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Scratch cards are the first touch to gambling for many people. You can buy scratch cards at a local deli for a few bucks, and there’s no need to go out to a casino to play.  These are the easiest of all games: no skill is needed, only luck! All you need to do is scratch card the silver surface and reveal different pictures and numbers.

Online scratch cards are no different. Sign up to an online casino, find a scratch card and scratch away! The only difference is that you don’t need a coin to scratch with – and you don’t need to go to a deli to buy a ticket!

Many casinos offer at least one of two scratch cards. Most casinos don’t offer too many of them though, so if you’re a fan of these scratchies, you have to find a casino that specializes in scratch cards.

Popular scratch card games

One of the most popular scratchies is Scratch 4 Diamonds. This game has a 1:2,53 chance of winning. You’ll get to scratch to reveal different images and numbers. Each ticket has 4 games. And the main prize is 250 000 euros.

Scratch 4 Emeralds is like the one above, but it’s green (like money!) and instead of Diamonds, you scratch for Emeralds. The chances of winning are 1:2,79 and the main prize 100 000 euros!

Scratch Ahoy is a pirate themed scratch-off, and you’ll scratch 9 boxes to reveal pictures. When you get 3 of the same image, you’ll get a multiplier which determines how much you won.

Medusa Scratch is like Scratch Ahoy, except you’ll scratch for the Medusa Goddess pictures. At Medusa Scratch, you can win up to 100 000 euros (if you bet 100 euros).

Best online casinos for scratch cards

Mr. play is an online casino with a whole section for scratch-offs. You’ll get to play popular scratch-offs as well as some of the little least known ones.  This new and wonderfully fun casino is licensed by Malta and definitely worth your trust.

Karamba is a casino, that has a fantastic bird leading you to the adventures. The casino has a section for some new and fun scratch-offs. This bird has snatched a license from Malta as well, so the new casino is definitely worth of your trust.

Play Fortuna is a cool all-in-one casino that offers a whole bunch of scratch-offs and other lottery games. Take a look and see for yourself! The casino has a license from Curacao eGaming.

Join a casino now and try them out! You might be pleasantly surprised!

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