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Casino Rizk - Best free spins casino

If you are looking for the best free spins casino without a deposit, you have come into to the right place. In this article we will take a closer look why Casino Professor has selected Rizk as the best free spins casino.

Casino Professor has investigated multiple casino sites in his time and there is one casino that stands out from the pack, casino Rizk, which according to the Professor, is the best free spins casino. Together with Jackpot the Professor has enjoyed the company of Captain Rizk for a while and will most certainly do so in the future. Rizk casino is one of the few online casinos that gets five out of five from the Casino Professor. Continue reading to find out, why the Casino Professor considers Rizk to be the best casino without a deposit.

Casino Rizk

Before going to the juicy part, let’s talk a bit about the casino itself. If you are already familiar with the casino, feel free to skip this chapter. Rizk casino is owned by Gaming Innovation Group who has a solid portfolio of premium products in their portfolio. While casino Rizk is one the newer products from Gaming Innovation Group it has quickly gained popularity among players. Only Highroller casino, another recently opened casino by Gaming Innovation Group, is newer than casino Rizk.

Free Spins at Rizk

For those who enjoy free spins, Rizk is probably the best place to go, hence the title, best free spins casino. At casino Rizk, new player is greeted with one spin on the wheel of Rizk. This is given after registration so no deposit is required. So not only do you get to spin slots, you also get to spin the Wheel of Rizk at Rizk casino! But what can you win from this magical wheel?

What is Wheel of Rizk?

Wheel of Rizk

Wheel of Rizk is basically a wheel of fortune game where the player has a chance to win different types of bonuses and other prizes, including free spins but also Super Spins and Mega Spins as well. Spins that are even better than free spins! And the best part is that the free spins are always wager free. As already mentioned, there are three types of free spins that can be won from the wheel:

  • Free Spin – Get Free Spins
  • Super Spins – Each spin is worth €1
  • Mega Spins – Each spin is worth €3

Usually, the result of the first spin at Wheel of Rizk the player is rewarded with 15 free spins. Of course, if the lady luck is on your side you might get more than that. The maximum amount of spins that a player can win without making a deposit is 50 free spins. However, the best prize in the first spin you spun at the Wheel of Rizk is probably the €25 cash prize.

Free Spins deposit bonus

Once you have spun the spins gotten from the Wheel of Rizk it is time to take a decision. Should I continue with Captain Rizk or look for another free spins casino? Luckily you don’t have to be a big-time player at Rizk casino to get rewarded since the minimum deposit is only €10. With that tiny deposit, you will already get 50 free spins as well as a cash bonus. Free Spins are given 10 at the time on the following 5 days. Cash bonus the typical 100% match bonus that gives additional 10 euros to play with. Wagering requirement for the cash bonus is 20x (deposit + bonus).


If the wagering requirements got you off guard, don’t worry, you can forfeit your bonus at any time. Of course by doing so you will also forfeit the winnings made with the bonus money. It is possible to remove any bonus prior to meeting the wagering requirements by clicking the forfeit button under my account or by contacting the support.

Level Up!

When you continue playing at the Rizk casino, you a chance to get new rewards. Because of this, you don’t have to change the casino, unless you got bored of the Captain and are looking for something different. By continuing the games you have a good chance to climb to the next level and earn another Spin at the Wheel of Rizk. And then, get rewarded again.

Casino Professor

Casino Professor

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