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Bonus terms. You can never just take off and run for the hills, no matter how hard you try. They’ll follow you. Bonuses are not a way for a casino to practice charity – hence the bonus terms. Some casinos have made their bonus terms a bit more laid back than others. This time Casino Professor takes a good close look at Mega Casino and its bonus terms.

Mega Casino

Mega Casino was founded in 2010 and it’s under a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Mega Casino’s bold and dark website is definitely worth its ambitious name. The site is simple and easy to navigate.

The fancy online casino offers a bit over 200 games that include slots, video slots, card games and table games. The usability is good, and this has been made sure by Prime Gaming – their casino platform.

When it comes to payments, let’s mention that they accept the most popular options for deposits as well as withdrawals. Credit cards and e-wallets will take you far. Also, Mega Casino has put their best foot forward in regards of withdrawals, as they are processed and paid fairly quickly.

Mega Casino offers a very nice first deposit bonus for their newbies. They offer bonus money as well as fun free spins. The traditional bonus is 100% bonus up to 50 euros, plus 25 free spins on Ninja Master slot top it off. Although this bonus isn’t the biggest one on the market, it’ll give you a swift kick that’ll help you get started. Remember, that a bigger bonus isn’t always the best option, as you have to take the wagering requirements into account. Sometimes a smaller bonus may be the way to go. Oh, and remember to use the bonus code MEGA when redeeming your bonus.

Bonus terms under Casino Professor’s eye

As everyone who has ever played at an online casino knows, no smoke without fire – or bonus withour bonus terms. Bonus terms are a way for the casino to make sure that no one takes an advantage of them, and that all players play by the rules. No pun intended.

All casinos have the following basic rules:

  • You can redeem only one bonus per player, household or computer
  • Bonus money must be wagered before withdrawal
  • They tolerate no fraud whatsoever
  • You must register with correct information, as otherwise you may not be able to withdraw your winnings.

These are the 4 corner stones of any bonus terms pretty much at any casino. In addition to this, every casino has their own rules that vary by the casino.

Mega Casino wants you to wager your bonus money 30 times before withdrawals. Also, all winnings from free spins must be wagered 30 times. Maximum bet is 5 euros or 10% of the bonus amount, whichever is smaller (if you deposited with an e-wallet, maximum bet is 1 euro). We must say, that a wagering requirement of 30 times very doable, at least when we compare it to some other casinos that might ask you to wager even a whopping 50 times or more.

And speaking of wagering, not all games wager the same percentage. All GVG slots and scratch offs wager 100%, and all other slots 50%. Any other game wagers only 10%. In other words, don’t get excited and think you can wager everything on card games and beat the house edge – you’ll just have to wager even more. Might be a better idea to stay with the slots.

Many casinos have multiple restricted countries, at least bonus-wise if not in general. Mega Casino only restricts players from Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia from redeeming bonuses.

When you take a look at the bonus terms at Mega Casino’s website, your first reaction might be a big gasp. There’s so much text that it gets us weak in the knees, and not in a good way. You shouldn’t get scared though, as even though there’s a lot to read, most of it is normal stuff that you don’t need to sacrifice another thought for. As long as you know how many times to wager your bonus and free spins, you’re in the clear.

However, it’s always recommended to read through all bonus terms before redeeming your bonus just in case, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into.

Casino Professor

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