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Last updated: June 28, 2018

Betzest, huh? This is one of those rare cases where the Casino Professor will be talking about a casino that has not yet been released. However, he’s been in the business long enough to have made some connections. He hears about stuff before it’s released—that’s one of the good things about being the Casino Professor. He hears the rumours and he hears the murmurs.

Still, even the Casino Professor doesn’t know everything. A lot of the stuff we are talking about here is the result of him looking into his crystal ball and predicting how things will turn out. Just take it with a grain of salt and you will be okay.

Betzest Casino Bonus

Betzest’s welcome offer and casino campaigns and bonuses are still pretty much shrouded in mystery. We aren’t yet sure about anything, but the Professor did hear that Betzest is going to feature some sort of gamification on their site. If you don’t know what gamification is, let us tell you. It’s a bit like casino games and video games put together. You will be experiencing interesting role-playing-game like elements and stories that perhaps involve things like dragons and fantasy creatures. Truth be told, though, we do not yet know anything about how Betzest’s gamification story is going to turn out, so it’s still mere speculation.

Great welcome bonus

There is no telling what kind of a welcome bonus Betzest will come up with. Still, if casino offers as of late are any indication, we could be looking at something like this:

  1. Deposit: 100% and up to €200 + 100 free spins
  2. Deposit: 50% and up to €100
  3. Deposit: 100% and up to €200

What we have described here is pretty much your standard offering nowadays. The first deposit will probably be the best one with a bunch of free spins thrown in the mix. Then, the second bonus is traditionally a little bit lower. Lastly, the final deposit bonus will pick up the speed again to make you want to hang around long enough to want to enjoy it. This is mere speculation at this point, but this is how it often goes.

100 Free Spins

Again, we have no idea if Betzest is going to gift us with free spins, but it is surely a possibility. A lot of online casinos seem to have given up on free spins, but there are still quite a few out there who want to give you all sorts of swag to make you feel like the deals really are worth getting. Who knows—Betzest might even be giving you some no deposit free spins to seal the deal!

Bonus Code

Bonus codes seem to be things of the past, although there are still some casinos that have them.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

There aren’t many casinos that don’t have wagering requirements in place. Thus, we expect Betzest to come at you with something like a 35x playthrough. The rollovers nowadays seem a bit high, but you never know what new casinos will do. Still, it would be naïve to think that they would have anything lower than this.


The most important payment methods today include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Skrill. Of course, you can expect to see the good-old bank transfer here as well. We would bet that at least these methods were made available by the Betzest management.

Mobile Casino

Mobile casinos are a thing of the present as well as the future. We have no doubt that Betzest will have a great mobile offering as it would really be like throwing away money to not put effort into something that is this popular these days.

Security and Safety

We have said before that there aren’t many casinos with two licenses. Well, there are even less casinos with three, but Betzest has already told us that they are one of these rare jewels. The licenses are from the UK, Malta and Curacao. This really sounds brilliant and, above all, safe and secure.

Restricted Countries

We have no idea about the restricted countries as of yet, but we doubt that Betzest will be accepting players from countries whose laws prohibit gambling altogether.

Betzest experiences

Again, the Professor doesn’t really have any real-life experiences with Betzest yet. Only time will tell whether they will hit it out of the park or be just another online casino out there—or even worse. Still, we do believe that they are going to be something special, because we already know that they are going to focus on gamification and have gotten themselves three licenses. They certainly don’t seem like your average, run-of-the-mill casino in this regard, so why would they elsewhere either?

Stay tuned for more detailed information coming soon!

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

Casino Professor, or just Prof among friends, is an older guy with a knack on online casinos. Among gracefully ageing reviewing online casinos has become his life mission.

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