Regardless of his advanced age, Casino Professor is always on top of things. Professor updates not only his reviews, but also his own site whenever needed, so players won’t miss out on anything. This time, the updates sites are Professor’s own deposit bonus and free spins pages.

Free spins updated – take a look!

On the page that tells about free spins, Casino Professor lists casinos by the free spins they offer. This page is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of free spins. And otherwise too, because who doesn’t love playing for free?

On this page, Casino Professor covers free spins that are offered without a deposit, as well as spins that you’ll get together with a deposit as a deposit bonus. Free spins are a great way to try out a casino without having to risk your own money. And of course, free spins are always welcomed. This old gentleman encourages you to check out wagering requirements too (because if there are bonuses of any kind, you’ll have to play by the rules – or wagering requirements). If you don’t know what wagering requirements are, see what Professor has to say about them here!

Deposit bonuses won’t leave you hanging

Casino Professor will happily tell players about different kind of deposit bonuses, and why wouldn’t he, as deposit bonuses are a great reason to join a casino. Deposit bonuses work as a nice carrot for players, who are looking for a new online casino to join and call their home. Deposit bonuses can include free bonus money or free spins, or even both!

Casino Professor explains how deposit bonuses work, should you take an advantage of the bonuses and how to choose the right bonus. Professor adds new casinos and updates old bonuses whenever needed. So, if you’re looking for a new casino or would like to try deposit bonuses, learn more here!

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

Casino Professor, or just Prof among friends, is an older guy with a knack on online casinos. Among gracefully ageing reviewing online casinos has become his life mission.