A 200 casino bonus on slots and games is very popular, but it actually means two things. On one hand, the player gets 200% of what they deposit as a bonus. On the other, the player receives up to £200 as extra bonus money. To ensure you pick the right one, it’s important to know the difference. Below we’ll explain how the 200% deposit bonus and the £200 deposit bonus work. But first, here’s a list of casinos with these promotions.

200 casino bonus UK list

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    200 deposit bonus

    A 200 deposit bonus in UK means the casino will give you up to £200 in extra money to use on slots.

    For example, consider 100% up to £200. This means the casino will give match whatever you deposit as extra money, up to the maximum amount of £200. Therefore, if you put down £100 then you will be given £100 extra money. If you put down £250 then you will get £200 in extra money, as that’s the maximum that’s available.

    These bonuses can require you to make large deposits to get the full amount. Like in the above example, you’d have to deposit £200 yourself to get the £200 casino bonus.

    Of course, if you do opt for a 200 pound deposit bonus then you’ll have plenty of extra money to use on slots and games. Just be wary of the wagering requirements and make sure to check the terms and conditions before you start.

    200% deposit bonus

    A 200% deposit bonus in UK means that the casino will give you extra money worth double what you deposit up the maximum amount.

    For example, consider 200% up to £100. The casino will give you extra bonus money that’s worth double what you deposit. Therefore, if you put down £50 then you will be given £100 in extra money. If you put down £100 or over then you will still get £100 extra money, as that’s the max cap.

    As you can see, the 200% option doesn’t always require you to put down a large amount of your own cash. However, it may affect the wagering requirements which can be found under the terms and conditions.

    200 welcome bonus slots

    No matter if you go for a 200% casino bonus or a £200 casino bonus, it will still be classed as a 200 welcome bonus for slots. That’s because you can use the extra money you get when signing up as a new player to play slots.

    The advantage of this is that you’re able to try out a whole range of different slots and games without using any of your own money. You can use this period to better understand each game’s rules and how they work.

    Just remember that different slots have different contributions to the wagering. Games like blackjack, for example, often only contribute half (50%) at most casinos. You can find these contributions at each casino.


    It’s either a £200 bonus or a 200% bonus. The former gives you £200 in extra money, while the latter gives you 200% of what you deposit in extra money.[/toggle

    It depends. 200% can typically be activated by smaller deposits, but £200 will often give you more to play with.

    We’ve compiled a list of top casinos for both categories here, so you can take your pick.