Card registration bonus casino — Free spins on card registration UK 2022

Register your card for a casino bonus

Finding a card registration bonus casino UK in 2022 is easy. That’s because many British online casinos give out a casino bonus if you add card. There are many different variations that players can get too – such as free spins for adding card, an add card no deposit bonus, and more.

Card registration bonus casino list

Although this activation method is quite old, plenty of sites listed on Casino Professor still use it. So we explain exactly how to get each type of casino bonus when you register a bank card. But first, here’s a list of sites with these offers available

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Free spins on card registration UK 2022

The most popular type of offer is free spins on card registration in UK for 2022. A batch of free spins allows you to try out a slot machine without using your own money. It’s one of the most popular offers available, so many casinos are happy to give free spins for adding card.

One of the best at the moment is MrQ (see our MrQ Casino review). They will give you free spins no deposit and also a bingo no deposit bonus without card registration even being necessary. They will then give you more free spins for adding card and making a first deposit if you wish. PokerStars are also a good option, with free spins without actually needing to add card for UK players.

100 free spins add card

The highest offer available on our site is 100 free spins for adding card. Since 2020, one very special casino has even offered this with no deposit required.

100 free spins no deposit add card

At PokerStars (see our PokerStars Casino review), you can spin away 100 times just for signing up. No other sites on our UK online casinos list offer such a bonus, so it’s very impressive.

Just create an account, get it verified and that’s it. Any winnings will also been paid in cash too!

100 free spins valid card

If you decide to make a deposit then you can get 100 rounds on slots at Duelz (see our Duelz Casino review) when paying after card validation.

However, they will be given out in batches rather than all at the same time. A new batch should be available every 24 hours for you to enjoy.

50 free spins when you add your bank card

As the number of free spins reaches 50, there are few sites offering such high amounts. However, we’ve managed to locate a few.

50 free spins add card no deposit UK

One of the biggest offers that you’ll find for this activation method is 50 free spins when you register card with no deposit. This is available at Betfair (see our Betfair Casino review).

However, in the cases above, you don’t even need to do that. Instead, simply creating an account will be enough to release the 50 free spins so there’s no need to start memorising your CVV numbers just yet.

50 free spins valid card

If you’re after a casino deposit bonus that gives 50 free spins when you add your bank card then we have a couple of great matches.

At PlayOJO (see our PlayOJO review), they won’t just give you 50 but rather a whopping 80 rounds on their slot machines when you make a first deposit using any eligible payment method. You also get to keep whatever you win as they are one of our best casino sites with no wagering requirements!

20 free spins add card

Although 20 free spins isn’t the biggest card registration bonus, it does have the advantage of being offered by many UK sites. There’s also two different types.

20 free spins no deposit add card

To get started, the above registration bonus only requires you to create an account! This saves you from entering long numbers, expiry dates and the rest.

At 777 (see our 777 Casino review), you will actually be given more than 20 free spins when you add card for even more rounds to play with.

20 free spins register card

You can get 20 free spins if you add your bank card to make a payment too. One site that offers this is Casumo (see our Casumo Casino review) which has 20 rounds ready if you make a deposit.

10 free spins add card

One of the most common bonuses is 10 free spins when you add your bank card. All you need to do is input your details and the bonus will be released.

In fact, at Yeti (see our Yeti Casino review), you will get over 10 free spins just for registering without card verification being necessary.

Bingo free spins add card

It’s possible to get bingo free spins for adding card but you have to go about it in a slightly different way.

Paddy Power (see our Paddy Power Games review) offer free spins but for slot games. However, any winnings are paid in cash. Simply play the free spins and see if you win. Anything you do win can then be used to play bingo with no deposit.

Add card no deposit bonus 2022

Previously, you could get a no deposit offer that’s something different to free spins when you register your card. For example, some sites give out extra cash instead.

But sites that offer this particular card registration bonus are in short supply. That’s because it’s actually quite rare nowadays for a casino to give away actual money rather than free spins. Unfortunately, we don’t have any on our site.

But if you take advantage of free spins add card no wagering offers then you can try and generate some bonus cash. All you need to do is play the spins and see if you win. If you do then the winnings will be paid as cash, for a makeshift add card no deposit bonus.

Card registration bonus UK 2022

Finally, Unibet (see our Unibet Casino review) is an example of a first deposit casino bonus when you register a card. All new online casinos will offer such a bonus to new players, but this is the part where a lot of sites will insist that you make a deposit using a bank card rather than an e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller.

You can check which sites do this by viewing all our casino bonuses and looking through the terms and conditions. However, to save you a lot of time, we’ve outlined above a casino bonus register card offer that is a true fan-favourite.

Free spins no deposit card verification

A few years ago, it was common for casinos to give free spins no deposit upon card verification. This meant you were required to enter your card details even if you didn’t want to make a deposit. Obviously players weren’t too happy about this so casinos quickly moved on to other methods of verifying players.

For starters, you can find an online casino without verification these days. This is when all the checks are done automatically in the background without the player needing to send anything in. Occasionally this won’t work but quick verification casinos are widespread. Either way, there’s no longer the free spins card verification ransom of before.

Card registration bonus casino – How to get one

So, as you can see, the card registration casino bonus might be old but it’s still popular. However, you might not be fully aware of the entire process of getting one. Also, as there are two different types of bonuses – one you get on registration and another on deposit – there are actually two different methods you need to know when adding your card.

Let us explain in full how to register your card for a casino bonus. All it takes is a new account – with no payment required:

  1. Fill-in the casino’s sign up form
  2. Verify your new account (often via an SMS text or email)
  3. Select the offer within your profile
  4. Add your bank card for validation to release the offer

Despite the need to provide your card information, you won’t actually be charged anything for a no deposit bonus – so don’t worry! It works in a similar way to a Netflix trial, where you need to add your card details in order for the trial period to begin. In this case, the offer will be released as soon as your card details are validated.

Alternatively, if you’re on the hunt for a bonus once you’ve made a deposit, you may find some sites that are only willing to release a bonus if the payment has been made by card. For example, it’s very common to see a casino have terms and conditions that include something like “deposits via Skrill or Neteller are not accepted”.

In these cases, you can either use a different method entirely (which isn’t always possible) or simply add your bank card to make the first deposit. This is usually the most convenient thing to do and it will guarantee that you receive the offer as long as you deposit the minimum amount (often £20, but sometimes lower). In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever heard of a bonus that’s not available to those paying via bank card. Not any of our casino sites, that’s for sure!

Free spins for adding card UK 2022

There’s no doubt that getting free spins on card registration is extremely popular with UK players in 2022. Whether you’re with Barclays, NatWest, Lloyds or another mainstream bank, the method of extracting your card registration bonus remains the same as above. Therefore, there are plenty of sites that offer this kind of deal – but Brits do need to keep in mind the verification policy that all UK casinos must adhere to.

Getting free spins on card registration UK since 2019 has been more difficult. Starting in May 2019, all British players must have their age and ID verified before they can start to gamble, as reported by EGR Global. This includes both types of bonuses – those you get on registration and those you get on deposit – so this means you will need to let a bit of time pass before you can start to play. In most cases, the checks will be completed within 24 hours, although this is often reduced to just a few hours depending on each site.

This can be a bit inconvenient, sure, but these measures are in place to make gambling safer on the whole. If you can wait it out, you’ll be treated to loads of free spins on card registration in UK.

Card registration bonus UK 2020 ban

On 14th April 2020, the Gambling Commission banned the use of credit cards for gambling for UK players. This means you can no longer get a card registration bonus in the UK by adding a credit card.

Instead, British players must add a debit card for validation to get a casino bonus from above. The most popular choices are Visa debit and MasterCard debit which are widely accepted at most casinos.


All casino websites use encryption when transferring payment information to keep the details safe. This data is then stored securely, in line with the casino’s Privacy Policy which you can find on their site.
We went through our entire list of sites and noted which ones had card registration bonuses available. We then chose the most popular sites for each category, based on feedback from our readers.
All the bonuses found in this article can be used by players based in Britain. In fact, some may be exclusive for the UK!
This depends on what type of bonus is available:

  • No Deposit – Add your card details and the bonus will be released with no payment needed.
  • Deposit – After adding your card, you would need to make a payment to trigger the bonus.

We have provided a mix of these offers in this article.

This depends on the type of bonus available. Any casino that offers free spins for adding card will tell exactly how many you’ll get. Some of the most common are packages of 10, 20, 50, or even 100.