If you’ve ever redeemed bonuses from online casinos, you must have noticed their wagering requirements. Wagering requirements always follow bonuses, promotions and campaigns like a shark. Many new players wonder, though, what these wagering requirements are and what you’re supposed to do with them. This dessert following the bonuses rarely makes your mouth taste sweet, but it must be swallowed, if you want to withdraw your winnings. This time Casino Professor tells about wagering requirements, what they are and how to match them.

What are bonus money and wagering requirements?

There are so many online casinos in the market, that it’s hard to decide, where to play. Online casinos have come up with a genius way to offer a nice little carrot, such as casino bonuses or free spins, for their players who sign up for the casino.

Sometimes casinos offer free spins without a deposit. Online casinos do, though, offer casino bonuses as the first deposit bonus. Usually the bonus is announced as “100% bonus up to 100 euros”, which basically means doubling your deposit up to 100 euros. You can deposit more, but anything over 100 euros won’t be doubled. These numbers vary from casino to casino, but players usually pick the one that’s the biggest.

But hold up. The biggest bonus isn’t always the best one, because matching the wagering requirements can be more difficult with a bigger bonus. First thing you have to do, is to scroll down to the bonus terms of the bonus and read about the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements vary between 0 and 60. In the terms, the wagering requirement is announced as “…bonus must be wagered 35x…”, which tells the player, how many times the bonus (or bonus + deposit) must be wagered, before you can withdraw your winnings.

What does a wagering requirement mean?

First, you should remember, that wagering is simply a casinos way of making sure they won’t lose money. They don’t practice charity, and giving away free money isn’t exactly good for business. So this is a completely normal procedure.

Let’s say, you snatched 100 euros bonus money, and you played a little bit. You won 50 euros, and your account shows 150 euros. Would you like to withdraw? Everyone here nods “yes”, as you would have gotten 100 euros free money and 50 euros winnings. That’s when the online casino buzzes the buzzer and shakes its head. Not yet.

The bonus money must be played and wagered a number of times (let’s say 35x), before you can withdraw. This means, that you won’t play through 100 euros, you’ll wager 35x 100 euros.

Wagering is easy: just play. Winnings aren’t taken into account when wagering, which is a good thing. Although this amount may sound big, it’s not, because of the return percentage of the slot machines.

A normal wagering requirement is between 0 and 40. You can grab these without a worry, but anything over this gets a bit salty. Maybe now you understand, why checking the wagering requirement first is important. 1000 euro bonus sounds great, but if you have to wager it 50 times, you’ll end up wagering 50 000 euros worth before withdrawals.

Also note, that some games don’t contribute towards the wagering. In the terms, they’ll mention which games won’t contribute. This is because some games have a higher return. For example, Blood Suckers has a return percentage of 98%, which is one of the biggest. So, surprisingly, this game is usually a forbidden one.

Which casino should I go to?

There are plenty of casinos out there, that have perfectly good bonuses and terms. By searching and shopping around, you’ll see, what they offer.

One of the most popular ones, however, is Rizk. They offer 1 free spin without a deposit for Wheel of Rizk, and casino bonus is 200% up to 100 euros + 50 free spins. Wagering requirement is 45x, which is a lot, but compared to the bonus, it’s reasonable.

Another casino to compare, is Casumo.

  1. Deposit: 200 % bonus up to 50 euros
  2. Deposit: 50 % bonus up to 150 euros
  3. Deposit: 50 % bonus up to 200 euros
  4. Deposit: 25 % bonus up to 400 euros
  5. Deposit: 25 % bonus up to 400 euros

The wagering requirement is only 25x, but after 5 deposits, your account is already quite hefty, so wagering can get more challenging.

Shop around the casinos and compare bonuses and wagering requirements! And join a casino you like.

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

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