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Progressive Jackpots UK

Winning the top prize of a progressive jackpot can be like winning the lottery. One spin has won a handful of players millions of pounds. These occasions are very rare and only happen to very lucky players. But progressive jackpots continue to be very popular. Here we look at UK casinos that have these games, how you can play progressive jackpots for free, and answer a few more questions about how they work.

UK casinos with progressive jackpots

    Progressive jackpots UK

    Pretty much every site on our UK online casinos list has at least some progressive jackpots. They’re a big hit with UK players so casinos would be missing a big trick by not having them available.

    But with so many options, we selected the above list of top UK casinos with progressive jackpots for you to choose from.

    Our list was based on several criteria, such as:

    • Several progressive jackpots to choose from
    • Huge winnings for the top prize
    • Included within our top 20 online casinos UK to guarantee quality

    Play progressive jackpots for free UK

    Being able to play progressive jackpots for free in the UK is not common at all. Casinos don’t usually give out bonuses for these games – but we’ve found a way you can try to generate one.

    1. Join a casino with free spins no deposit no wagering
    2. Use these free spins to play the eligible slots
    3. Anything you win will be paid as cash
    4. Use this to play progressive jackpots for free

    Of course, you do need to be lucky to win while playing the slots. There is a chance you could win nothing at all. So you just need to see what happens and hope to win something.

    If you win quite a bit, you could even decide to just withdraw that and not play on. It’s up to you.

    Progressive jackpot slots

    JackpotDeveloperRTPBiggest win
    Mega Moolah Microgaming 88.12% £16m
    Mega Fortune NetEnt 96% £15m
    Mega Fortune Dreams NetEnt 95.6% £4.6m
    Hall of Gods NetEnt 95.3% £6.6m
    Arabian Nights NetEnt 96.25% £7.2m

    We’ve listed some of the most popular progressive jackpots and their biggest wins in the table above. Most of them are available at the sites listed above.

    As you can see, the wins can be life-changing. Most jackpots are into the millions of pounds.

    Of course, the chance of winning the top prize is very, very low. But it’s also possible to win smaller jackpots.

    What is a progressive jackpot?

    A progressive jackpot is when the prize money continues to increase with every bet that’s made until someone wins it. This is instead of a static jackpot, where the prize money remains the same no matter how long it takes for someone to win.

    The big progressive jackpots manage to increase their top prizes to such high amounts because they are available at multiple casinos, not just one or two. Every time a player plays the game, a percentage of their bet is added to the prize money. So because it’s available at several sites, the top prize shoots up into the millions.

    How often do progressive jackpots hit?

    Some progressive jackpots create a millionaire when they are won.

    So this alone should tell you that they are not hit very frequently. At least the top prize is not hit very frequently. Certainly nowhere near as often as winning on a normal slot.

    As they are games of chance, it’s impossible to say when a progressive jackpot will be hit. But on average, the top prizes of the most popular games are often hit every few months by one lucky winner.

    How are progressive jackpots paid?

    Usually, when you win, the casino will pay you. But that’s not necessarily the case here.

    With large progressive jackpots that are available on multiple sites, it is usually the game provider which keeps hold of the money. So they will payout the funds to the lucky winner.

    Of course, the payout process is a little different. You don’t just select to withdraw and chose your preferred payment method.

    Instead, the game provider will get in contact with you directly. The transaction will then likely be done using a bank account, once the win has been fully verified.