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In the colourful world of online casinos, there are many of those who wish for their casino to succeed over others. Online gaming is becoming more and more common. Online casinos are not as secretive and curious as they used to, but are starting to be favored over regular casinos. And we can see why: it’s way more convenient to play from the warmth of your own home rather than leave to go to a casino.
Madame Chance looks like she hopped right out of a 50’s cartoon. Madame Chance is a quality casino, and the pinup -style lures players to have fun and spend money. Even though this casino hasn’t been around for too long, only since 2016, it has taken a fairly steady stand in the casino world. Madame Chance is generous, as you can see in the bonuses. Keep in mind, that this casino has been licensed in the Curacao, so the winnings are not tax-free.

Madame’s bonuses

As mentioned, Madame Chance is very generous. Even though welcome bonuses vary between casinos, we can safely say that Madame’s bonuses are at the top of the list. The more massive the bonus, the more attractive it looks: thus, more players! Well done, Madame!
Beautiful Madame Chance gives players a chance to play with free money for a long time. This incredible welcome bonus has been divided into 3, and it goes like this:

  1. Deposit: 400 % bonus up to 800 euros
  2. Deposit: 150 % bonus up to 800 euros
  3. Deposit: 200 % bonus up to 800 euros

Remember to use bonus codes to redeem the bonus! First code is MADAME1, second MADAME2 and third MADAME3. The most logical order, as you can see.

You can get a whopping 2 400 euros of free money, assuming you take an advantage of the 800 euro maximum deposit. However, if you’re not a Rockefeller and don’t want to spend 800 euros, you can get started for as small as 20 euros. Even a deposit of 20 euros will bring you 80 bucks extra on the first deposit.
Although many casinos offer free spins, Madame Chance does not. But we can forgive this, as the welcome bonus is as generous as it is.

Bonus terms

Most of the casinos out there offer bonuses, because they lure more players to the casino. And of course, where there are bonuses, there are also wagering requirements. And bonus terms. Casinos use bonus terms to protect themselves from any possible fraud. At the end of the day, they don’t practice charity.

The amount of the deposit and the bonus must be wagered 20 times, and after this, it can be withdrawn. However, if you happen to live in Lebanon, you must wager the cash 80 times! This is why you should always read the terms before playing.

Madame has a few other rules, that should be followed:

  • To get the bonus, the account balance must be 0 and you should not have any pending withdrawals.
  • You will get the bonus immediately after using a correct bonus code. If you can’t find the codes, you can always email the casino’s customer service.
  • Bonuses and the wagers can only be played in slot games.
  • If you bet in anything else but slot games, the casino might void your bonus and winnings.
  • If you bet “Double feature” in the slot game, it will not count towards the wager.

Also remember, that you cannot wager in any NetEnt games. Pick your games carefully! Maximum winnings are 10 times the amount of your deposit, and you must wager everything within 15 days, or you might lose your bonus and winnings.
Fortunately, Madame’s terms are not the worst, however, keep in mind that should you use the maximum bonus, you have 2 400 euros to wager within 15 days. That’s a lot of money! So make sure that whatever deposit amount you use, you’ll be able to wager everything in a timely manner.

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