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Casino Professor explains Gamification

Gamification is currently a very hot topic in the whole world and almost every business is trying to figure out ways to utilize it. Basically the idea behind gamification is to improve user engagement through a game like experience in a non-game related content. According to research, gamification has had positive results on individuals. Does gamification work?

As you may have guessed, the Professor is obviously interested gamification in online casinos (you are reading an article at Casino Professor), but there are also other businesses that can benefit from gamification, such as:

  • Education
  • Work
  • Marketing
  • Crowdsourcing

And many others. But let’s focus in the online casinos for now and check different types of gamification there are.

Gamification at online casinos

Top gamification casinos

While there are more and more casinos sites coming available utilising gamification, here are some that Casino Professor has picked.

Casino Heroes

After you’ve snatched your bonus, you’ll get to play the magnificent casino adventure. The first step is to choose your avatar which is your character in the thrills of the gamification. Your goal of the adventure is to retrieve a stolen crown from an evil dragon by playing games.

This casino adventure is being played on three islands: Treasure Island, Rock of Riches and Mythical Mountains. They each differ from one another by the difficulty as well as rewards. All islands themselves have been divided into different areas, and the players must win the guardian of the area in a battle to move from one are to another.

Nonetheless, as you play your favorite games, you collect rubins, which you can exchange into free spins. By playing you’ll grow your meter, and each time the meter is full, you’re facing another battle.


You’ll get to jump right into the casino adventure right after you’ve opened your account and your own little casumo is born. All newborn casumos carry a rope with them, which tells about beginner level. After you’ve made your deposit and you start playing, you’ll collect rewards and experience. The more you play, the more experience you acquire. Then, a meter tells how far away you are from the next level. When you reach the next level, you’ll collect rewards. As you get more experience, the rope changes into a white belt, which changes its color as you get more experience. The most appreciated color is black.


Highroller Casino was one of the most expected online casinos. Highroller will bring you right into the center of MetroCity, where you’ll move around among criminals. First thing you’ll get to do is to choose your own avatar. Then you can start playing. By playing slots at Highroller, you’ll collect Coins and you can also steal more Coins from other players. Coins can be used to buy free spins and other goodies from their store.


Even though Ikibu sounds like a type of sushi, it is not that. Ikibu is a group of islands, which have been divided into different villages. By playing casino games you’ll move to the next village (and to the next level).  Whenever you move up a level, you’re given seeds as a reward. These seeds can be exchanged into free spins and other fun stuff at Ikibu’s own store.

Metal Casino

Metal Casino is an online casino directed towards metal heads more than anything else.  By playing games you’ll move up levels. Every time you move up a level, you’ll get to spin the Golden Wheel. The Golden Wheel gives you a chance to win cool MetCoin packages and jackpots. The biggest jackpot you can win is a whopping €2000, which is totally wager-free, by the way!


Rizk Casino is one of the hottest casinos right now. Rizk Casino has a very neat superhero theme, which is nothing short of interesting. At Rizk, you’ll start by spinning the Wheel of Rizk for free, and you can win anything between 10 free spins to €25 cash.  Also, Rizk has a Power Bar, which fills up by playing games at the casino. Every time the bar is full, you’ll get another free spin on the wonderful Wheel of Rizk!

Casino Professor

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