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Huge Casino Bonus: Find offers of 200% & £200 or above!

If you’re looking for a huge casino bonus then you’ve come to the right place. With literally hundreds of online casino bonuses to choose between, the Professor thought he’d make it easier for those on the hunt for a big bonus by collecting all of them in one place.

But what constitutes a huge casino bonus in his book? On this page, you will only find deals that start from 200% or £200 to guarantee a sizeable boost. However, some will go much further than this – skyrocketing to £300, £400 or even £500! Let’s take you through them – or you can head straight to your preferred choice.

200 Casino Bonus – Percent & Pounds (£)

The most common huge casino bonus in the Professor’s mind is 200. This can either be a percentage or the maximum cap of extra funds – with both options catered for. Of course, they’re not the biggest packages ever seen – but they will give you more than others.

200 Percent

We’ll start with 200% first, and there are several prominent UK casino sites lining up to triple your first payment. Yep, rather than simply double, whatever you decide will be multiplied by 3 up to a certain cap.

This means you can make smaller deposits to get the same amount of overall funds as you would from a standard 100-150% offer. Just make sure to calculate your wagering requirements!

£200 Deposit Bonus

The alternative is a £200 slots bonus which gives you the additional funds to spin your favourite games with.

To be honest, narrowing this down to just one was difficult for the Prof, as there are a host of other £200 packages. He decided to go with Videoslots – but for more options, you can view all our casino sites and use the tools provided to filter to £200 offers.

300 Deposit Bonus (£)

Yet, there was no such dilemma about £300 – with Casumo happily filling the void. This adventure-themed platform is one of the Professor’s all-time favourites – with Casumo even making it into the old timer’s top 20 online casinos UK. Some feat!

Truth be told, there are very few sites that can even warrant being mentioned alongside Casumo due to their class. And guess what!? They even have no deposit free spins to get you started before the 300 deposit bonus for the UK kicks in…

400 Casino Bonus UK

The shackles are completely off with this one, as you can boost your coffers significantly for more slots and games entertainment.

Of course, you always need to keep an eye out for the percentage – as 25% up to £400, for example, could be particularly costly. However, the Professor’s chosen £400 promotion for UK players is matched 100% – and it also happens to be another of his exclusive casino promotions

£500 First Deposit Bonus

Incredibly, there are also a few sites that offer a crazily huge casino bonus of up to £500!

Please note, this offer is particularly rare, with only a handful of platforms willing to offer so much. Fun Casino is one of them – okay it’s not quite £500, but at £499 it’s basically the same. What’s more, you get two of them!

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

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