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Twin Spin

Twin Spin has the classic casino bars and cherries rolling around the screen accompanied with elevator music and few classical slot game sound effects. For older players, like the Casino Professor, this game brings out the good old times with the basic machines, that were not hard to understand.

Thought game looks very simple at first glance, it has some speciality in it. The name Twin Spin comes from identical twins, that may give the player a chance to win more than normal, classical slot games. The game has actually five reels and three rows with total of 243 winning lines.

Twin Spin is yet another casino game from NetEnt, the popular slot game manufacturer. This guarentees, that the quality of the game is top notch.

Special Game Features

Twin Spin does not include jackpots, bonus boxes, or free spins – in this respect, it respects the classic slot machine’s operating formula. It replaces the Twin Reel function, which in practice means that the two reels are glued together.
Each Twin Spin Tour starts with two identical reels that are linked together side by side. When the spin starts, twin disks can expand into three, four or even five reel-sized concatenations. This naturally always means bigger and bigger profits.

Idyllic twin disks may appear side by side at the beginning of each spin on any reel.

Gains and Return Rate in Twin Spin

As a result of the double disc, the game does not have completely traditional paylines. Nevertheless, there are a total of 243 winning ways available. The minimum bet is € 0.25 and the maximum bet € 125.

From Twin Spins it is possible to win up to 270,000 coins and the maximum win is worth 135,000 euros. The most precious symbol is a diamond – if it appears on the payline five times, it results in a 1000-fold stake win. Next, the most precious symbol is a standstill, and five bits of them means a 500-fold gain. The Wild Symbol wild symbol can replace any symbol in Twin Spin, as there are no scattered or unusual frills in the game.

The return rate is 96.6. The reading is therefore a good average grade.


Twin Spin does not charm with complicated animations or amazing graphics. There is also no element of extra tension and variation, such as free spins or bonuses, on the game. The only specialty is the double roll feature, which is, on the other hand, a rather rare specialty.

Like most of NetEnt’s most popular and latest games, Twin Spin is also available as a mobile version. NetEnt’s Touch games are optimized to work smoothly from small cell phone displays and are easy to play with different tablets.

Mobile versions play in the same way as computer-played versions, but for example some buttons may have been placed differently to improve usability. In addition, you can start spins with swipe and other intelligent features, instead of clicking traditional buttons.

Touch games work on all the most common operating systems, so you can play them on iPhones and iPads, Android devices, and Windows-based mobile devices.

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

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