A 100 deposit bonus at a casino can mean two things. It’s either a £100 deposit bonus (where the player gets up to £100 of extra money to play with) or a 100% deposit bonus (where the player’s deposit is matched with extra money). It’s good to know what the difference is between these two casino bonuses so you can choose your preferred offer. We’ll explain the difference here – after our list of the best 100 deposit bonus offers first.

100 deposit bonus casino list

    100 deposit bonus UK

    In the case of a 100% deposit bonus, this means whatever you deposit will be matched in full – up to the maximum amount.

    For example, consider 100% up to £25. Whatever you deposit will be matched in full, up to a maximum of £25. Therefore, if you put down £25 then you would get £25 in extra money. However, if you put down £100 then you would still only get £25 as that’s the maximum extra money available.

    Therefore, you need to consider both types of 100 deposit bonus in order to activate the ones you want.

    £100 deposit bonus

    There are lots of casinos that give new players a £100 deposit bonus. This means they’ll give you up to £100 in extra money to use.

    For example, consider 200% up to £100. Whatever you deposit will be doubled in bonus money, up to a maximum of £100. Therefore, if you put down £50 then you would get £100 extra money. However, if you put down £100 then you will still get £100 in extra money, as that’s the maximum.

    Once you’ve activated a 100 pound deposit bonus, you’ll be given that extra money to play casino games with. Nevertheless, players should always take caution and read the terms and conditions of any offer before committing.

    100 matched casino bonus UK

    When you combine both then you get a 100 matched casino bonus. This is written as 100% up to £100. UK players are able to get that at one of the above sites.

    The 100 match deposit bonus means that whatever you deposit will also be given to you as bonus money. It will be matched. This is only up to 100 pounds though, as that’s the limit. Here are some examples:

    • Deposit £50: Get a match of £50 bonus money
    • Deposit £100: Get a match of £100 bonus money
    • Deposit £150: Get only £100 bonus money as that’s the limit

    100 slots bonus

    Whether you chose 100% or £100, you’ll almost always be able to use it as a 100 slots bonus. A slots bonus gives you extra money to play slots with. Again, you just need to consider which of the two you prefer.

    With a bonus like this, you can play loads of different slot games, usually everything in the casino’s game library. This is a great perk because it affords you the chance to try lots of different games.

    The key to remember, however, is the wagering requirements. These require you to bet the 100 slots bonus multiple times before you can cash out any winnings.

    Also, certain games contribute differently to satisfying the wagering requirements. For example, slot A may contribute 100% whereas slot B only contributes 50%. A £1 bet on slot A would mean the full £1 being contributed. However, a £1 bet on slot B would only see £0.50 contributed to the wagering. You can find out the game contributions on the casino’s site.


    It will either be a 100% match bonus up to a specified maximum, e.g. 100% up to £50, or it will be a £100 extra money bonus, e.g. 200% up to £100.
    That depends on how much you want to play with. The 100% option gives you the chance to deposit smaller sums of money. The £100 option is usually only activated in full by large deposits.
    It comes down to players’ preferences. On this page, we’ve compiled all of our personal favourite 100 welcome bonus casinos.