly basis. Besides these limits, the player can set an exclusion period to her or his account, during which they won’t be able to deposit or wager any money.

Once a license has been issued, the gaming authorities continue to monitor an online casino’s activity to ensure continued compliance.

As the application process for and monitoring after getting an EU license is so strict, online casinos with a license issued by either the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission – or both- are considered the safest, securest and most transparent and reliable in the world. If this is important to you, make sure to browse the EU online casinos category here at Casino Professor to find an online casino with an EU gaming license.

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