Game of the Month casino – Free spins & bonus

Game of the Month casino bonuses

A few sites on our complete UK online casinos list have game of the month promotions for existing players. Players get a range of bonuses to try out a specific game that the site has picked for the current month. It often happens when a new slot is released. But a casino may pick an old slot that is popular with players to increase playing time too. We explain all the different types of game of the month casino bonuses and offers here. But first, here’s a list of sites with these offers.

Game of the month casino free spins

    Game of the month free spins

    The above casinos often have game of the month free spins. This is probably the most common promotion of this type. That’s because free spins allow players to play a slot machine without the player using their own money to bet. It’s a great way for them to try out a slot game but with real money prizes being a possibility.

    So when a new slot arrives, granting a player free monthly spins for that new slot is a good way to get players to try it out.

    In some cases, the player does not even need to make a deposit to get them. They just need to open their account to start playing.

    Game of the month bonus

    An alternative version of this is a game of the month bonus. This is when a site hands out casino deposit bonuses that give players extra bonus money to play. The bonus money can sometimes be designated specifically for a game each month.

    But these offers only work if you make a deposit. That’s because how much bonus money you get is often determined by how much you deposit. For example, if you deposit £20 then you might be given £20 bonus money. That’s quite common.

    Unfortunately, you can’t really get a free game of the month no deposit bonus in this way. That’s only available with free spins mentioned above.

    Game of the month casino

    Although a game of the month casino promotion sounds obvious, only a few sites actually do it regularly.

    Some casinos focus on other types of offers. While others don’t really have promotions for existing players – which isn’t great.

    But from all the UK sites on Casino Professor, the sites listed above often run these types of offers.

    We think they are pretty good too. Because they expose you to new slots and games that you might not otherwise try out. This can help to keep a casino fresh so you don’t get bored of it. It can also help you decide who your favourite game designer is. So you can focus more on their games if you want.

    Eligible slots games

    The casinos decide what game you can play each month.

    In some cases, it will be based on a newly released slot. The aim of the promotion is to get players to try out this new game. Some game developers may partner with casinos to make sure this happens.

    In other instances, it may be an older slot. It’s often because the game is popular with players – so they try to boost the gameplay even more.

    But whatever the monthly casino bonus is, it’s wise to switch your notifications on to make sure you receive notice about them. Most casinos send out emails. Others contact you via SMS. You can often choose which one suits you.


    A Game of the Month bonus for slots is where a casino will give the player a bonus every calendar month to play their slot games.
    Dr Slot, Bonus Boss, and Casino2020 offer free monthly spins that you can use to play slot games.
    Only a few casinos offer dedicated bonuses each month – like Dr Slot, Bonus Boss, and Casino2020. Other sites may offer different types of promotions.
    Dr Slot, Bonus Boss, and Casino2020 have been known to offer a free game of the month casino bonus with no deposit required. However, this is not always guaranteed.
    The casino will decide what slot games you can play with their monthly bonus. Usually it’s a new release or a popular title.