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Best casinos according to Casino ProfessorCasino Professor in Love

This best online casinos category contains the top online casinos according to Casino Professor. The Professor and his team spend countless hours reviewing casino platforms so you don’t have to. Continue reading and you will find out more about what makes a casino site worthy of being under the best online casinos category.

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Best Online Casino Criteria – What Makes a Top Online Casino Work?

The best online casinos need to be able to provide more than just bonuses. The casino needs to be trustworthy, safe and secure. And of course, licensed by recognised licencing authorities.

In addition, the casino needs to be able to provide excellent customer service, have secure money transfers and handle withdrawals quickly and efficiently. You have many casinos to choose from, so why not choose the best online casino?

Best Mobile Casinos – Look and Usability

Online casinos need to be up to modern times. It should be easy to use and please your eye.

While some people like different things, there are a few best practices out there that should be met. Usability should be good on all devices, especially now the internet is being used more and more on mobile devices.

Best Online Casinos Offer Great Service & Support

If problems occur, help should be available around the clock. And it should be available now, not tomorrow.

Phone and live chat are two good ways to get answers quickly, and EVERY serious casino site should offer both as a standard. The best ones, however, may also offer phone or VoIP support for free, or perhaps integrate support within their social media channels.

Best Online Casinos Are Safe

Safety and security include many aspects. First, all casinos should have a credible gambling licence from the most credible licensing authorities. These include the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

This isn’t the only thing, though. The connection should be encrypted (SSL-certificate). Encryption keeps your money and personal info safe. You want to be sure that you interact in a secure, encrypted connection.

Best Online Casinos Have Multiple Payment Options

You should be able to use your preferred payment method(s). Top online casinos have multiple payment options.

On a side note, those casinos with PayPal as a deposit/withdrawal option can be considered as extra secure. This is due to the fact, that PayPal is rather picky who it chooses to operate with – at least when it comes to gambling! Usually, they aren’t that keen to operate with white labels and only select the ones that been already been in the industry for a long time.

Whatever payment option you choose, it should be easy to use, free and fast. Also, you should be able to claim your bonuses regardless of the payment method you use.

Best Online Casinos Have the Best Bonuses & Promotions

All casinos offer bonuses for new players, but not all of these bonuses are equal. Some may seem good on the face of it but are actually nearly impossible to wager. Any rules that are too strict make wagering difficult.

The rewards should not stop after the deposit bonus either. It doesn’t always have to be a cash bonus, as some other promotions would be fun. A chance to win something on the side, like a vacation, an iPhone, or other tech would be appreciated.

There are loads of free spins that can be found at casinos. If you are an active player then you should expect to be rewarded more and more. After all, you are playing against the house in a game where the house has an edge.

Best Online Casinos – Conclusion

Casino Professor just gave plenty of criteria on what the best online casinos are made of. After reading this, you should be able to review casino sites on your own and choose the perfect place to play.

Casino Professor doesn’t pick a casino randomly to put in this exclusive category. They all have all gone through a strict process to be there, and only the best have survived to make this exclusive list. The creme de la creme, if you will.

However, the casinos that fall under this best online casinos category are revisited on a regular basis, so they can’t rest on their laurels. Changes may well occur, especially when there are promising new online casinos constantly going live.

Finally, while it’s very unlikely, a scenario where one of the above casinos has turned rogue will immediately result in banishment.

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