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Exclusive bonus codes at Casino Professor

It used to be pretty common to see casino bonus codes back in the day. Players would search Google far and wide for the “latest casino promo codes” and the like, with these strings of letters and numbers unlocking quality casino bonuses time and again.

These days, it’s true that they’re not as widespread as before. However, if anything, that makes finding a good casino bonus code even more lucrative – as platforms often use them to save something special.

Better yet, the Casino Professor even has a few of his own…

Casino Professor bonus codes

Our Exclusive Casino Codes

That’s because he has a few exclusive promo codes ready for use.

What’s an Exclusive Casino Code? Rather than being given away to everyone, the Professor has stored a few unique codes just for you. It’s just one of the ways he distributes his special casino promotions.

LV BET – Latest No Deposit Code for 2019!

Straight out of the top drawer is the Prof’s exclusive casino no deposit bonus code at LV BET of €/£5.55:

  1. Select the offer above
  2. Register using the button on the page
  3. Validate your account
  4. Send an email to with the subject line “£5.55” (or equivalent)

You will then be credited with the free bonus money within 24 hours.

Eligible countries: Austria, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Russia, Hungary and the UK.

Wink Slots – Exclusive Code: BIGBONUS

Another exclusive casino promo code for 2019 from the Professor can be found at Wink Slots.

You’ll initially get 30 free spins just for registering. Then, unlock an enlarged first deposit bonus of 100% up to £400 + 50 free spins using the BIGBONUS code.

If you don’t manage to enter this phrase, you’ll only be able to get up to £100 extra.

PokerStars – Free Spins Code

If you’re after some free spins, there’s an absolute abundance of options. However, one of the Professor’s top choices is PokerStars – with 100 free spins available for your first three deposits. Just make sure to enter his unique code each time you make a payment:

  1. 100SPINS1
  2. 100SPINS2
  3. 100SPINS3

Casino Bonus Codes for Existing Players in 2019

But what if you’ve already signed up – are promo codes only reserved for welcome packages? Not always!

Some online casinos also offer bonus codes to existing players. This can be for their standard promotions or special offers – think, VIP deals.


Being one such website, 888 have promo codes for players who have already signed up.

This applies to all kinds of their offers, such as:

  • Daily deals
  • Live Tables
  • Hot Promotions
  • and some VIP packages…


Are All Casino Codes Free?

While it’s true that all casino promo codes are free to use (e.g. you won’t need to pay to access any), you might need to deposit to trigger them.

Take a look at the following examples:

  • No Deposit: If you come across any no deposit bonus codes, they are 100% free to use. Just sign up and quote the necessary letters and numbers to grab free bonus money or free spins.
  • Deposit: On the other hand, your codes may only take effect after making a deposit. These are useful for unlocking larger offers (e.g. 200% rather than 100%).

Do All Codes Work for UK?

Whether a casino code works in the UK depends on each individual offer!

For example, most promos are reserved for specific regions only – so a code will only work for you if your country is eligible for it. These are often shown in the terms.

Sometimes, promo codes may be used to split offers by territory too (e.g. UKOFFER, CAOFFER, NZOFFER etc).

HINT: Keep your eyes peeled for any codes once you’ve clicked to join.

Bonus/Coupon/Promo Codes – What’s the Difference?

Nothing, they all relate to the same thing  – getting a special perk for entering a code.

However, the reason we’ve used a mixture of bonus, coupon and promo is because it depends on each individual website which term they use.

Some may even refer to them as just a code or codes.

Can I Get Specific Mobile Casino Codes?

99% of the time there’s no point, as codes work for mobile casinos as well as desktop.

Very occasionally, you may come across “mobile-only” deals which require you to be playing via a smartphone or tablet and may or may not include a code. Still, these are very few and far between.

Casino Professor

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