Our Prof, the Casino Professor, has been busy in the launch of his new site! Well, it not new, but a different language version to serve the Professor’s followers outside Finland, Prof’s home country.

New Casino reviews available

Checkout, what the professor has been cooking in the past days. There are new online casinos added by the Professor on both deposit bonus– and free spins -page. Professor, who is always looking for the ultimate thrill, prefers to play with real money, but still, recommends everyone to spin the free spins.

Don’t forget to check out all the online casinos and their bonuses.

Playing freepsins is something that everybody should do, it is a great way the familiar with the games and if you are in luck, you might get a nice boost to your bank account.

Casino Professor

More casinos to come

Our Casino Professor has made a promise to himself, that new casinos with reviews will be added to the site soon.

Now that I’m enjoying my retirement, I have plenty of time to go through casinos and give my opinion on them. Especially during the winter in Finland, I have plenty of time to sit behind my monitor. Going out on the icy streets is quite dangerous for elderly people like myself.

Casino Professor

Grab the best bonus for the rainy day!

Summer is on its way, but there are going to be some rainy days every now and then for sure, so prepare. Go and check the bonuses, so you are prepared to play when the time comes!

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

Casino Professor, or just Prof among friends, is an older guy with a knack on online casinos. Among gracefully ageing reviewing online casinos has become his life mission.