When you step into a brick and mortar casino, you’ll get to play whatever your heart desires. At these casinos, they offer a ton of different slots and table games – and all live. At brick and mortar casinos, however, there’s only so much space. This problem doesn’t exist at online casinos. Online casinos can either specialize in offering certain games, or they can be nice all-in-one casinos. This time, Casino Professor presents three different all-in-one online casinos, that have gotten many good reviews for their poker rooms.


Pokerstars is the world’s most popular online casino, and it has existed for years. This famous online casino became well-known all over the world, including the United States. In 2011, however, Pokerstars was kicked out of the USA, because of certain new legislation. So in other words, as long as you’re not playing from the blue, red and white America, you’re pretty much set.

Although you’ll get to play casino games at Pokerstars as well, the casino is most well-known for its poker room – you probably already figured that out from the name. The poker room often arranges tournaments, and they offer sit-and-go tournaments for all levels constantly.

Pokerstars’ software is at the top of its game (no pun intended). Playing is fast, reliable and software works flawlessly also in multi table games. It also offers customization possibilities. The software on its own already puts Pokerstars among the best of the best.

There is one little minus, though. The level of the players varies a lot. So if you wander off to a wrong table, you might meet some pretty heavy players. Especially beginners should make sure, that they stay in the tables meant for beginners, until they’re ready to move up.

Pokerstarts offers a nice welcome bonus to their new players. When you make your first deposit using a bonus code STAR600, you’ll get 100% bonus up to 600 dollars. You may make up to 3 deposits within 60 days to take a full advantage of this bonus. However, if you opt out and choose to use the code THIRTY, you’ll get 30 dollars free money.

Pokerstars is a wonderful choice for any poker player out there, as there are not many complaints to say about this poker room.  


Redbet is another casino, that has been around for quite a while. It was founded in 2002, and in 2012 it was elected as the best online casino. This fun, red casino is owned by Redbet Gaming, which again is owned by Bonnier Gaming. Under the roof of this huge company, you can see many poker masters in the poker industry, such as  Whitebet and Total Poker. This alone tells a lot about Redbet’s trustworthiness and reliability.

Redbet offers a vast variety of different games, changing from betting to live betting, superlive, casino games and of course, poker. Games are flawless and smooth, and a pleasure to play.

Redbet’s bonus is a pretty generous one. The new players can snatch up to $2500 free money. The smallest bonus is $10 with a $10 deposit. And the biggest one is 500%/$2500.


888 is one of the oldest casinos on the market, as it has been around for 15 years already. Although you’ll get to play casino games at 888, you’ll also come across a lovely poker room. You should take into account, that 888 markets their poker room as Pacific Poker, so don’t be surprised, if you find yourself under a poker room with such a name.

Many poker rooms out there belong in a poker network, that shares players. 888, however, has a completely independent network. This network consists of only the players that play at 888. This can be a good and a bad thing. The good thing is that levels stay the same. So you don’t have to be afraid of meeting some super heavy hitters. But, on the other hand, you’ll never get better, if you don’t meet better players. Also, the tables don’t always necessarily get full.

888 is known for their great softwares and amazing promotions. The poker room is modern, and it offers fun features, such as better layout, search option, 3D graphics and multi table games.

888 offers 100% bonus up to 400 dollars as their first deposit bonus. A wonderful bonus here, too!

All these 3 poker rooms are a great choice, if you wish to play poker and better your skills. The rooms are suitable for beginners as well, although beginners should stay in the beginner tables, until they’re ready to move up. These casinos are excellent all-in-one casinos, so if you get bored playing casino games, step into the poker room for a bit. Or the other way round.

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

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