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After the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill passed in 2016, it became illegal for offshore operators to offer online casino games to Australians. While there might be some online casinos still accepting Australian players, all the reputable operators have left the market. The purpose of the bill was to specifically target the online casinos according to The Guardian. At the moment only Australian casinos licensed by the state are allowed to offer to games of chance and unfortunately, there aren’t any available.

While there are some casinos that accept players from Australia, it isn’t recommended that players do so before more information comes to available.

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Gambling in Australia

While online casinos aren’t available in Australia at the moment, residents still like to gamble in some ways. According to Wikipedia, 80% of the adult population engage in some sort of gambling activity. This is one of the highest rates in the whole world.

Future of gambling in Australia

At the moment, there aren’t any clear future plans regarding gambling in Australia. Casino Professor will update the information as soon as possible. In the meantime, both players and operators are currently eagerly awaiting the market to open again.

Poker players, especially, have tried to keep the online casinos alive, but so far their results have been empty. Both big poker sites 888 and Pokerstars, have withdrawn from the market and no longer offer games to Australian players. The players were forced to cash out money as the operators erased all accounts.

The players are there, but casinos are having difficult times in breaking in the Australian market. For example, William Hill faced hefty losses due to Australia writedown.