When you step into JackPotCity’s site, you can see a fancy, modern and colorful site full of city hustle. The casino looks very new, and you’d never guess that JackPotCity was founded already in 1998. Yes, really! It has existed for the past 20 years! The online casino is easy to use and navigation is fast. The layout of the site is stylish and appealing. You definitely won’t get bored playing slots and waiting on a jackpot to hit at this casino! We all could use a couple million extra cash, no?

We can make the assumption that this casino has all the baits that are needed to lure new players in. And they do, considering that they have a great amount of popular games from Microgaming. These games are loved by beginners and veterans.

The casino also has licenses from Canada and Malta. This means, that if you play in the EU, you don’t have to pay any taxes from those jackpots you snatch. Payment options include all the most popular ways, such as debit and credit cards and some e-wallets.

JackPotCity won’t leave you hanging with bonuses either, as their first deposit bonus is a massive bonus divided into 4 different deposits. This is something that should definitely be taken an advantage of! It goes like this.

1st deposit: 100 % bonus up to 400 euros
2nd deposit: 100 % bonus up to 400 euros
3rd deposit: 100 % bonus up to 400 euros
4th deposit: 100 % bonus up to 400 euros

100 % bonus is credited into your account 4 times! That’s amazing, especially when you take an advantage of the maximum bonus. You’ll snatch 1600 euros bonus, which means you’ll be playing with 3200 euros. This bonus will be played for days worth, and that’s totally fine, as the bonus money will stay in your account for 2 whole months.

We won’t get into bonus terms too deeply, however we should mention that minimum deposit to redeem the bonus is only 10 euros, so even if your wallet isn’t jam packed with money, it’s okay – you’ll still get to play. The wagering requirement is 50 times the bonus money, which is a bit salty, but still doable. The bonus terms aren’t the easiest, but they’re still possible to reach.

JackPotCity’s Loyalty Programme

JackPotCity spoils their players. The casino’s loyalty programme is pretty nifty, as every single player who is registered, earns loyalty points for every single cash bet they make. So, the more you play, the more you earn. These loyalty points can be exchanged for free cash, which is a great way to iron out some loses (or pad your winnings).
The more you collect, the faster you’ll move up a level. The higher you climb, the more perks they offer.

How does it work?

You’ll collect loyalty points for every cash bet you make. The points can be exchanged to cash in 200 point packs. The loyalty point balance is a sum of Tier and Bonus loyalty points. Tier loyalty points are earned when you play games at the casino and bonus loyalty points accumulate from specials and Tier points. Tier points help you move from one level to another and both these points are equally valuable.

The loyalty programme has 6 levels: blue, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. All the levels go like this:

  • On the blue level your Status points are 0-999 and your Tier level is 0. On this level you’ll earn loyalty points and you can exchange them for cash. An international support is also at your service.
  • On bronze level your Status points are 1000-9999. Tier level is 1%. And all other perks are the same.
  • On silver level your Status points are already 10 000-19 999 and your Tier level is climbing higher. Now it’s 5 % and all other perks stay the same.
  • The gold level Status points get your heart racing faster, as your Status points are now 20 000-39 999 and your Tier level is 10 %.
  • Platinum level Status points jump up to 40 000-59 999, whereas Tier level hops to a whopping 15 %.
  • On diamond level your Status points are over 60 000 and your Tier level is 20 %.

You’ll find your loyalty points by signing into your own account, when you’ll see your points balance at the left bottom corner at the casino.

These loyalty points can expire, too, however the casino will let you know when they’re about to do so. So don’t keep collecting them into the hazy future, but collect a good amount and then turn them into cold hard cash! JackPotCity’s loyalty programme is one of the bests, as you don’t have to ask for the points, but you’ll get them automatically. Also, every player qualifies!

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