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Welcome Bonus - Professor explains it

The welcome bonus is the most common bonus offer that online casinos and other online businesses promote. Like the name already suggests, it is targeted towards the new players/customers.

Usually, the offers between online casinos are presented in a somewhat similar manner, but there are quite a lot of other things hidden behind the terms and conditions that make the similar looking bonuses quite different from each other. Because of this, comparing bonuses solely on numbers pretty difficult.

Sometimes large numbers can be deceiving and once you take a closer look, you notice that the full bonus cannot be actually claimed with a single deposit. In these cases, the casino promotion is more like a welcome package instead of being a welcome bonus and with the additional deposits, the available bonus money slowly decreases. This may leave the player to wonder whether to make an additional deposit or go on the hunt for a new casino and start fresh.

Casino Welcome Bonus at Casino Professor

Casino welcome bonus without deposit

This is a term that is rarely used since the welcome bonus without a deposit is commonly referred as a signup or registration bonus. Create an account and the promotion is available. Basically, you give your information to the online casino and in return you get something to play with. However, it is not all online casinos that have these types of promotions and with these types of promotions it is relatively hard to hit big. Of course, it is impossible though extremely difficult.

Best casino welcome bonus

It would be simple to say just one casino here, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case since there really isn’t a one for all solution when it comes to welcome bonus. Since when the bonus amount goes up, the small print gets longer. Meaning that to actually turn that bonus money into real money gets harder. Also, you should consider what are the games you preferably play and how long-term are you planning on playing. All games don’t wager equally towards the wagering requirements and bigger bonuses also take longer to wager.

Best welcome bonus – online slots

Online slots welcome bonus is in most cases the best bonus available. That is compared to table games and video poker. Therefore for people who look to play solely slots, picking up the welcome bonus is easier compared to people who want to play for example table games. This is due to the fact that the online slots usually wager 100% towards the wagering requirements. The amount that you have to bet to turn bonus money into real money. However there are few things that you should also take into consideration when choosing the welcome bonus for online slots. Heres four:

  1. Can you play all slot games
  2. Wagering requirements
  3. Minimum and maximum bets
  4. Casino reputation

Accepted games

While most casinos allow players to play all online slots in their bonus rules, some don’t. Some have specifically mentioned in their terms and conditions that some slots aren’t accepted in wagering the welcome bonus. It can be either one or two machines, but commonly it is all slots from certain software providers. Let’s take LaFiesta casino as an example. They offer a hefty 400% welcome bonus, but you cannot play NetEnt games when wagering the bonus. So if Starburst is your game, LaFiesta isn’t necessarily the best welcome bonus casino for you, and neither is the highest welcome bonus casino either if you cannot play your favorite games.

Wagering requirements

While wagering requirements may sound simple, there are few things to keep an eye before making the decision. Both casinos may have the wagering requirement of 25-times. However on the other casino where the wagering is for both bonus and deposit making the actual wagering 50-times on a typical match bonus (100%) compared to the other casino where the wagering was only for the bonus money.

Video slots commonly wager 100% towards the wagering requirements for the most parts, but there are of course always some differences between online casinos. However some specific slot machines may have slightly lower wagering than 100%, but usually still better than videopoker or table games for example. Of course with this as well, there are differences between casinos and some slots may not be counted towards the requirements.

More on wagering requirements

Minimum and maximum bets

Enjoy betting big? If this is the case you should always check what is the maximum allowed bet in the bonus terms. Usually there is a maximum bet that is counted towards the wagering. This means that if the maximum bet would say €5, bets higher than that aren’t wagered towards the wagering requirements.

Casino reputation

While casino reputation was last on the list, it is most certainly now the least. Online gambling is sure legal and there is nothing wrong to gamble a buck or two every now and then, but in the deep world of internet, there are some shady ones available as well. Luckily there are few things that you can keep an eye when deciding whether to actually make the real money deposit. Things such as the license for example either gives credibility to the casino or takes it away. License within the European Union is a thumbs up for the casino, especially UK license is quite hard to get unless you have a solid track record. And needless to say, a casino without a license is a huge red flag.

Also having one license does not mean that the online casino can offer services to all. For example, if you are from the UK and live in the UK, you might want to consider whether to play on a casino that doesn’t have a license from the Gambling Commission, though they might welcome you to play. Since by law, remote operators need to have a license from the Gambling Commission, if they want to advertise and offers services in the UK. If the operator doesn’t care about following this regulation, they might cut corners elsewhere as well.

While gaming license might be the most obvious one to look, there are other factors that are helpful in determining the reputation. One of these is payments, and especially one payment, PayPal. Though it once was the leader in transactions related to online gambling, today it isn’t. PayPal is actually very picky when it comes to selecting with whom they choose to cooperate with.

Welcome bonus – other games

If playing online slots isn’t your thing when it comes to online gambling, you are out of luck and need to consider whether even accept the bonus. While live casino online for sure is close as it gets to a real casino experience, the bonuses for table games aren’t as great as the experience. Usually table games have way lower wagering towards the wagering requirements. Where online slots are usually an even 100%, table games lucky to even get out of the muck. If you are just looking for a quick live session perhaps leave the bonus for another time and just play on one of the casinos you already have an account or simply don’t accept the welcome bonus. However, if you are planning to play for long term, you might as well give it ago and see, if you can turn the bonus money into actual money in other games online slots.

Why all the rules?

The same old story still stands, casinos are business and in it to make money. Also due to bonus abusers, casinos have been forced to tighten their terms and conditions. Of course, not all players are bonus abusers and for the most players, more favorable terms would still be ok from casino’s point. However, some advanced players could figure out a way to hack them and exploit the bonus.

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