Samsung Pay Casino UK – Do casinos that accept Samsung Pay exist?

Samsung Pay Casino UK

Although a Samsung Pay casino UK is possible, very few actually exist. That’s not because this service is dodgy or unreliable. Instead it’s likely due to the low numbers of people using it compared with similar payment methods.

In this article, we’ll explain our thoughts on why there are so few UK online casinos that accept Samsung Pay. We’ll also provide you with a variety of alternative payment methods that you can consider instead.

Samsung Pay Casinos UK – Do they exist?

The number of Samsung Pay Casinos UK is incredibly small. We don’t have any within our UK online casinos list, and you’ll find it very difficult to find any anywhere.

Why is it so difficult to find a Samsung Pay casino UK?

We can’t speak for each casino on why they don’t accept this payment method. But we have a pretty good idea.

It’s most likely that UK casinos don’t consider Samsung Pay due to the low number of people that actually use it. Especially compared with other similar payment methods. As reported by Statcounter, Samsung’s market share in the UK has been around 0.5% for a long time. This is very low compared with Apple and Android, whose market share is around 50% each.

As Samsung Pay is predominantly used by people with a Samsung device, this suggests that the number of people using this payment method is very low compared with other methods. So online casinos in the UK probably don’t think it’s worthwhile to offer it, as very few players will actually use it.

Is it legit?

Crucially, there’s no suggestion that Samsung Pay is anything other than totally legit and not a scam. For starters, it’s owned by Samsung which is a worldwide brand listed on the stock exchange (Yahoo Finance).

In the sensitive world of payments, there’s no way that such an international brand would be able to develop a scam product and get away with it. And Samsung Pay has been operating for several years.

Samsung Pay casino alternatives

However, as very sites accept it, we’ve put together a few ideas for alternative Samsung Pay casino payment methods that you can consider using instead.

The two most obvious are Apple Pay Casinos UK if you have an iPhone/iPad, or Google Pay Casinos UK if you have Android devices. These work in a very similar way to Samsung Pay in that you add your bank card to your respective account. Payment can then be made at the checkout quickly and easily.

If you would prefer to pay by card manually, then there are a variety of options:

Alongside these, a PayPal casino is very popular with UK players.

So you should be able to use one of these methods to play.

Samsung Pay casinos not on Gamstop

One thing that’s very important is to avoid any casinos not on Gamstop.

These are unlicensed sites that operate in the UK. They do not provide the same player protections as gambling sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

So even if you find Samsung Pay casinos not on Gamstop, we strongly recommend that you do not play at them. Instead, only play at licensed UK casinos – even if you have to use a different payment method. All UK casinos listed on Casino Professor have a licence from the UKGC.