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Finding the best online casino first deposit bonus may sometimes be rather difficult as there are so many options to choose from. So what are the things to keep an eye on when choosing the best first deposit bonus?

Jackpot and casino Rizk

Eligible games

Since Casino Professor is a keen slot player most of his bonuses are ideal for people looking for an online casino bonus for slots. Usually, if not always, slots are always among the eligible games and therefore slot players have it easy. Players who enjoy the live games and table games such as roulette or blackjack the situation is a bit different. While these games are usually among the eligible games their wagering towards the bonus is often less than in slots.

For example. Every euro betted in slot machine counts 100% towards the wagering, but every betted euro in blackjack only counts as 50% (50 cents) towards the wagering.

Information about the wagering requirements.

First Deposit Bonus

It is also important to take a look at what type of bonus you are about to choose as there are different types of bonuses. The key difference between the bonuses is usually the fine print in the terms and conditions what eventually defines whether the bonus is suitable for you or not.

Free Spins bonus vs. Cash Bonus

Commonly the bonuses given among real money deposits are cash bonuses, but some casinos offer free spins deposit bonus. Compared to the cash bonus, free spins bonus is a bit different as free spins aren’t cash, just a method to potentially gain some. Therefore the wagering is also different as with free spins the wagering is for potential winnings and not the free spins itself. But because the free spins aren’t directly transferable to money some casinos offer them without any wagering requirements. If you don’t want to worry about wagering requirements, finding a free spins deposit bonus without any wagering requirements might be the best one to go with.

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Casino Professor explains about forfeitable bonus

Forfeitable bonus

Forfeitable bonus, as the name suggests, is a bonus that player can forfeit. How this works in practice is very simple. Let’s say that you make a €400 deposit and get €400 deposit bonus, a typical 100% match bonus. €400 is your own money and €400 bonus money. You start playing your favorite slot game and happen to hit to jackpot within 15 minutes of playing and would like to cash out your winnings. With forfeitable bonuses, you start playing bonus money after the real money runs out and can before you have started to use the bonus money you have the option to forfeit your bonus.

Casinos that offer forfeitable bonus

Correct amount

Sometimes you may not be able to take the full benefit of a deposit bonus if the bonus is very large. In these cases, it is worth considering whether to save the bonus for later and choose something else for now. While casinos often offer several bonuses after the first deposit bonus, it is usually the first deposit bonus that has the best value for the player. And first deposit bonus can be only claimed once.

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I sincerely hope that this article has provided you useful information when looking for the best first deposit bonus and that with this, you may just find the best bonus for you.

Discussing with other players will help too.

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