Credit Card Casino UK – Do gambling sites accept credit cards in UK?

Credit Card Casino UK

It’s no longer possible to find a credit card casino UK that’s operating legally. The UK Gambling Commission banned the use of credit cards at online casinos in April 2020, with all legally licenced operators immediately stopping these payments.

In this article, we will look at the decision to ban online casinos that accept credit card and how this ban actually works. We’ll also look at what this ban affects – which is pretty much all online gambling. Let’s take a look.

Online casinos that accept credit cards UK

In January 2020, the BBC reported that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) would soon stop players from gambling using credit cards. On April 14th 2020, the UKGC confirmed that the ban was now in effect – making it illegal for all gambling outlets to allow players to use credit cards.

Before the ban, players in the UK were able to gamble using a credit card relatively easily. A player could place bets, spin slots, buy lottery tickets, and gamble for real money just like any other payment method.

However, the problem was clear – credit cards use money that the player doesn’t have. Instead, it is money loaned to the player from their bank or another lender. You are required to pay this money back, with interest being charged for late payments.

The Gambling Commission found that 22% of online credit card users were problem gamblers. Other evidence also suggested that gamblers were more likely to chase losses when using a credit card, which is one of the signs of problem gambling (Responsible Gambling). Therefore, they decided to act by banning the use of credit cards at UK casinos outright.

The ban on credit cards applies to both direct and indirect deposits. So you can’t directly input your credit card details into a casino’s Cashier page to make a deposit. The casino will know immediately that the card is of credit and will explain that these are now no longer allowed.

Also, you cannot indirectly deposit by topping up another payment method with credit either. For example, if you add funds to an e-wallet account using a credit card, you can’t then use this money to make a deposit at a casino. That’s because the UKGC has made it a requirement for e-wallets and similar services to prevent credit card gambling too.

Online slots that accept credit cards UK

Of course, this ban extends to all forms of online gambling. Therefore, online slots that accept credit cards in UK have also been banned.

It is not possible for you to play slots – or any other gambling game – with money deposited using a credit card. Again, this also extends to money deposited via a credit card to an e-wallet.

No legit slot site will allow it.

Gambling sites that accept credit cards UK

To be clear, this doesn’t just apply to online casinos or slot sites. All gambling sites that accept credit cards in UK have been banned.

So that’s casinos, bookmakers, bingo sites, poker rooms and everything else that accepts real money gambling. In fact, it is illegal to use a credit card for all land-based gambling too.

Again, this is all done to enhance player protection. The ban stops people from gambling with money that is not theirs, which they may not be able to pay back.

The only exception is certain types of lottery tickets that are bought at supermarkets and shops. These can be bought using a credit card as long as the customer is buying other products as well. The UKGC does say that extra protection should be provided by credit card lotteries for vulnerable people.

Credit cards that work for online gambling

Unfortunately, there are some rogue online gambling sites that accept credit card payments. None of these are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission so are operating illegally.

We strongly recommend avoiding them altogether.

They are deliberately trying to circumvent protections for players – alongside casinos not on Gamstop.

All UK sites on Casino Professor have a licence. However, we don’t have the complete list. So to find out if any site has a UK licence, you can check the UKGC’s Register of Gambling Businesses.

You can search for the name of the casino or the parent company to try and bring up a matching result. If one appears, you can get a detailed breakdown of their licence – including any recorded sanctions. If a match does not appear (and you cannot find a link to a UK licence on the casino’s website), it is likely that they are unlicensed and should be avoided.