Roulette Casinos UK

Roulette casinos UK

There are loads of roulette casinos in the UK online. Players can spin the wheel using their mobile or computer to see if they can land a win.

But there’s a variety of different online roulette sites available. For example, there are different minimum bets, style of play, and even the possibility to get a no deposit roulette bonus. We explain all of those here.

Best online roulette sites UK

We think the casinos below are the best online roulette sites in the UK.

Rank Casino Best roulette feature
1 MrQ No deposit roulette bonus
2 Mr Green Roulette bonus
3 Casumo 20p roulette
4 NetBet 10p roulette
5 Penny roulette
6 LeoVegas 100 to 1 roulette

No deposit roulette bonus

No Deposit Bonus
10 FS + 6 Bingo tickets (no wager!)

First Deposit Bonus
EXCL: 20 Free Spins -- code: QUEEN20

It’s pretty difficult to find a UK casino offering a no deposit bonus for roulette. Pretty much all no deposit bonuses – like free spins – can only be used on slot games. Tables games are off limits.

However, it’s possible that you can try and generate a no deposit roulette bonus at MrQ. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up at MrQ for their free spins
  2. Play them and see if you win
  3. Anything you do win will be paid as cash
  4. You can then use this cash as a makeshift no deposit bonus to play roulette

This method isn’t guaranteed of course, as you might not win anything from the free spins.

But MrQ is one of the fairest casinos we know. They are a fully no wagering casino so anything you win there will always be paid as cash.

Roulette bonus

No Deposit Bonus
50 Free Spins

First Deposit Bonus

First deposit casino bonuses for new players often aren’t optimised for roulette games. That’s because you usually have to complete wagering requirements when using these bonuses. The problem is that playing slot games often contributes 100% to completing the wagering. But roulette games contribute much smaller amounts – like 10%. This effectively makes the wagering requirements 10 times harder for roulette players than slot players.

But luckily, Mr Green is one of the few casinos offering a dedicated roulette bonus. You can select an alternative welcome bonus for tables games when you go to sign up, which you can then use to play roulette.

20p roulette

No Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus
EXCL: 100% up to £100 + 20 Bonus Spins

We mentioned above that there’s a variety of roulette games that have different minimum bets. One of the most popular is 20p roulette which is available for UK players at Casumo.

This game lets you make bets as small as 20p to play. So you don’t have to bet lots of money.

However, 20p roulette minimum bets are usually only allowed on numbers. For example, you can place 20p on a specific number, or splitting between them. But you often can’t bet this small on anything with shorter odds – for example, red or black, odd or even, columns, and others. The minimum bet for these is usually a bit higher.

10p roulette

No Deposit Bonus
EXCL: 25 Free Spins -- code: SBXXXTREME

First Deposit Bonus
Up to 500 FS -- code: NBWELCOME500

If you want to bet even lower than 10p roulette is also available at NetBet.

As you’ve probably guessed, this allows you to place 10p bets on the numbers board. But again, you can’t bet this small on outcomes with lower odds.

The game will provide a paytable which tells you what the minimum bet is for each outcome. So you can decide what you want to put down when you’re there.

Penny roulette

No Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus
100% up to £100 + 200 FS

It is actually possible to play penny roulette at

This means you can bet 1p on roulette which is clearly a very small amount. Again, this is only available on the numbers. Higher minimum bets will be in place for other types of bets.

It’s pretty rare to find a game offering such a small bet amount. Even most slots don’t allow a penny to be placed on them. So this is a rare type of game.

100 to 1 roulette

No Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus
Up to £100 + Up to 50 FS

As roulette is very popular around the world, this has inevitably created spin-offs.

One of the most popular versions is 100 to 1 roulette which can be played by UK players on LeoVegas.

This game is a much larger version of the original. There are 100 numbers which you can bet on compared to the usual 37 or 38. This immediately lengthens the odds, so you will get more money if you win.

For example, the odds of winning on a European roulette board is 1 in 37. Whereas the odds of winning on this game is 1 in 100. So a £1 bet would win you £100. A £15 bet would win you £1500. And so on.

Roulette live

All of the sites listed above offer live roulette as well. This is when you connect to a video stream of a real live dealer who spins the wheel. You have your own virtual board where you can place bets. But you can interact with the dealer and other players while playing using a chatbox.

In some cases, you may even get roulette live bonuses which can only be used on these games.

Electronic roulette

Electronic roulette is the online version of the game that players are most familiar with. It’s a fully virtual version of roulette, with the table, wheel, and ball rendered digitally.

Therefore, there is no live stream and no actual dealer. So, you won’t have a friendly face calling out the bets and results, maybe even making a little bit of banter. You’ll just have the computer graphics wheel.

Android roulette

All casinos on this page can be played on mobile too. So Android roulette is readily available if you have this phone or tablet.

In most cases, you can use your device’s browser. So you can go to the website and load up the games as normal. However, some sites may ask that you download an app to play. Thankfully, these are not as common these days to save you space.

iPhone roulette

This is also the case for iPhone roulette. As the iPhone is the most popular mobile device in the UK, it’d be surprising if UK casinos didn’t allow it to be played.

Almost all UK casino will let you play roulette on your iPhone. And again you can often just use your Safari app or another browser. Dedicated apps are less common.

How to win roulette online

You can win at roulette in several ways:

  • Numbers: You place a bet on a number and it lands. You can also spread bets over multiple numbers to increase the chance of winning but for smaller odds.
  • Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low: Bet on the number being red or black, odd or even, or high (19-36) or low (1-18). If number 0 lands you win nothing.
  • Columns: Pick the column which you think the winning number will land. If number 0 lands you win nothing.

There are a few other ways to bet, but these are some of the most common.

Is online roulette rigged?

Roulette cannot be rigged at licenced online casinos. That’s because all games at licenced UK sites must be checked for fairness. We only have UK casinos with such a licence on Casino Professor, so you can guarantee a fair game.

Independent companies test the games to see if they’re fair. This means the online roulette cannot be rigged – but it doesn’t mean there isn’t a house edge.

Most games of chance have an advantage in favour of the casino. In the case of roulette, it’s the number 0. Some tables may have a double zero. We recommend only playing games with one zero.